Morrow Wills
The Will of ADAM MORROW (Old Will Book 1, p 179)
Submitted by Cindy Morrow Dickenson

Appears on the records of Greene Co., TN, dated Feb 5, 1794. He names his wife Isabel Morrow and children as follows: 1.James Morrow 2.John Morrow 3.Ebenezer Morrow (Five daughters whose names are not given) Provides that his whole estate is to be divided between all his children, three sons and five daughters. Witnesses:James Kerr, William W. Hutson

Will of Isabell Morrow in Greene Co., TN The last will and testament of Isabel Morrow, the wodow of Adam Morrow (W.B.1, p 114) appears on the records of Greene Co., TN dated Oct 25, 1833, an indication that she might have been much younger than her husband. In the will she mentions "my two boys": 1.James Morrow and his daughter Lindyt (Melinda). 2.John Morrow and his children Adam and Nancy. Executor:Son John Morrow Witnesses:Samuel Brewer, John Ball

James Morrow of Greene Co., TN, died leaving will dated on January 18, 1843 (Will Book 1 p 255) Names his wife as Ester. Daughter Malinda Morrow. Daughter Betty Morrow Executor:Brother, John Morrow Witnesses:Thomas Murphy, Alexander McCallum.

William Morrow will of Greene Co., TN William Morrow (son of John Morrow and grandson of Adam Morrow) died leaving a will in Greene Co., TN, dated August 12, 1869. He names wife as Eliza. Nephew, William Broyles, son of Mary Morrow Broyles, "my sister". My brothers and sisters, none of whom are named. Executor:David Morrow Witness:Laura E. (Morrow) Low.

John Morrow (son of Adam) left will in Greene Co., TN, dated May 15, 1857 (Will Book 1, p 465). Wife not mentioned. Children: 1.Adam Morrow, oldest son 2.William Morrow 3.David Morrow 4.Ebenezer Morrow 5.Samuel Morrow (under 21) 6.Nancy Morrow 7.Mary Morrow 8.Margaret Morrow 9.Elizabeth Morrow 10.Hannah Morrow 11.Isabella Morrow Executors:Sons William and David Morrow. Witnesses:William S. McGaughey, Samuel M. Britton

Cindy's note:All the above from pg 76 of "Tennessee Cousins"

Old Shiloh Cemetery, near Tusculum College, in Greene Co., TN 6 miles North of Greenville, TN, & 1 mile south of the old Tuboulum college.

Margaret Morrow Moore:b. Oct 17, 1831 d. Feb 24, 1925 aged 91 yrs, 4 months, 7 days

Samuel Morrow b. July 4, 1842 d. Nov 28, 1865

Ebenezer Morrow b. Aug 16, 1829 d. May 17, 1876

Adam Morrow b. 15 Nov 1818 d. June 4, 1880

William O. Morrow b. June 19, 1867 d. Mar 8, 1867 (Cindy's note:I believe these dates would be impossible. We need to find another version of this cemetery reading to figure out what is correct)

Betty B. Morrow, wife of J.S. Morrow b. Aug 21, 1866; d. Sept 12, 1889

Margaret Morrow; born April 6, 1822; died Feb 15, 1897

Thomas J. Morrow, b. 1842 d. 1882 Eliza J. Alexander b. 1842 d. 1921 (Cindy's note:these are placed together on the page, but I don't know why)

Mary Miller Koontz b. Mar 8, 1827 d. Dec 8, 1887

Azor Koontz b. April 14, 1814 d Sept 26, 1888

David Morrow (our father) b. Mar 5, 1825 d. May 4, 1884

Mary Morrow (our mother) b. June 22, 1835 d. Dec 23, 1892

(Cindy's note:above headstones listed on pg 74 of "Tennessee Cousins")

Below land records from "Tennessee Cousins" by Worth S. Ray, pg 106

Land Grant issued to William Morrow in Jefferson Co (TN)

Land Grant of WILLIAM MORROW:January 1, 1820. No 2102, Fifth Dist., Certificate 1039, issued to Jacob Peck, who assigned the same to William Morrow; also part of John Nelly (Neely) Certificate to William Morrow; land on the waters of French Broad, next to Johh Corbet, a stake to Henry Haggard's line; survey on April 3, 1818. Some to William Morrow, by Joseph McMinn, Governor of TN.

