My current research uses the LDS Family History Library microfilms below. I have not footnoted on my website the exact location of my information inside these microfilms, but I have it in my private notes.
1189963 - Duerrwangen - available at Salt Lake City
1189964 - Duerrwangen, Onstmettingen, Stockenhausen - available at Salt Lake City
1189965/1189967 - Onstmettingen - available at Salt Lake City
1189970/1189971 - Pfeffingen, Burgfelden - available at Salt Lake City
1189973/1189974 - Tailfingen - available online
1189980 - Balingen, Heselwangen - available online
1189984 - Balingen - available online
1189987 - Balingen - available at Salt Lake City
1189992 - Engstlatt - available at Salt Lake City
1189994 - Erzingen - available online
1189995/1189997/1189998 - Frommern - available online
1189999/1190000 - Weilheim, Waldstetten - available online
1190209 - Heselwangen - available online
1190212 - Heselwangen, Ostdorf - available online
1190213 - Ostdorf - available online
1190214 - Zillhausen - available online
1190215 - Zillhausen - available at Salt Lake City
1190216 - Streichen - available online
1190221 - Messstetten -available online
1190222 - Messstetten, Hossingen - available online
1190223/1190224/1190225 - Tieringen - available online
1190226 - Oberdigisheim - available online
1190228 - Taebingen, Rottweil Oberamt - available online
1190231 - Winterlingen - available online
1732297 - Leidringen, Sulz Oberamt - available online

Online microfilms available only to LDS members - go to local family history centers for help.

   I apologize for some reading mistakes as German writing was quite variable and difficult to read in these records, but my reading has been mostly fine. With a little effort you should be able to read them too. If you wish the exact location or want further proof, please contact me by E-mail.

   Important German/Latin language hints for German genealogical research can be found on the internet at: hints .

   Sometimes the calendar date doesn't list the day and month but rather a Christian calendar designation. Go to the following site (p. 51 for Danish as well as German meanings) to determine what Trinitatis, etc. means: calendar

    Also another fine resource for Endingen is Dieter Gaiser's Ortsfamilienbuch Endingen 1600-1940 (2005) which can be accessed at:

   List of surnames of my Balingen ancestors: Bechtel, Eppler, Fritz, Haarer, Hauser, Hilzinger, Hoelle, Jenter, Keller, Kiefer, Koch, Kramer, Kunz, Markle, Maurer, Morgenstern, Narr, Neher, Rau, Rist, Saemann, Sauter, Schott, Schweizer, Single, Thieringer, Widmer

Map of Balingen Oberamt in 1860.

Description and 1875 population of Balingen villages.

Further statistics on 1885 Balingen Oberamt.