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Daniel T. Rogers(b. 1943) - all my relatives


Lieutenant Reinold Marvin Jr.

1Cuyler Reynolds, Hudson-Mohawk Genealogical and Family Memoirs: A Record of Achievements of the People of the Hudson and Mohawk . . ., Vol. 2, p. 497 (1911).
"(II) The St. Mary's registers thus have record of the baptism of Reinold Marvin---"Reinold, the sonne of Edward Mervin and Mary his wyffe, was christened the 20th of Dec in Anno 1631." He died in Lyme, Connecticut, August 4, 1676. He became a freeman of Saybrook, May 20, 1658, the same day with his father. He owned much land in Saybrook and Lyme. By his inheritance under his father's will he became about the richest man intown. Savage says he was a deacon of the church. This probably refers to his son Reinold, as the church was not regularly formed until 1693, although the Rev. Moses Noyes preached there regularly in 1666. He represented Lyme in the general court in 1670, and from 1672 until his death. His military title lieutenant, was earned; he was appointed "Sergeant to ye band at Sea Brook" by the general court at Hartford, October 3, 1661, and on the death of Lieutenant Waller succeeded to that rank. Though ranking as lieutenant, he was commanding officer to the train band, as Lyme had not families enough to form a full band of sixty-four soldiers with captain and officers. The Lyme and Saybrook train bands had some military experience under Lieutenant Marvin. War had been declared against the Dutch in November, 1672, and a special session convened at Hartford ordered that all train bands "should be complete in their arms." In July, 1676, Abdros attempted to seize the fort at Saybrook, and it was hurriedly manned by train bands. Lieutenant Reinold is often mentioned in the Connecticut colonial records. He married, about 1662, Sarah, thirf daughter of George, Jr., and Sarah Clark. She was baptizex February 18, 1643-44, in Milford, Connecticut. She survived her husband and married Captain Joseph Sill, the noted Indian fighter. She died in Lyme February 1, 1715-16, and is buried in the Duck river burying-ground with her two husbands. It is in theis burial place that it is supposed Reinold, the emigrant, and his wife are buried. The children of Lieutenant Reinold and Sarah (Clark) Marvin, all born in Lyme, Connecticut, were: 1. John, 1664-65: 2. Reinold (3); see forward. 3. Samuel, 1671. 4. Sarah, 1673.
(III) Captain Reinold (3), son of Lieutenant Reinold(2) and Sarah (Clark) Marvin, was born in 1669, in Lyme, Connecticut, died there October 18, 1737. . .".