William Morrow is entitled to this land. Isaac Tipton, Register of East Tennessee.

Copied from Deed Records of Jefferson Co. Feb 14, 1798: Robert Henderson - deed to WILLIAM MORROW for fifteen acres of land registered January 3, 1816; executed 1798 in consideration of $30.00. Located in Jefferson Co. on the French Broad river; part of Robert Henderson's land patented by Robert Gentry, and conveyed to Robert Henderson, on Kellsey's (Kelso's) Branch. (Signed) Robert Henderson Witnesses:John Henderson, Alexander Stradden.

Deed to John Morrow in Jerrefson Co., TN.

March 12, 1795, Caleb Witt, of Jefferson Co., of the first part, sold to John Morrow, of the second part, both of same county in the Territory of the U.S. South of the Ohio River, in consideration of 30 pounds, a certain tract of land containing 150 acres, lying on a branch of Long Creek, and along the line of George Edgar. (Signed) Caleb Witt. Witnesses:William Donelson, Robert Biggs.


When the Past Refused to Die- A History of Caswell County North Carolina 1777-1977

Submitted by Gene Morrow

On pages 55 & 56 of a book,"When the Past Refused to Die- A History of Caswell County North Carolina 1777-1977", by William S. Powell there is a list of over 300 men who signed a petition in 1771. This document was directed to Governor Tyron and requested the formation of Caswell County from Orange County NC. Of the signers four were Morrows named Benjamin, John, Thos, and William. I would be grateful for any information on these men or their ancestors or descendants. I will share my information. Caswell County was not created until 1777.


Doug Leonard's Morrows in review.

Doug Leonard's Morrows ..................................................

1st Generation JOHN MORROW from Ireland to America before 1776; No known marriages. b. before 1776 d. May in TN or MO

1. JOHN M. MORROW (b. Abt 1760 NC d.Abt 1840 Ripley, Butler Co. MO. 2. No other known children, but probably are.


2nd Generation JOHN M. MORROW No known marriages.

1. JESSIE V. MORROW (b. 1814 NC or SC or TN d. 1879 Douglas Co. MO.) 2. George W. Morrow (b. Abt 1822 TN d. 1861 Van Buren Co. AR.) 2. No other known children, but probably are.


3rd Generation JESSIE V. MORROW b. 1814 NC or SC or TN; d. 1879 Douglas Co. MO. mar. Abt 1839 Lucinda Brannum b. 1820 MO; d. 1853 Conway Co. AR.

1. JAMES BRANNUM MORROW (b.1839 Butler Co. MO d.?) 2. Sary E. Morrow (b.1842 MO d.?) 3. Ruth Ann Morrow (b.1848 MO d.?) 4. Unknown 5. Unknown- know to be 5 children


4th Generation JAMES BRANNUM MORROW b.1839 Butler Co. MO d.? mar. 1857 Conway Co. AR 1st wife Mary Brewer b. TN d. 1880 Conway Co. AR 1st Mar. 1. William H. Morrow b. 1858 2. Jessie T. Morrow b. Jun 1864 3. Unknown Morrow 4. Unknown Morrow 5. Unknown Morrow- Known to have 5 children.

2nd Mar. Jan 5, 1881 Susan J. Dickens 1. THOMAS BOWDEN MORROW (b. Feb 1884 AR d. 1966 AR) 2. George B. Morrow (b. Mar 1886 AR d. ?) 3. John V. Morrow (b. Oct 1888 AR d. ?) 4. Brannum Morrow (b. ? d. ?)


5th Generation THOMAS BOWDEN MORROW b. Feb. 1884 Springfield, Conway Co. AR; d. 1966 Little Rock, Pulaski Co., AR. mar. Jun 17, 1906 Springfield, Conway Co., AR Lavada Mayall b. Springfield, AR d. 1958 Little Rock, AR

1. IRA EDISON MORROW (b. 1906 Conway Co. d. 1981 Van Buren Co.,AR) 2. Floyd Morrow 3. Jim Morrow 4. John Dale Morrow 5. Glenna Mae Morrow 6. Ruby Morrow 7. Ila Faye Morrow 8. Cumi Morrow 9. Arbra Morrow


Ira Edison Morrow is my grandfather.

