I scanned this portion of a book which was sent to me by my cousin, and unfortunately I don't have the book's name and author, hope this helps. Submitted by Jean Cueva

DAVID LAWSON was born in Virginia between 1765 and 1770 according to Stokes County, North Carolina Census Records for 1810, 1820, 1830 and 1840. WINIFRED "WINNEY" DOTTSON was born in Virginia about 1770 according to these and the 1850 records. There is a marriage record on file in Halifax County, Virginia showing this couple married there 3 October 1794. Because of these census and the marriage record and the fact that marriages were performed in the bride's home county at that time, it appears reasonable to conclude David and Winifred Dottson Lawson were born in Halifax County at about the time given above. No trace was found of David Lawson after 1840, therefore, it is believed he died between that year and 1850. Winifred Dottson Lawson was living in the household of her oldest child in 1850 (Stokes Co., NC Census Record). No later record was found on her, so she must have died between 1850 and 1860. The David and Winifred Dottson Lawson Family migrated from Virginia to Stokes County, NC at some time between 1 August 1795, birth date of their oldest child, and 1810, their first appearance in the Stokes County Census Records. The older David Lawson appearing in the 1790 census and other records for Stokes County must not be confused with the younger David Lawson discussed here. It is believed by some historians that he, the older David, came down from Henry County, Virginia to Stokes about 1785. His relationship to the younger David Lawson, if any, is unknown. Some researchers interested in the Stokes County Lawsons say that the above David Lawson and wife Winifred "Winney" Dottson had at least the following children (1) James; B 1795 in VA; M Jane "PoHy" Riggs, (2) Dodson; B 1809 in NC; M Rebecca, (3) Tucker; B 1810; M Eliz., and (4) Eliz.; B 1812; probably unmarried. JAMES DODSON LAWSON is the oldest child of the above identified David Lawson and Winifred Dottson. The following facts confirm this statement: (1) Census and Lawson Family records show James Dodson Lawson was born 1 August 1795 in Virginia. The birth state, Virginia, of David Lawson and Winifred Dottson about twenty-five years earlier places them at an age to be his parents, -(2) James Dodson Lawson was born just over nine months after the marriage of David Lawson and Winifred Dottson in Halifax County, Virginia on 3 October 1794. (Her name is also spelled "Dodtson" in the marriage record). His birth date and place and the marriage date and place of David Lawson and Winifred Dottson make it possible for them to be his parents, (3) David Lawson is not shown in 1810 tax and census records for Virginia and is shown in these records for North Carolina; thus. indicating they moved from the former to the latter prior to that year. The 1810 Stokes County, North Carolina Census Record for the household of David Lawson shows his oldest child, a son, to be approximately the same age as James Dodson Lawson. And the above information on his children naming James as the oldest is in harmony with these facts, (4) The first definite family record on James Dodson Lawson after his birth places him in Stokes County about 1815 and he appears as head of his household in the 1820 census record for Stokes County. Although born in Virginia, this then puts him in the same area as David and Winifred Dottson Lawson and indicates he could have been brought there by them prior to 1810 when he was less than fifteen years of age, (5) Family records agree with the census records named and show James Dodson Lawson's first three children were born between 1815 and 1820; one a son David who could have been named for his grandfather, the above discussed David Lawson, (6) James Dodson Lawson's middle name, and the first name of a son Dotson Johnson Lawson and a grandson Joseph Dodson Lawson, are the same as the maiden name of Winifre(L Dottson Lawson. The difference in spelling is inconsequential since


