Compiled by
Philip Hugh Lawson
Chester- 21st June, 1907
Additions  1962 - 1998  by
John Philip Lawson

Sir John Lawson, 1st Bart. = Catherine Howard
of Burgh Hall, Co. Yorks   ob.1668
   created 6 July 1665           !
                         ob. 1698.                               !
   !                !
  Sir Henry Lawson    =   Elizabeth Keighley             William Lawson Esq.  =  Elizabeth
  2nd Bart.  ob. 1726       ob. 1729   of York  ob. 1728
  ________________!    _______________!
  !                                                                     !
 Sir John Lawson =  Mary Shelley George Lawson = Petronella
 3rd Bart.  ob.  1739    ob. Egton, 1783     ob.  1795
 ________________!    _______________!
  !      !
 Sir Henry Lawson = Anastasia Maire Philip Lawson  = Barbara Elders
 4th Bart. ob. 1781      ob. 1764  of Egton. ob. at     ob. 1771
              !   Whitby, 1833  (104 years)
  _________________!________________                        !
  !                                          !      !
 Sir John Lawson         Sir Henry Lawson   !
 5th Bart. ob.sp. 1811          6th Bart. ob.sp. 1834   !
  Sir John Lawson, 7th Bart.   = Elizabeth Readman
  of Whitby Co.York. ob. 1855   ob. 1833
  Sir John Lawson, 8th Bart. ob 1874 = Anne Minshull  ob. 1868
  Sir John Nicholas Lawson, 9th Bart. = Eliza Ann Rook  ob. 1891
  ob 1874    !
  Sir John Lawson, 10th Bart. ob. 1924 = Rebecca Storm   ob.  1914
 !   !
 John Lawson Sir Philip Lawson, 11th Bart. = Doris Boulby  ob 1934
 ob. 1910 b. 1891  ob. 1962  !
   Sir John Lawson, 12th Bart. = Joan Alice Robinson
   b. 1926    b 1929
   David Philip Lawson  b. 1954 = Pamela Ann Giblin  b. 1963

TERCULLUS of the British House of Amorica was made Count of Anjou on this side of
Mayenne by King Charles the Bald for his bravery in so gallantly defending that country
against the Normans.  He married Petronella, daughter of Conrad the Elder, Count of Paris
and Duke of Franconia, who was consanguineous to the Emperor Charlmagne and was
succeeded by his son.

INGELAR Count of Anjou, made by King Lewis the Stammerer Viscount and Prefect of
Orleans. He died 888 AD having married Adelina, daughter of Herboert, Count of Bessancois and Challons, by whom he had issue,

FULCO I THE RED who received Hugh Magnusies’ share of Anjou and so became the first
Count of All Anjou. By Bertha his wife and sister to Theodoric, Count of Blois and daughter of Geolou the Dane, first Count of Blois, he left issue at his death in 938 AD,

 I. Ingelgar II Count of Anjou, slain in battle near Chardles.  s.p. 955  AD

 II. Guido, Bishop of Soissons 937

 III. Fulco II of whom we treat.

FULCO II THE GOOD, Count of Anjou, died 958 AD leaving issue by Gerberga, daughter of Herbert, Count of Vermonandois, descendant of the Emperor Charlmagne by his wife, the
daughter of Desiderius, last King of the Lombards.

 I. Geoffrey Grisonelles, of whom presently

 II. Guy, Bishop of Pays

 III. Druix, Bishop of Pays

  1. Arlip, wife of Stephen, Count of Gravenda

GEOFFREY I GRISGONELLES SENENSCHAL of France, Count of Anjou, married Adelina, daughter of Robert, Count of Troys and dying 21st July 987 left issue.

 I. Fulco III, the Black Count of Anjou. He died 25th June 1040 having had issue
by   Hildegarde his wife an only daughter and heiress ancestress of the
Plantaganet  Kings of England, etc.

