JOHN ROGERS (1641-1695)

JOHN ROGERS (1641-1695)

He was given notice on July 30, 1692 to attend the witchcraft trial of Mrs. Martha Carrier, who was his near neighbor. He did not testify against her though.

Indian uprising, Deerfield burned -- Billerica organized to repel any attack, summer of 1675. Houses designated as garrisons and men assigned to them. John's father, himself, his brothers Thomas and Nathaniel were included in one garrison, "this bee ye maine garrison & last refuge in case of extremity." (A Daniel Rogers in another garrison may have been his brother.)

Two families killed by Indian attack in Billerica, Aug. 1692. His father John and brother Thomas lived nearby. Their wives were sisters of one of the men whose family was wiped out.

Indian attack daytime, Aug. 5, 1695 -- east side of Concord River, no garrisons. Entered John's house about noon; arrow pierced jugular vein while he was reposing. Son Daniel, age 12, and daughter Mercy were taken prisoner. Other children escaped (wife had died 7 years before). Brother Thomas and older son killed in the attack. Wife and 2 children escaped. 15 people killed or captured in all.