the name was found as "Dodson", "Dodtson", "Dotson", and "Dottson" depending on the person establishing and/or maintaining records, (7) And finally and most importantly; Winifred Lawson, at age of eighty years, was living in the household of James Dodson Lawson in 1850 according to census records. This fact when weighed and judged with the preceeding six is highly important. Since aged parents almost always lived in the home of a child, and because of the other facts given here, the author is completely convinced that James Dodson Lawson is the son of the David and Winifred Dottson Lawson first named in this Lawson Family narrative. Records; including second marriage record of their son John, shown below; show that James Dodson Lawson married Jane "Polly" Riggs about 1814. Some Lawson Family records show she was born in North Carolina 12 August 1794. Her parents and other details are unknown; however, Riggs was a fairly common surname in Stokes at that time. The 1860 Census Record for Wythe County, Virginia, William Lawson household (the oldest son of James Dodson Lawson), includes a Mary Lawson age seventy years. This is most likely his wife Jane, since the names Mary and PoBy seemed to be interchangeable during that period. James Dodson Lawson and Jane "Polly" Riggs had the following children(l) Minney Fort; B lMarl8l5, (2) William, (3) David; B 1819; probably named for grandfather David Lawson, (4) Rosanny; B 18Marl821, (5) Nancy Jane; B 28Jull824 in NC, (6) Elizabeth; B 20ctl826 in NC, (7) Dotson Johnson, and (8) John Washington. Mr. and Mrs. Lawson and at least a part of their family migrated to the Cripple Creek area of Wythe County, Virginia in about 1851. It is known that sons William, Dotson Johnson and John Washington came to Wythe with them. While living in North Carolina, James Dodson Lawson was a farmer and Primitive Baptist minister. It is not known whether he continued in these pursuits after coming to Virginia at the age of approximately fifty-seven years. He died at the home of his son, Dotson Johnson Lawson, near Baywood in Grayson County, Virginia. The date is unknown, however believed to be after 1855.

WILLIAM LAWSON; son of James Dodson Lawson and Jane "Polly" Riggs; was B 23Janl8l7 in Stokes Co., NC and D after about 1882. He M Elizabeth M. Harvey in Stokes Co. 22Decl838. She was B about 1818 in NC and D after about 1882. C are (1) Riley M., (2) Letitia Ann, (3) Alexander May, (4) Martha J., (5) Mary C.; B 1851 in NC; M Robert McGlotbin; D Carroll Co., VA, (6) Marion; B about 1853 in Wythe Co., VA; D there 8Augl856, (7) James H.; B1856 Wythe Co., VA; M Mollie Quesenberry, and (8) Sarah; B about 1859 in VA.

DOTSON JOHNSON LAWSON; son of James Dodson Lawson and Jane "Polly" Riggs ; was B at Danbury in Stokes Co., NC 13Febl829 and D in Grayson Co., VA 16Junl883. He M Catherine Agnes Shaffer in Wythe Co., VA 8Novl855. She is a daughter of James Shaffer of Wythe Co. and was B there near Wytheville about 1839 and D after 1870. C are (1) James R.; B 2Sepl857; D young, (2) James W.; B 25Jull858; D young, (3) Jacob Alexander; B 1860; C Edward; L Telluride, CO, (4) Julianne; B 4Sepl862; M Wilburn Wilson; C Jacob B 1902, (5) Joseph Dodson, (6) Martha; B 1867; M Robt. Cox; C Letcher, Mettie, Ada, others, (7) Andrew Shaffer, (8) John W.; B 1874; M Fannie Robinson; C Ray, Elizabeth, Nell. and (9) Sophronia Margaret; B 1877; M Alexander Austin; C Glen, Vera. Mr. Lawson was educated in private schools and during the Civil War he was in the service of the Confederate Government, detailed on duty at a forge in Virginia. After M he settled on a farm near Baywood in Grayson Co., VA where he engaged in farming and stock raising.

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The John LAWSON Family

Submitted by Carol Hepburn, MDGenWeb State Coordinator and fellow LAWSON researcher

Here is what Robert Barnes writes in his "Baltimore County Families, 1659-1759" book. You may already have this but thought I would share this for others who might be interested.

LAWSON, John (3), no known relation to any of the above, m. Frances (----); in April 1729 was named in the admin. acct. of David GUY; d. by 15 march 1769 when est. was admin. by John LAWSON; est. admin again by 18 June 1780; had issue: Anne, b. 9 Nov. 1730; Elizabeth, b. 29 Sept 1733; Moses, b. 10 May 1736; John (2:304; 6:192; 7:9; 131:50/r).

The record that I have on Elizabeth's marriage was submitted to the Baltimore County Historical Society by Mary Alice Lawson, of Redondo Beach, CA in 1985. As with any information that is submitted from someone elses personal research - I cannot say that the above is true in any regard. I've included this information in my database and someday when I can fully devote time to my Lawson research - I hopefully will prove or disprove the above. Until then - please use as you would any undocumented source - FYI Only!!