Here are a few Morrow marriages from Ripley Co., Missouri. Ripley Co., Mo. is the last place we have found documentation on my Morrow line tracing them back from Conway Co, AR into Ripley/Butler Co., MO, and they are suposed to have come out of the Carolinas and into TN before winding up in Ripley Co. None of the below Morrows has been tied to my Morrow line - Yet.

J.W. Morrow to Mary Marshal 6/8/1870 Book B page 102

Theodore Morrow to Maggie McCarly Sept. 18 1882 Book D page 73

George W. Morrow to Willie J. Chandler Dec. 17, 1887 Book D (?) page 434; Book 2 p 88

Theodore N. Morrow to Mary L Sukles (sp?) May 31, 1892 Book E page 365; Book 3 page 458

Columbus V. Morrow to Ada V. Myers Dec. 30, 1893 Book F page 38; Book 4 page 296.

Also, I have found a Will and an administrative whatever you call it when the executor has finished his job from Ripley Co, MO. I have transcribed both, but they are long and there name value is very low. If you want complete copies I can send them by e-mail privately.


Will of JOHN C. SMART In Summary, this Will recorded July 15, 1861, sets forth from JOHN C. SMART's estate, should he die in the Cicil War, to the children of SARAH SMART (formely widow SARAH MORROW) children being JOHN MORROW and ESTER CATHERINE MORROW an amount in cash equal to the value of their portion of their fathers estate at the time JOHN C. SMART married their mother. Also within this will is the giving the power of attorney to JAMES W. MORROW of Butler Co., MO while JOHN C. SMART is at war. Also assigns JAMES W. MORROW Executor and Administrator of will should JOHN get killed in the Civil War.

Also mentions: SAMUEL H. THOMSON Justice of the Peace ISAAC B. TUBB clerk


On the "Administrator's Deed Public Sale" which looks to be the ELIAS BRANNUM Administrator of JAMES W. MORROW's Will. Book E page 329; July 16, 1868 JAMES W. MORROW deceased.

Also mentions: Town of Popular Bluff JAMES BRANNUM highest bidder on JAMES W.'s land A.B. TOMKIN appraiser STEVEN SCAGGS appraiser JAEL RUSHIN appraiser ISAAC B. TUBB clerk


In summary, it is not known who or how James W. Morrow connnects to my line- if at all. But James Brannum mentioned as highest bidder is believed to be my James Brannum - father of Lucinda Brannum (b. 1820 MO d. 1853 Conway Co., AR) who married my gg grandfather Jessie V. Morrow (b. 1814 Carolinas d. 1879 Douglas Co., MO). It is also felt that James W. Morrow in both documents are the same person.

If anything rings a bell, please get with me. I also have a GEDCOM if you want to look at my other lines to see if any of the other surnames might have migrated with your Morrows.

Thanks, Doug Leonard


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    Morrow Queries

    Sarah Morrow married 12 Feb 1788 in Greene Co, State of Franklin (= Tennessee) to Stephen Babb son of Philip Babb and Mary Perkins. They moved soon after their marriage to Buncombe Co. NC and later to Barren Co. KY.

    Want to know Sarah's ancestry. There were land transactions of a William Morrow in Greene Co. and their was a William Morrow nearby in KY. Some have said Sarah was the daughter of William Morrow and Rachel Reed of NC, however William's Bible record lists no Sarah. Their son Hugh died in 1780 leaving a widow Sarah, but she remarried a Lee in Orange Co.

    Another Morrow in Greene Co. TN was Adam Morrow who moved to Greene Co. before 1800, but his will does not name his daughters. Ted Stout,  Mililani Town, Hawaii  

    Submitted by William Morrow

    My GGgrand father was John Morrow b. 1830 Wheeling, Ohio Co. Va. Parents unknown. He m. Hannah Stevens in Winniebago Co. Ill in abt 1867.