 II. Ivo Tallebois whose line we treat

  1. Ermengarde wife of Conan, 1st Count of Breytayne.
  2. Blanche wife of William, 1st Count of Provence.

  3. Gerberga wife of William, 1st Count of Augontreru.

IVO TALLEBOIS heir male to his brother Fulco III, Count of Anjou came into England in the time of Edward the Confessor and had issue by his wife, Lucia, daughter and co-heiress of
Algar II, Earl of Mercia.

 I. Eldred od whom presently

  1. Beatrix, wife of Ribald, Lord of Middleham.

ELDRED 2nd Baron of Kendall, Co.Westmoreland, living temp. King William the Conqueror, left issue by Aldigatha, his wife, a son and heir.

KETELL 3rd Baron of Kendall, granted Morland to St Mary’s Abbey, York.  By Christiana, his wife he had issue.

 I. Gilbert of whom we treat

 II. William fil Ketell

 III. Alan fil Ketell

 IV. Orme, Lord of Seaton, married Gunilda, daughter of Gospatrick, had issue.

GIL:BERT FIL KETELL 4th Baron of Kendall living temp. King Henry I, left issue by Beatrice, daughter of Ribald of Middleham, brother of Alan, Earl of the East Angles, a son and successor, William fil Gilbert, 5th Baron of Kendall, made by King Henry II, Constable of Lancaster Castle whereupon he took the surname of Lancaster. By his wife Gundreda,
daughter of William 2nd Earl of Warren and granddaughter of Gundreda, daughter of William
the Conqueror, he has issue.

 I. William de Lancaster, 6th Baron of Kendall and Steward to King Henry II.
  He married Helewise, daughter of Nicholas de Stuteville and had issue an
only  daughter and heiress
    1. Helewise living temp. King Richard I, married Gilbert
     fil Roger fil Reinfred, Baron of Kendall jure uxious.

 II. Lawrence of whom we treat

LAWRENCE FIL WILLIAM DE LANCASTER to whom his brother gave lands in time of King Henry II was Father of


THOMAS LAWESSON This gentleman lived temp. King John and had issue a son

RALPH LAWESSON DE LANCASTER defendant in a plea of trespass 25 Henry III called Ralph fil Thomas Lawesson, he had issue

 I. Robert his heir

  1. Mary daughter of Ralph Laweson defendant in a plea of trespass 6 Edward II.
  Was seized of lands in Bywell Co. Northumberland in right of his wife Alina,
  daughter and heiress of Alexander of Bywell, Lord of Bywell Co.
  Northumberland,  by whom he had issue.

    I. Thomas of whom we treat

    II. William Lawson of Aberford living 10 Edward III, who
     by his wife Agnes had issue

THOMAS LAWSON of Bywell Co. Northumberland living temp. Edward II 21 Edward III had issue.

 I. John his heir

 II. Robert Lawson of Bywell living 38 Edward III and 2 Richard II.

 III. William Lawson of Farleton Co. Westmoreland defendant in a plea of debt 38
  Edward III.

JOHN FIL THOMAS LAWSON of Bywell, against whom William de Akrigg and Margaret his wife claimed messuage, land etc. in Sedburgh in right of the said Margaret 47 Edward III 1374; was a witness to a deed of Robert de Insula dated 41 Edward III and a juror at Corbridge 3 Richard II.  He had issue.

 I. John

 II. Gilbert Lawson living 1367

JOHN LAWSON of Bywell Co. Northumberland was witness to a deed of Walter de Tindall dated at Devilston 1374 and was Executor to his fathers’ will 8 Richard II  1386.  He left issue

 I. William of whom presently

 II. John Lawson of Bywell living 1348.  He had issue 2 sons

   1. Thomas Lawson

   2. Robert Lawson

 III. Richard Lawson

WILLIAM LAWSON of Bywell, became possessed of Cramlington Co. Northumberland temp Henry IV in right of his wife Agnes, daughter and co-heiress of William Cramlington Lord of Cramlington Co. Northumberland. He was living 3 Henry VI and had issue.