Her chart states that Elizabeth married John LOW with (LAW) in parentheses on 14 Nov 1758 in Baltimore, MD. Death date is written as 1769 with note ref. that there were (4) minor children. Elizabeth was born at Gunpowder Manor, Baltimore County. There is no reference for her place of death. Marriage information was recorded from St. John's and St. George's Parish, Baltimore County, MD.

A side note, Anna LAWSON married Joshua LOW (LAW) on 31 Aug 1758 in York County.

Ms. Lawson also has listed two other children not included in Mr. Barne's book:

Thomas LAWSON, b. 1728 m. 20 Jul 1749 to (1) Anna HARRINGTON and on Feb 20 1765 m. (2) Hannah Farley d. 20 Oct 1795 in W.VA. Issue from (1): Thomas b. 13 Jul 1755 m. ?; James b. 13 Mar 1760 m. Virgina Wilson?; William b. Dec 1761 m. Susannah Earsch; Jacob b. Nov. 1763 m. Sarah; Catherine b. ? m. 4 Aug 1773 Patrick Cowhicks; and Moses. Descendants listed in KY, OH, and PA. Issue from (2): Mary "Polly" b. 21 Dec 1765; Jane b. 31 Mar 1767 m. Jeremiah Johnson; Anna b. 14 Apr 1769 m. Samuel Walker; Elizabeth b. 21 Feb 1771 m. ? Conner (WVA); Sarah b. 26 Apr 1773 m. William (WVA); Hannah b. 19 Aug 1775 m. ? McCullen? (WVA); Margaret "Peggy" b. 7 May 1777 m. ? Betton (WVA); Thomas b. 25 Apr 1779 m. Barbara Garson? and (2) Ada Horn; John b. 7 May 1781 m. Susannah Blue and (2) Catherine Taylor (KY); Frances b. 1783 m. Michael Blue.

Mary LAWSON, b. unknown, m. 8 Jan 1756 to John Mayner (Meaner)

Another side note:

For more information on families which may have come from Baltimore County - please drop in and visit the discussion list. There are some wonderful genealogists and historians on this list and alot of family connections are made via email!! Thanks for your patience...any corrections glady accepted!

1850 Tennessee Census McMinn Co

Submitted by Teresa Green

  • Lawson, Lyse 55 years old, b. Virginia (b. abt 1795)
  • Polly 50 years old, b. Tennessee (b. abt 1800)
  • George 31 years old (b. abt 1819)
  • Loomy 29 years old (b. abt 1821)
  • Lotty 27 years old (b. abt 1823)
  • Tyler 26 years old (b. abt 1824)
  • Hugh 25 years old (b. abt 1825)
  • Caladonia 22 years old (b. abt 1828)
  • Polly 22 years old (b. abt 1828)
  • Andy 21 years old (b. abt 1829)
  • Louisa 18 years old (b. abt 1832)
  • Eli 16 years old (b. abt 1834)
  • Leonard 14 years old (b. abt 1836)
  • Infant 1 year old (b. abt 1849)
  • 1860 Tennessee Census for McMinn Co.,

  • Lawson, Tyra Sr. 65 (m) Virginia (b. abt 1795)
  • Mary 60 S. C. (b. abt 1800) Hutson, Polly 30 TN (b. abt 1830)
  • Lawson, Eli 25 TN (b. abt 1835)
  • Patton 23 TN (b. abt 1837)
  • Hutson, Sallie 11 TN (b. abt 1849)
  • Sis 8 TN (b. abt 1852)
  • Lawson, Tyra Jr. 37 (m) TN (b. abt 1823)
  • Charlotte 34 TN (b. abt 1826)
  • Houston 10 TN (b. abt 1850)
  • Tyra S. 8 TN (b. abt 1852)
  • Mary 6 TN (b. abt 1854)
  • George B. 4 TN (b. abt 1856)
  • Eli 1 TN (b. abt 1859)
  • My question is, "Does my Lovica Lawson b. abt 1820 TN belong in this family?". Lovica Lawson married Mortimer Spradling b. abt 1816 Vir., they named their first son Tyre (which I believe to be after her father), and their second son Richard (which was after Mortimer's father). If anyone is researching this family, please email me and let me know if I'm on the right trail. Thank you all for your time and help.
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