The symbol + is used to indicate direct ancestors of Daniel Thomas Rogers. These + signs have been added by hand and therefore some people without them may also be my ancestors. (It takes a long time to add files by hand since this program is being changed almost daily.)

   The symbol ^ means this person is an internet genealogist who may be my cousin.

   The symbol # means that there is ambiguity about the parentage. Both sets of parents are listed at this website.

   Some surnames use "of, von, van, di, de" plus a city or country name. I usually don't use "von","van" or "di", always use "de" except for "of France", and use "of" for most other designations. Occasionally a source does not have this prefix, so I don't use it either.

   <Private> means either the person is under the age of 12 or that person has requested I remove his name from my website.

   Locations in the U.S. are designated only by the abbreviation for the state. The following abbreviations are used for the states: Al - Alabama; Ak - Alaska; Ar - Arkansas: Az - Arizona; Ca - California; Co - Colorado; Ct - Connecticut; De - Delaware; Dc - District of Columbia; Fl - Florida; Ga - Georgia; Hi - Hawaii; Id - Idaho; Il - Illinois; In - Indiana; Ia - Iowa; Ks - Kansas; Ky - Kentucky; La - Louisiana; Ma - Massachusetts; Md - Maryland; Me - Maine; Mi - Michigan; Mn - Minnesota; Mo - Missouri; Ms - Mississippi; Mt - Montana; Nc - North Carolina; Nd - North Dakota; Ne -Nebraska; Nh - New Hampshire; Nj - New Jersey; Nm - New Mexico; Nv - Nevada; Ny - New York; Oh - Ohio; Ok - Oklahoma; Or - Oregon; Pa - Pennsylvania; Ri - Rhode Island; Sc - South Carolina; Sd - South Dakota; Tn - Tennessee; Tx - Texas; Ut - Utah; Va - Virginia; Vt - Vermont; Wa - Washington; Wv - West Virginia; Wi -Wisconsin; Wy - Wyoming.

   For provinces in Canada: Alberta - Ab; British Columbia - Bc; Manitoba - Mb; New Brunswick - Nb; Newfoundland & Labrador - Nl; Northwest Terr. - Nt; Nova Scotia - Ns; Ontario - - On; Prince Edward Island - Pe; Quebec - Qc; Saskatchewan - Sk; Yukon Terr. - Yt.

   Many birthdates at this site have been estimated using the symbol "Abt". I feel that they should be estimated so that people in the index can be identified more easily.

   It is my goal to identify my relationship to all the genealogists posting their family trees on the website. Sometimes this is impossible due to the fact that they don't even list the names or relationships to the people they post on the website.

   CALENDARS. Basically 2 different calendars are used for most of these dates. The Julian calendar was used all the time before Oct. 4, 1582. On this day most Catholic countries switched to the Gregorian calendar and Oct 4, 1582 became Oct. 15, 1582.
   Other countries switched much later. The U. S. and British empire switched on Sep. 2, 1752 making that day Sep. 14, 1752.
   Another calendar peculiarity is that dates from Jan. 1 to Mar. 21 were given a double year designation. For example the date Mar. 20, 1701 was called Mar. 20, 1700/1701.
   At this website no attempt has been made to specify which calendar is used.
   Another trap to avoid when doing research using original sources is to beware of the notation 1 mo.,..., 12 mo. The Quakers chose March as the 1st month and February as the last month. One footnote example is given for Mary Bass. See further discussion on this at this site.

   As is the case for data at all genealogical sites, some of the information may be in error -- due either to bad sources or to my typos. I regularly try to fix errors at my site.


   (1)Occasionally when you click to find a person, his parents or children, the name will not be on that page. If you GO TO THE NEXT PAGE the name will probably be there. This mistake occurs because sometimes the person will be moved to a new page when doing a partial upload (which I do every few days).

   (2)The last page button usually will not go to the last page -- because I keep changing the last page number all the time and cannot redo all 6000 files due to limited free time. However the first page button always works.


    ----THIS LDS PERSONAL ANCESTRAL FILE CAN NO LONGER BE DOWNLOADED AND MAY BE UNUSABLE WITH NEWER VERSIONS OF WINDOWS. ---- Although this website is complicated, a simpler one can be easily prepared using the free LDS Personal Ancestral file (after registration) starting with a download at Download PAF.

   Fill out the family tree information needed in this program. Then use the "Create Web_page" Command.

   Of course you must register to use the free Genealogy website here at Rootsweb. Then you must upload all the resultant web-page files with the "File Upload Utility".

   The next question is "How to find all the information I have in my file". I think the easiest way is to do a Google search using the names of both people in a marriage. Both names should be enclosed in quotes (e.g., "Daniel Thomas Rogers" "Dinaz Sorab Kutar"). Your search will not find all such occurences on the internet, but you will find enough names to keep your interest. If you don't find what you need, enter the names of their parents.

   If the page is too large to easily find the desired names, use the (F)ind function (under the (E)dit button) on the top line of your Internet Explorer.

   If you're curious about how to expand your webpages, copy some of the code I have at my site. You can see the code by clicking on (C)ode under the (V)iew button at the top line of the Internet Explorer.