 I. William Lawson Esquire of Cramlington seized of half of the manor of
  Cramlington in right of his mother and of lands in Bywell in his own right 9
 Henry VI.  He had issue

   1.  William Lawson Esq. was seized of half of the manor of
    Cramlington  and Whitlaw and other lands in Northumberland
    temp. Henry V and VI.  By deed dated 1st May 30 Edward
    IV he  feoffed his estates and certain trustees and died s.p. 27 May
    20 Edward IV Mq.  p.m. 16 21 Edward IV, when the said
    trustees  were seized of all the said estates.

   2. Isabella, sister and sole heiress 21 Edward IV aged 61 years
wife    of -------------- Boynton Esq. of ----------------, dead before 1481.

 II Thomas of whom hereafter

 III. George Lawson of Bywell Co. Northumberland living 1458.

 IV. Roger Lawson

THOMAS LAWSON of Bywell, was at the battle of Agincourt with Sir John Neville, heir male to his nephew William Lawson Esq.  He died 2nd July 1489 at a great age, and was buried at Cramlington having married Isabella, daughter of John Killinghall of Middleton St. George Esq. living 1490 by whom he had issue.

 I. Robert of whom we treat

 1. Joan and

 2. Margaret, for whose souls and their father’s their mother founded an altar of
  St Gregory on the North side of the Choir of the Abbey of Durham.

ROBERT LAWSON of Bywell in the Co. of Northumberland living in the time of King HenryVI, ob.  14 Edward IV in the lifetime of his father, leaving issue,

 I. William heir to his grandfather

 II. John Lawson of Bywell in the Co. of Northumberland defendant in a plea of
  trespass 1484  2 Richard III, plaintiff in a plea of debt 1501.

WILLIAM LAWSON ESQUIRE of Cramlington Co. Northumberland seized in fee-tail-maleof half of the manor of Cramlington and Hamlet of Whitlaw held by the King in captite as the sixth part of one knights fee and also divers lands, etc. in Hertlaw, Morpeth, Bywell and other parts of the County of Northumberland in special fee-tail ob. 27 March 9 Henry VIII  1518. Inquisition  post-mortem 19 June in the same year taken at Newcastle upon Tyne in the said County of Northumberland, etc.  By his wife, the daughter of Richard Horsley Esq. of Thernham, he had issue

 I. Robert Lawson Esq. of Cramlington, son and heir, aged 40 years at his
father’s   death was seized of half the Manor of Cramlington and half the Manor of
  Whitlaw and divers lands in Northumberland.  Died 27 September and Inq.
p.m.  18 December 27 Henry VIII.  His wife Margaret had assignments of her dower
  26 February  28 Henry VIII.  They had issue
   1. William Lawson Esquire of Cramlington aged 24 years at
    his fathers death, was the Kings Bailiff and keeper of the
    park at Raskell Co. York.  He married Anne, daughter
    of Sir George Lawson, Knight, but ob. s.p.

   2. Thomas Lawson Esquire seized of lands in
     Northumberland as heir to his brother, died 4th
     December 1 Edward VI. Inq.  p.m. 2 Edward VI.
    By his wife Esther, daughter of Sir Roger Grey of Horton.
    He had issue.

      1. William Lawson Esquire of
           Cramlington  Co. Northumberland and Raskell C. York.
       Aged 8 years 2 Edward VI.  Will
dated  1st May 1571, proved 12th May
1572.  Inq. p.m.  27 April   17 Elizabeth I,
who survived him he had issue an only
daughter and heiress,
        1. Mary married Ralph  Lauered Esquire of Arden
         and had issue

      2. Robert Lawson Esquire heir to his
brother       at whose death he was aged 30
years, sold        his estates in Cramlington
to his kinsman Ralph Lawson Esquire (Later
Knighted)       and ob.  s.p.

      3. Margaret Lawson living 1557
mentioned       in great-aunt Joan
Lawson’s will.

      4. Ann wife of Thomas Cramlington

 II. James of whom hereafter

 III. George Lawson Esquire, Captain of Warke Castle living 1557.  Will dated 12
  November 1558.  He married Elizabeth, daughter of Lionel Fenwick Esquire of
  Brickburne who survived him and had issue.

