LINN COUNTY, OREGON PIONEERS OF 1850 connected to this website

Complete Listing of Original Oregon Trail Pioneers

Richmond B. Cheadle b. 1801 - 12th cousin 2 times removed, m. Mary H. Kees
Jason Squire Clark b. 1819 - 12th cousin 5 times removed, m. Anna Clark Michael
Reuben Claypoole b. 1791 - 11th cousin 7 times removed, m. Isabella Adair
Olney Fry b. 1802 - 8th cousin 8 times removed, m. Celinda Sarah Bennett
Abraham Hackleman b. 1829 - 12th cousin, m. Eleanor Benton Davis
Isaac Hutchins b. 1812 - 17th cousin, m. Sarah Clingman
Jonathan Keeney b. 1813 - no relationship, m. Mary Catherine Shoemaker
Lyman Walker Pomeroy b. 1833 - 8th cousin 3 times removed, m. Sarah Ann Beeler and Almira Serene Beeler
William Dows Rexford b. 1800 - 5th cousin 3 times removed, m. Laura A. Hamilton
John H. Settle b. 1809 - no relationship, m. Martha Capril Hudson b.1808 - 8th cousin 3 times removed
Henry Harmon Spaulding b. 1808 - 13th cousin 3 times removed, m. Eliza Hart
Luther White b. 1815 - 6th cousin 4 times removed - m. Martha Ann Mansfield