    He came to Ca. in the late 1840's or Early 1850's and the returned to Ill. He founded the Masonic Lodge in Ill . Winniebago co. along w/a Van Dyke

    MORROW MARRIAGES from New York, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania 1725-1890 Submitted by: Ron & Elaine Long

    (1994 Genealogical CD Publishers & T3)

  • MORROW, Alexander  NESBIT, Mariah 9-01-1821 NJ
  • MORROW, Andrew SINCOT, Eliza 6-25-1873 PA
  • MORROW, Andy   THORNTON, Susie 6-08-1893 NJ
  • MORROW, C.W.L.F. CHASE, Jane Eliza 27 Mar1850 NY
  • MORROW, Ella MORROW, James 12-13-1880 NY
  • MORROW, George JORDAN, Martha 20 Jan 1875 NY
  • MORROW, Howard VAN EMBERG, Bessie 5-07-1905 NY
  • MORROW, Isaacc HUNIFORD, Rachel 1 Mar 1847 NY
  • MORROW, James MORROW, Ella 12-13-1880 NY
  • MORROW, James NUDD, Nancy S. 6 Oct 1851 NY
  • MORROW, Joe DENNIS, Selena 7-02-1896 NJ
  • MORROW, John HEATH, Ellen 17 Jan 1852 NY
  • MORROW, John MORROW, Sarah 10 Mar 1833 NY
  • MORROW, John PARKER, Ann 21 Jul 1859 NY
  • MORROW, John J. DUNHAM, Elizabeth M.1 Nov 1852 NY
  • MORROW, Lizzie MOSER, James A. 12-10-1892 NJ
  • MORROW, Manasseh VAN HORN, Rica M. 21 Dec 1873 NY
  • MORROW, Robert BALENTINE, Eliza 7 Jul 1848 NY
  • MORROW, Robert HURRNIFORD, Emily 3 Jan 1839 NY
  • MORROW, William TRANSUE, Emma 12-28-1905 NJ
  • MORROW, Wm. DOUGLAS, Eliza 29 May 1850 NY
  • MORROW, Wm. T. CHEDWICK, Mary Ann 8 May 1852 NY
  • (All NJ marriages Phillipsby, Warren County except for Alexander Morrow which is Somerset County. PA is Easton in Northampton County)
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    Submitted by:  Doug Leonard

    It is unknown where this was printed If anyone knows, please let me know. My guess- Goodspeed's

    The pioneer physician of Cotter is Dr. John J. Morrow, who has been a resident of this community since its earliest day. In a thorough preparatory course and later in postgraduate work he laid the foundation for the success and progress which he has attained as a practitioner of medicine and surgery and he is at all times keeping in touch with the advancement that is being made by those who are regarded as leaders in this field.

    Dr. Morrow was born in McMinnville, Warren county, Tennessee, on the 27th of October, 1861, a son of Demosthenes G. and Mary J. (Kimberling) Morrow. He was a farmer and bank clerk and upon the outbreak of the Black Hawk war he offered his services and served throughout the uprising. The maternal grandfather, James Kimberling, was one of the early settlers in Missouri, locating near Ozark, and he was a leader in the anti-Morman movement which resulted in that people's emigration from the state. D.G. Morrow was born in Tennessee, while his wife was a native of Missouri. He was reared to manhood by his uncle and before 1849 went to Buffalo, Missouri. He tried to enlist for service in the Mexican war but was rejected. He went to California during the gold rush of '49, making the trip with oxen, and he was exceeedingly fortunate in his prospecting, securing a gratifying amount of gold. He then returned to Missouri but in 1852 started on another trip across the plains, driving a number of cattle. He had trouble with the Mormons but succeeded in getting his cattle to their destination with little loss. The return trip was made by way of the Isthmus of Panama and he was shipwrecked on the Bahama reefs, where he was some time later rescued by another crew. He was married at the age of thirty years in Ozark, Missouri, and remained in that state as merchant and stockman until 1861, when he returned to his native state. In 1861, upon the outbreak of the Civil war, he came to Arkansas and enlisted from Marion county. He was with Shelby in his raid through Missouri and was in active service until the close of the war. He then returned to Marion county, this state. He was a stanch supporter of the democratic party and both he and his wife were consistent members of the Methodist Episcopal church, South. Twelve children were born to their union: Cleopatra whose demise occurred at the age of eithteen years; Octavia, deceased, who was the wife of Dr. J.I. Thompson of Yellville; Isephena the wife of Jess Horner, a resident of Yellville; Laura deceased, who was the wife of A.M. Watts; Thomas, engaged in farming in Marion county; Maggie, the wife of J.D. Sims of Lakeland, Florida; Mason, farming in Marion county; Albert, enganged in agricultural pursuits in Oklahoma; Dr. John J, whose name initiates this review; and three other children who died in early life.