   1. Timothy  ob. s.p.

   2. Edward Lawson of Rosedale Co. Yorks 1568

   3. Agnes

 IV. Thomas Lawson living 1558 married ------------------ and had issue

   1. Barbara living 1557.  Will dated 7th December 1568,
    married before  1557  -------------------- Collingwood

    2. Elizabeth living 1557. Had a son, Francis.

    3. Joan Lawson, Prioress of Nesham Abbey which she
     surrended to the King 32 Henry VIII.  Will dated 2
June      1557.

    4. Agnes Lawson, Prioress of St. Bartholomews,
     Died at Gateshead. Will dated 14 March 1567.

JAMES LAWSON ESQUIRE of Mele St., Newcastle-upon-Tyne, Merchant.  Sheriff 1523,
Mayor 1529 and 1540.  On April 8 1522 purchased of William Wardle, Merchant, a house and
horse-mill in the Meal Market, Newcastle. Had apprentices George Bertram 8, Henry 8,
Charles Gofton 9, Henry 8, and Richard Ball 1540. Purchased from the Crown the lands etc. of the dissolved Monastery of Nesham. Patent dated 1st October (? September)  32 Henry VIII 1540. Was the Kings farmer and collector at Nesham 33 and 34 Henry VIII .  Was seized of lands etc. in Milburne and the Manor of West Matsen.  Purchased the Manor of Byker 6 July 1543 and the house in which he resided in Mele St. by deed dated 3 December 35 Henry VIII. By deed dated April 19 1544 he settles the Manor of Byker and West Matsen on his eldest son Edmund and estates in Nesham, Cockfield, Little Burdon, Dynshall etc. on his younger sons and the heirs male begotten of their bodies with remainder to his own right heirs.  Died 24 February 1 Edward VI 1547,  Inq. p.m. 4 February 2 Edward VI.  He married Alicia, daughter of George Bertram of Westgate, Newcastle, Esquire, (her will is dated 14 November 1547) and left issue.

 I. Edmund of whom hereafter

 III. George Lawson Esquire of  Newcastle, died unmarried  s.p.  Will dated -----
June   proved 15 October 1589.

 II. Henry Lawson Esquire of Uvdram Abbey living 20 Elizabeth, admitted free of
  Merchants 1 April 1562.  He died 7 January 1609 having married Frances,
  daughter of Cuthbert Conyers Esquire of Layton Co. Durham, by whom he
had   issue.

   1. James Lawson Esquire of Nesham bpd. 12 November 1568
    Died 20 October 1631  Inq. p.m. 4 January 7 Charles I.  By
his  wife Jane, daughter of Sir John Conyers, Knight of
Sockburne.   He had issue.

     1. James Lawson Esquire, the younger, died
in the lifetime of his father at Leadhall Co. Yorks
      16 February 1627/8.
      Inq. p.m. 10 October 4 Charles I . He
married Frances, daughter of Walter Varasour
Esquire  of  ---------------- who remarried Philip
Dolemain  of Leade, Esquire and had issue, an only

       1. John Lawson heir to his
grandfather  aged 3 years 2 months 10
days  6 February 4 Charles I.
Died about 16 years in 1644  s.p.

       2. George Lawson died s.p.

       3. Ralph Lawson died s.p. buried 6  June 1630.

       4.  Francis married Richard Braithwaite  Esquire of
Burnishall Co.  Westmoreland “Dunken

       5. Jane married Henry
Jennison Esq.

     2. Ralph Lawson died s.p.

     3. Thomas Lawson died s.p.

     1. Elizabeth

     2. Anne   ob. infancy

     3. Isobel wife of Richard Cholmeley Esquire

     4. Catherine wife of Sir Stephen Tempest of
      Broughton, Knight.

     5. Barbara

     6. Anne

     7 Jane

     8 Mary

 IV. Ralph Lawson Esquire, Nesham died s.p. Will dated 19 May 1580.

 V. William Lawson Esquire of --------------- living 1551 and 1565, had issue by his
  wife Eleanor an only daughter, Agnes, who died young s.p.

