Relationship problems cleared up


William Bassett of Boston and Sandwich, married Mary Raynsford not Hannah Dickerman
Edward Bate(s) of Weymouth, husband of Susanna Putnam; not husband of Lydia Fairbanks
Charles Carter, father of Ann Hill Carter, son of John Carter & Elizabeth Hill; not son of James Carter & Mary Brent
Ruth Cole, husband of John Young, not of Job Winslow
Elizabeth Davis, wife of Benjamin Sabin, was born 10 Aug 1680 in Northampton, Ma. Her parents were Samuel Davis and Hannah Edwards.
Elizabeth Davis, wife of Thomas Mayo, was born 18 Apr 1678 in Roxbury, Ma. Her parents were John Davis and Mary Devotion.
Mary Flagg, a name for 4 different grandaughters of Thomas Fuller. The daughter of Allen F. married William Hagar, of Gershom F. married William Pike, of Michael F. married John Adams,and of John F. married Ebenezer Pratt.
Elizabeth Fuller, daughter of Matthew Fuller & wife of Moses Rowley; not wife of Thomas Upson
John Fuller of Ipswich, husband of Elizabeth Emerson, not of Elizabeth Farrington or Elizabeth Cole
John Fuller of Lynn, husband of Elizabeth Farrington, not of Elizabeth Emerson or Elizabeth Cole
Hannah Hyde, wife of John Woodward, not wife of Joseph Bartlett Jr.
Deliverance Palmer, wife of Edward Cleveland, not of John Sheldon
William Palmer, husband of Susannah Briggs, not husband of Susannah Cooke or Susannah Hathaway
Mary Parker(d. 1715/6) of Chelmsford, wife of Benjamin Adams; not of Philip Priest
Mary Parker(d. 1748) of Billerica, wife of Philip Priest; not of Benjamin Adams
Sarah Pattee, daughter of Samuel Pattee, married Joseph Rowe, not John Tozier
Sarah Pattee, daughter of Benjamin Pattee, married John Tozier, not Joseph Rowe
Anna Katherine Vaux, daughter(s) of Nicholas Vaux, is actually two people marrying two different husbands. Katherine Vaux married George Throckmorton and Anne Vaux married Thomas Le Strange
Ephraim Whiting, son of Samuel Whiting(son of Nathaniel) & Mary Clark; not son of Samuel Whiting(son of Samuel) & Elizabeth Reed.