    Dr. John J. Morrow received his education in the common schools of Marion county and later entered the academy at Valley Springs. For four years he engaged in teaching in the rural schools of Marion county and then, having decided upon a medical career, he entered the medical department of the University of Arkansas,

    Last three lines missing from the article. (I need them if anyone has them.)

    Alexander Morrow 1745-1817 of Brooke Co (W) Virginia & his descendants Compiled by Anne Morrow Nees, Pg 10- Who Was Who; Historical Volume

    Lists one Morrow from KY. Thomas Morrow, pioneer in eclectic medicine, was born in Fairview KY in 1804, the son of Thomas and Elizabeth (Vaughan) Morrow. The Dictionary of American Biography has additional info on this man. Thomas Morrow, "founder of eclecticism" organized the Reformed medical School in Cincinnati in 1842 and served as dean and professor. Dolly McCready (Mrs. Richard F) of Winchester KY has done research on the Morrows of Bourbon Co KY. Her ancestor is Hiram Morrow, son of Robert Morrow, who was probably born in PA, died in Bourbon County in 1814 and wife Sarah (Sally), maiden name unknown but probably Sarah Riley. Sarah moved to Missouri taking her children with her. Dolly has deed, marriage and other records of the Bourbon Co Morrows & will share them. Dolly McCready, Morrow Notes, unpublished correspondence to the writer 1984. Submitted by Robbintina Kellum Harrison  

    My Family Legend
    Submitted by Duncan Morrow

    The family legend has always maintained that the first of our line on these shores was a Thomas. If you visit the FTM site I referenced, you'll see the first Morrow we have proven is Charles, b. ca. 1782 in Ireland. He had children born in Bucks County, Pa., in the first part of the 19th century, was drafted from there for service in the War of 1812 (I have gotten his service record from the National Archives), then settled in Ohio.

    The pre-Charles hole is huge. So far, no single, provable fact has landed on us. We suspect he was from County Down, which was only an interim home for a family of Scots origins.

    Another mystery (to us) Thomas was the Maryland-born, 64-year-old found in Flushing township, Belmont County, Ohio, in the 1850 census. We've seen things that hint he may have been Charles' brother. If so, Charles would clearly have to have arrived as a young child. That, in turn suggests the "first immigrant" (nece, the "first Thomas," too was his father.

    I am especially interested in any turn-of-the-19th-century Morrows in Bucks or Philadelphia Counties (Marshall, Charles' son who was my progenitor, claimed to have been born in Philadelphia, though we now know the family was in Bucks County both earlier and later than Marshall's birth). Even better would be Bucks County Morrows with antecedents directly from Ireland or from Ireland via Maryland.

    We're also actuely interested in identifying Charles' wife, Rachel. Family legend has long held that she was descended from John Morton, a signer of the Declaration of Independence. We know that Charles' Bucks county neighbors included Courtland Morton and that one of Marshall's brothers was Courtland Morton Morrow. We don't know there was a link between Courtland Morton and Rachel.

    If you think you have anything that connects to this uncertainty, I'd love to hear about it. And, maybe, just maybe, I could help link some of that vast collection of Thomases!

    Thanks, Duncan Morrow 
    Morrow Family Obituaries for Monroe County, Ohio
    Submitted by Duncan Morrow

    Brothers Cortland Morton MORROW and Marshall MORROW each served as sheriff of Monroe County, with Marshall MORROW also serving one term (1858-59) as State Senator from District 19 (Monroe, Guernsey, and part of Noble counties). One (listed as "M. MORROW") also served a term as mayor of Woodsfield, about 1850.

    Marshall and Sarah MORROW had nine children, all born in Woodsfield, three of whom died in early childhood and a fourth at 19. The family left Ohio shortly after the Civil War.

    MORROW, Sarah (Hockenbury) (no headline) J.F. Morrow and Otis Morrow were home at their mother's funeral.

    The death of Mrs. Marshall Morrow occurred on Saturday, the 6th, and the funeral took place on Monday. Mrs. Morrow was an elderly lady and came from Ohio to Mazomanie about twelve years ago. She was then in delicate health and the change doubtless prolonged her life many years. She leaves a husband, one daughter, and four sons. -- Weekly Sickle, Mazomanie, Wis., May 13, 1882

    MORROW, Marshall (no headline) Mr. and Mrs. J.F. Morrow, Spring Green, were here to attend his father's funeral on Wednesday.