    1. Elizabeth died infancy

    2. Isobel married first Gered Fenwick of Newcastle
     and second Richard Hodgson Esquire of Newcastle.
     Was buried at Jarrow 19 August 1582

    3. Barbara married first Cuthbert Blount Esquire and
second       --------------- Scrivene Esquire.

EDMUND LAWSON Esquire of Newcastle-upon-Tyne and Byker aged 20 years 2 Edward VI seized in fee-tail male of the Manors of Byker and West Matsen and lands in the counties of Northumberland and Durham.  Died 21 July 1551 Inq. p.m. 6 January 5 Edward VI  He married Margaret sister and heiress of John Swynhowe and daughter of Ralph Swynhowe Esquire of Swynhowe and Rock Co. Northumberland.  (She re-married Robert Lawson Esquire of Rock and had issue).  By her he had issue.

 I. James Lawson son and heir born April 1545 aged 6 years and 8 months at
the   time of his father’s death. Seizes of the Manors of Byker and West Matsen
etc.    The King granted wardship to Richard Chetwood Esquire.  Died young  s.p.
17   December 4 Elizabeth.

 II. Ralph of whom we treat

 III. Robert Lawson Esquire of Scremerston Co. Durham living 1566, died s.p.

SIR RALPH LAWSON Knight of Burgh Hall, County of York and Byker County of
Northumberland, heir to his brother aged 15 years 25 February 4 Elizabeth, seized of the
Manor of Byker and half of the Manor of Cramlington in his own right and of the Manor of
Burgh-juxta Catteryck Co. York in right of his wife Elizabeth, daughter and sole heiress of
Roger Burgh of Burgh-juxta Catteryck Esquire, marriage settlements dated 17 June 1568.
Was Knighted by King James I in 1603.  Will dated 4 September 1623.  Proved 9 October
1623, died same year aged 76 years.  He had issue.

 I. Roger of whom presently

 II. Edmund Lawson Esquire, admitted to Grays Inn 22 June 1599 married
  Frances daughter of  ...................Archer Esquire and had issue.

 III. Marmaduke Lawson Esquire was living married 1616

 IV. James Lawson Esquire admitted to Grays Inn 11 August 1609 married
  daughter of Sir Robert Ramsay, Knight, and had issue

 V. Anthony Lawson

 VI. George Lawson Esquire died in his father’s lifetime leaving two sons living in

 VII. William Lawson Esquire living 1623.

   1. Alice married th Thomas Ingelby of Lawkland Co. York from
    whom the Ingelbys of Lawkland.

   2. Margaret married to Sir Thomas Rokeby of Mortham Co.
    from whom the Baronets of Rokeby and Mortham.

   3. Jane Lawson to whom her father bequeathed £200 and the
    in her bedparlour that was her mother’s and such abed of
clothes     as her mother desired she should have.

ROGER LAWSON ESQUIRE of Heaton Co. Northumberland and the Inner Temple,
Londonaged 14 in 1585, marriage settlement 10 March 1597/8. To be married before the Feast
of St. Michael the Archangel next ensuing. Died in London 1613 or 1614 in his father’s
lifetime.By his wife Dorothy, daughter of Sir Henry Constable, Knight, of Burton Constable Hall
in Holderness Co. York; who lived at St. Anthony’s, Newcastle and died 26 March, buried at
All Saints Church, Newcastle 27 March 1632, he had issue

 I. Ralph Lawson, a very beautiful child for whom Queen Anne (of Denmark)
  Died at Douay 1612 aged 14 years  s.p.

 II. Henry, heir to his grandfather

 III. James Lawson Esquire of Scrunerston Co. Durham, married ....................
  daughter of ....................... and widow of Leverpole Esquire  ....... and had
   1. Ralph Lawson Esquire admitted to Grays Inn 12 September

   2. Henry Lawson Esquire admitted to Grays Inn 12 September

   3. Mary married to William Paston of appleby Co. York Esquire
from     whom the late Sir Robert Throckmorton maternally

   4. Elizabeth

 IV. Roger Lawson  ob young  s.p.

 V. George Lawson ob  young  s.p.

 VI. John Lawson, baptised 14 June 1608  ob.  s.p.

 VII. Edmund Lawson Esquire was married but “of whom noe issue is
remayning”  (1665) was buried in All Saints, Newcastle  6 January 1642/3  s.p.

