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Daniel T. Rogers(b. 1943) - all my relatives


Christopher Osgood III

1C. M. Endicott, The Osgood Family in New England, NEHGR Vol. 13, p. 200 (Jul 1859).
Christopher Osgood, as has been before stated, emigrated to this country in the ship Mary and John, Capt. Sayres, of London, from Southampton, in March, 1633-4, and took the freeman's oath, 16 May, 1635. Married Margery Fowler, daughter of Philip Fowler. After his death his widow married Thomas Rowell, of Andover, and had one son, Jacob Rowell, who was by trade a carpenter, and removed to Elizabeth Town, New Jersey, where he was living in 1681. Her second husband died May 8, 1662, and Margery married again, previous to 1670, Thomas Coleman, of Nantucket, to which place he removed from Newbury previous to 1673, as Margery Coleman is called of Nantucket, May 27, 1673, per Essex Reg. Deeds, B. 3, l. 274.
. . .
1. CHRISTOPHER OSGOOD by wife Margery had:---(2) Mary2, m. John Lovejoy, June 1, 1651. (3) Abigail,2 m. John Wilson---a son, named John Wilson, sold to his uncle Christopher, 29th Aug., 1721, all right to any division of the common lands in Ipswich, Belonging to his grandfather's estate. (4) Elizabeth.2 (5) Deborah,2 m. John Ross, Aug. 28, 1663; he died March 4, 1692. (6) Christopher,2(†) 1643. (7) Thomas.(†)
N. B.-- The last named son, Thomas,2 is not mentioned in his father's will; but in several deeds given by his mother, after she became the wife of Thomas Coleman, of Nantucket, Thomas Osgood is called her son, particularly in deed, per Essex Reg. Deeds, B. 3, 1. 274, wherein are the following words: "to Thomas Osgood, in consideration of the natural affection I doe have unto my said son." He may have been a posthumous child.".