This is a trustworthy program I wrote in compiled QBASIC. World Connect has inactivated it because it is an "exe" file. If you wish to get a copy of it, I will E-mail it to you free of charge. The following is an introduction inside the program:

   Conversion between Parsi, Gregorian, and Mohammedan Calendars Copyright 1999 by Dan Rogers 1240 Takena St. SW, Albany, OR 97321

   The Parsi calendar dates back to the coronation of Yezdezard III, the last Sassanian emperor of Persia.

   Of the 3 Zoroastrian calendars in use today, the Shahenshai one is the most popular. Supposedly a leap month was to be added every 120 years with this calendar -- so that New Year would always be celebrated in the spring. It was however done only once (in 499 Y.Z.) by the Parsis who moved to India.

   The Iranians, using the Kadmi calendar, had the same calendar but they did not add that leap month. Consequently their calendar is ahead of the Shahenshai one by one month.

   Due to problems in remembering to add the leap month some Parsis decided to use the Julian method of a leap year every 4 years. This one is called the Fassali calendar.

   All three of these calendars can accessed in this program.

   The Gregorian (Western) calendar was instituted by Pope Gregory XIII to correct for the fact that a year is slightly less than 365 1/4 days. Years ending in 00 would be leap years only if they were evenly divisible by 400. He changed the custom that the year began on March 25th (Christmas) and ended on March 24th. In order to correct for a 10-day migration of the calendar since the Nicean Council, he also decreed that the Old Style (O.S.) Julian calendar day Oct. 4, 1582 would be followed by the New Style (N.S.) day Oct. 15, 1582.

   The British Empire did not accept New Style until Sept. 14, 1752. If you wish to convert to Old Style after 1582, add 'O. S.' to the year.

   The Mohammedan calendar is dated from the Hegira, when Mohammed emigrated from Mecca to Medina. This is a lunar calendar with years having 354 or 355 days. Months are either 29 or 30 days long.

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