Genealogy of Dan Olds, Betty Poteat, ...Craig Burrell and Melinda Settle with related families such as Bowers, Brown, Harrison, Higgins, Krimmel, Ridgely, Simmons, Warwick, Whitlock, and Woods

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Genealogy of Dan Olds, Betty Poteat, Craig Burrell, and Melinda Settle

I do genealogy as a hobby on families with whom I have connections. These include my own ancestors and cousins as well as those of my wife, son-in-law, and daughter-in-law. Thus the sub-title is descriptive but does little to indicate all that you may find here.

My own ancestors came to Illinois mostly from MA, CT, NY, PA, KY and VA and Prussia. My wife's ancestors came to TN mostly from NC and VA. Most of the ancestral families of my children-in-law came to Spartanburg County, SC, from nearby counties or from NC or VA. All these are the families I intend to publish here.

I use WordPerfect to create these documents but most of you may not be able to read those files directly. To preserve as much of the format as possible, I have published them in Acrobat Reader format. A viewer is available as a free download from Adobe. The translation still leaves something to be desired.

DESCENTS BY DAN (papers on individual lines of descent)
An incubator for my family genealogy books

Electronic documents make an ideal, changing, incubator for the books I may someday write (if books are still around by that time). These files show my progress. What others have shared with me, I am glad to share with you, in the hope that through continued exchange we will improve the scope, accuracy and documentation of our knowledge of these families.

You may also wish to view my data in an html format created by John Cardinal's Second Site program from The Master Genealogist files. here

You may also wish to read my notes on DNA for genealogy. here

Can you identify this heirloom, possibly of WWI vintage? here

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Genealogy is a lifetime hobby.
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