The Story of a Cottage That Grew Up.
(1240 Takena St. SW, Albany, OR)
by Dan Rogers, current house owner, 1990

The property was transferred to S. L. Haley in 1910. House was built ca. 1911-1914, as a one story unit. Abraham L. and Myrtle Haley moved in 1914, the year they got married. The color of the house had always been a yellowish cream. Houses to the north and the south were occupied by the Haley relatives. Half the Takena Elementary School belonged to the 5-acre Haley farm as a pasture. The Tracy Farm was west of here. In 1931 a basement was dug underneath the house and a second story added, by the depression-era-unemployed uncles and Oliver Fritch. Donald Lee Haley told us how he fell off a ladder during construction but was uninjured. Violet F.(b. 1917), Doris Ann (b. 1921) and Donald Lee (b.1928) were children of Abraham and Myrtle.

Takena Street was an oiled gravel road at this time and was not paved until after Myrtle moved out in 1949 to live at 1112 Takena. Abraham died suddenly in 1940 at the age of 50 (see obituary at the bottom of this story).

There was a fish pond at the lot's northwest corner and several cherry trees in the southwest corner. The south boundary was a laurel hedge and later a trellis fence. Two walnut trees were in the front yard, when there was no sidewalk or curb. The north boundary had several shrubs. Donald Lee Haley worked as a postmaster in Albany until he retired in 1989. Myrtle Haley died at the age of 96 in January 1990. Donald is married to Claire and resides at 1650 Queen Ave. SW in Albany and the phone no. is 926-6265 (after this was written, they sold the house and moved).

Besides the homes at 1220, 1236, 1240 and 1248 most of the nearby lots were vacant.

Don's aunt May L. Haley lives at 12th and Willetta (926-7322); she married Miller Haley, Abraham's brother.

Doris Ann, Don's sister, married Mr. Peacock and now lives in Salem.

Don's son Kenneth lives in Bend.

Don's grandfather was Samuel Lafayette Haley.

* The Haleys had a flower shop in the attached garage in the 1950s
* 13th Street was called Klamath..and Takena...
* Veronica Tracy's house was moved to the current spot ( ) in the early 60s. You can see it from our backyard...a green 2-storied house.
* A Mrs. Scholz, in her 90s, used to live at 1310 Takena SW.

Albany Democrat-Herald Jan. 23, 1940, p. 2 ABRAHAM HALEY LIFE ENDS TODAY

Abraham Lincoln Haley, 52, was found dead on a porch at his home at 1240 Cottage street today by Mrs. Haley, who discovered the body hanging by a rope that had been attached to a hook in the porch ceiling.

The discovery was made at about 7 a. m. Mrs. Haley called Sheriff Herbert Shelton and Coroner F. C. Fisher, who agreed today that the death was suicidal.

Neither Mrs. Haley nor friends of the family could definitely ascribe a motive, the officers said. They learned that Mr. Haley had arisen at about 5 a. m. as was his custom and had apparently prepared to resume his daily employment with the county as a member of the road maintenance staff, and aside from the fact that he had not lighted the furnace fire gave no indication of deviation from his daily routine.

Mr. Haley was born April 30, 1888, at Stevensville, Mont., but had been here the last 30 years. In 1914 Mr. Haley married Myrtle Dora Kean at Albany. He had been in the county for many years and was regarded by county officials as one of their most reliable employees, they said today.

Surviving are the widow, three children, four brothers and four sisters. The children are Mrs. Violet F. Roselle, Doris Ann Haley, and Donald Haley, all of Albany. The brothers are Miller and Ernest Haley, Albany, and Albert and James Haley, living in Montana. The sisters are Mrs. Eula Case, Siletz; Mrs. Beatrice McKay, Los Angeles; Mrs. Weltha Townsend, living also in Montana, and Mrs. Eva Buchanan, Portland.

The funeral will be held at the Fisher Funeral home at 2 p. m. Thursday. Rev. H. H. Hubbell, pastor of the Interdenominational church will conduct the service.