    The death of Mr. Morrow, one of our old and respected citizens, which occurred at his home northeast of this village on Monday last from that dread destroyer, consumption, has caused much sorrow in this community, where he was so highly esteemed by all. The deceased was 74 years of age and his many years' residence here had gained many warm friends. He leaves a family to mourn his loss, all of whom have reached the estate of manhood and womanhood. The funeral took place at his residence on Wednesday morning and was attended by mourning relatives and sorrowing friends. -- The Sickle, Mazomanie, Wis., Sat. June 4, 1887

    On Wednesday last Mr. and Mrs. J.F. Morrow, of this place, attended the funeral of his father, at Mazomanie. Mr. Morrow, Sr., died on Monday the 30th ult., of consumption, at the age of 74 years. he was an old resident of the town of Mazo. and much respected. -- Weekly Home News, Spring Green, Wis., June 9, 1887

    MORROW, Cortland Morton (no headline) Courtland Morton Morrow, an aged and highly respected citizen of this city, died on Monday afternoon at his home in the east part of this city. The funeral was held this forenoon in the M.E. church conducted by the Masonic Lodge of this city of which deceased was a member, the funeral sermon being preached by Rev. W.B. Dunn. Deceased was born in Belmont County, Ohio, March 21, 1820, was united in marriage with Jane Miller in Woodsfield, Ohio, May 14, 1845. Of this union seven children were born, six of which are still living. Mrs. James Allen of Grand Summit, Kansas, was the only child who was not present at the funeral, she being unable to come. The other children are Mrs. J.A. Thomson of Princeton, Mrs. John Fronk, Mrs. John Phillips, and Charley Morrow of this city, and Clifford Morrow of Hale City, Mo. Deceased moved to Hamilton in October 1865. He united with the Masonic Lodge in 1845, at Woodsfield, Ohio. The ADVOCATE joins in with the friends of the family in extending sympathy and condolence. -- Farmers Advocate (Hamilton, Mo.), Wed., January 22, 1896 (page one)

    MORROW, Col. John C. DEATH OF COL. J.C. MORROW Col. J.C. Morrow died at the Soldiers Home at Minnehaha Falls on Sunday last at the age of 57. The deceased was a native of Woodsfield, Monroe County, Ohio, and enlisted in the Ninety-Second Ohio volunteers early in the war. His ability secured him promotion and he rose to the rank of a lieutenant colonel, being the youngest officer of that grade, it was claimed, in the service. He served in the army of the Tennessee and participated in Sherman's famous march through Georgia. Upon the close of the war he came to Minnesota and opened a law office in Faribault in partnership with the late John S. Randolph. During his residence here he served one term as Judge of Probate. About 10 years ago he removed to Minneapolis, where he resided until he entered the soldiers' home.

    Col. Morrow had a fine physique, conjoined with superior natural abilities, and had he possessed the power of self control might have made for himself an enviable record professionally and in society. In an evil hour he became a slave to intemperance and all efforts at emancipation proved fruitless. -- Faribault (Minn.) Republican, Feb. 12, 1896

    MORROW, Thomas C. (no headline) The following obituary of T.C. Morrow of whose death mention was made in this paper of Thursday last, is from the Mazomanie Sickle.

    Thomas Coleman Morrow died at his home, a short distance north of this village, last Friday evening, dropsy and asthma being the cause of his death. He was born in Woodsfield, Ohio, April 6, 1850. He moved to Mazomanie with his parents in 1868, and has since resided at the old homestead. Deceased was educated in the Mazomanie schools and the Platteville normal. He followed teaching for a number of years, and it is said he excelled as an instructor. Having been a sufferer from asthma since infancy, he could not play as other boys, and his mind turned to other sources of amusement. He was a keen observer, a great reader and a man of large mental ability. He was well versed in Indian lore, and as a naturalist had no equal in this part of the country. Scarcely a bird, small animal or reptile native of these parts but he knew their habits. He was a friend of the boys, and took delight in helping them with the more difficult problems that confronted them in their school work. He was also an artist of no mean ability, and has many excellent paintings. He leaves one brother, J.F. Morrow, of Spring Green, and one sister, who lived with him. An older brother, a colonel in the army, died a few years ago in Calfiornia (sic). Mr. Morrow was buried Tuesday, services being held at the house at 1:30 p.m., conducted by Rev. Crawford. -- Weekly Home News, Spring Green, Wis., Thursday, Feb. 5, 1904

    MORROW, James F. (no headline) J.F. Morrow, of Spring Green, brother of Miss Mary Morrow, of this place, and well known to many of our citizens and to poeple on the Prairie du Chein division where for many years he served as mail clerk on trains running between Milwaukee and McGregor, Iowa, died Sunday, Dec. 17, 1922, at the Soldiers' Home in Milwaukee. He has been in failing health for some months and was taken to the home three weeks ago. Mr. Morrow was a veteran of the civil war, a tireless worker for his home community interests, and a prime mover in the inception and organization of the Inter-County fair at Spring Green. He was seventy-five years of age. Interment will be made at Spring Green today. -- The Sickle, Mazomanie, Wis., Dec. 22, 1922

    MORROW, Mary Ann (no headline) Miss Mary Ann Morrow, an old resident of this place, died at the home of Miss Augusta Blomiley, Friday, July 30, 1926. She was born January 1, 1847, and was a sister of the late Thomas and James Morrow. Miss Morrow had been an invalid for six years, the trouble starting from a broken hip sustained when she fell on an icy walk. From the time of the accident until a few months ago Miss Morrow was cared for by Mrs. Wm. Little, and was then moved to the home of Miss Blomiley. Miss Morrow is survived by two nephews, Frank Morrow, of Milwaukee, and Homer Morrow, of Platteville; also two nieces, Mrs. Elsie Rouse of New London, and Mrs. Blanche Burns, of Cedaredge, Colo. The funeral was held on Sunday afternoon, with services at the M.E. church at 1:30, conducted by Rev. F.M. Prucia. Interment was made in the Mazomanie cemetery. Mr. and Mrs. Frank Morrow and sons, Malcolm and Kenneth, of Milwaukee, were present at the funeral. -- Mazomanie (Wis.) Sickle, Aug. 6, 1926

    Gershom Morrow
    The following obituary of Gershom Morrow, although originally submitted
    by an unnamed nephew, regrettably misspells his first name. Gershom and
    his family were living in Franklin Township (in or near Stafford),
    Monroe County, Ohio, when the 1850 US census was recorded.

             The Angel of Death came to the home of Gushen Morrow on April
    29, and called his spirit home. God's way is not ours and it was his
    will be done. HE hast said:  "Blessed is he that comes in the name if
    the Lord."
             Thou hast left us dear brother,
             To meet us on earth no more
             Thou hast bid us farewell,
             Only to meet us on God's eternal shore.
             Where the flowers of life are blooming,
             On the bright and crystal shore,
             Where we shall never say good-bye
             Or parting shall be no more

             Then we shall all be gathered home to part no more,
             Thou art sleeping in silence to waken in earth no more
             But thou shalt waken with Jesus
             Where peace shall reign forevermore.

             Gushen Morrow was born March 13th, 1811, in Buck's (sic)
    County, Pa.  When but 7 years old he moved to Belmont county, Ohio, and
    married to Nancy Huffman on Oct 23, 1834, and to this union was born 9
    children, six remaining.  His wife died Oct. 26, 1860.  On January 29,
    1863, he married Belsora (sic) Hesket.  To this union there were 4
    children, who were present at the time of his death. Bro. Morrow was a
    sufferer for years, though he never complained, but waited for the
    blessed Master to call him hence.  For over 70 years he was a faithful
    member of the M.E. church, and was always ready to help his fellowman;
    and in the church he was a constant worker, ready to perform any
    obligation and duty that might fall to his lot.  All that loving hands
    and medical aid could do was done, but the summons came and had to be
    answered. The funeral services were conducted by Bro. Nash of West
    Hartford. assisted by Bros. Rice and Taylor of Center.  In the midst of
    a large concourse of sorrowing friends and relatives his remains were
    quietly laid to rest in Mt. Olivet cemetery. To the bereaved ones we
    extend our heartfelt sympathy.  Peace to his
    ashes.                             NEPHEW
           County papers please copy.
           Ralls County Record, New London, Mo., May 23, 1902

    Duncan Morrow