  1. Dorothy Lawson, a nun o.s.a. at Louvaine b. 1600 Professed November 1618
  Died 8 December 1628.

  2. Mary Lawson a nun at Ghent, Professed 24 June 1631 as Dame Benedicta

  3. Catherine, died unmarried.

  4. Margaret, baptised 11 February 1606/7.

  5. Elizabeth married as third wife to John Yorks of Garthwaite Co. Yorks,

HENRY LAWSON ESQUIRE of Burgh Hall;  successor and heir to his grandfather at whose death he was aged 21 years 9 months, was seizes of the Manor of Byker and half that of
Cramlington Co. Northumberland and of Burgh juxta Catteryck Co. Yorks.  pabd. 1 December 1601.  Will dated 11 January  9 Charles I 1634/5.  Proved 29 January 1636 buried at All Saints, Newcastle 17 December 1635.  By his wife Anne third daughter of Robert Hodgson Esquire of Hebburne Co. Durham (buried at All Saints, Newcastle, 22 May 1663) he had issue.

 I. James Lawson Esquire son and heir aged 13 years 5 months at his father’s
death.   Lord of Burgh, etc. died at Grays Inn, London 16 August 4 Charles I.

 II. Henry Lawson Esquire heir to his brother at whose death he was aged 15
years  Was a Colonel in the Royal Army and was slain at the battle of Melton
  Mowbray 1644.  Buried at Grantham.  He married Catherine daughter and
  co-heiress of Sir William Fenwick ( she re-married Francis Radcliffe, First
Earl   of  Derwentwater and had issue) and left an only daughter and heiress,

   1. Isabella, married to Sir John Swinburne of Capheaton Co.
    Northumberland, Baronet (created 26 September 1660).

 III. John, created a Baronet and of whom we treat

 IV. Ralph Lawson Esquire to whom his father bequeathed £400  ob. s.p.

 V. Francis Lawson, a monk, o.s.b. Professed 1650.  Died 15 November 1712.
  Was guardian of Sir John Lawson’s children when on their travels in France.
  He bequeathed him £400.

    1. Mary Lawson, a nun at Ghent, o.s.b. Professed 12
September    1640.  To whom her father bequeathed £500.

    2. Anne Lawson to whom her father left £400  s.p.

    3. Dorothy, to whom her father bequeathed £400 as her
marriage    portion, married to William Blakiston of Shieldrem
Co. Durham,     Esquire.

SIR JOHN LAWSON Bart. of Burgh Hall etc. Co. York, was a Captain of Horse in the army of
King Charles I;  succeeded to the Burgh Hall estates on the death of his brother by special
tail-male.  Had his estates confiscated by the Republicans and was condemned to be
banished. For these his services, sufferings and loyalty he was created a Baronet by King
Charles II by Letters Patent dated 6 July 1665.  Will dated 22 October proved 4 November
1698.  Died 26 October 1698, buried at Catteryck.  He married Catherine daughter of Sir
William Howard of Naworth Castle Co. Cumberland, Knight, and sister to Charles first Earl of
Carlisle. By her, who died 4 July 1668, he had issue.

 I. John Lawson eldest son, died at Calais aged 14 in 1664 whilst on his
travels.  His heart buries at Catterycke.

 II. (Sir) Henry of whom presently

 III. Charles Lawson Esquire accompanied his brothers, John and Henry to
France  in 1664, with their uncle and guardian, Francis Lawson. Was a Captain in
the  Duke of Monmouth’s regiment and was slain in Germany 1694  s.p.

 IV. William of whom hereafter in whose issue the Baronetcy became vested on
the  death of Sir Henry Lawson, 6th Bart. in 1834.

 V. Ralph Lawson died in infancy.

 VI. Philip Lawson Esquire married Anna Maria, daughter of Nicholas Knowles
 1st Earl of Banbury and died s.p. in 1692.  His widow remarried Colonel
 ------------------ Harvey of ----------------------, Lincolnshire.

 VII. Thomas Lawson, a priest, SJ. born at Burgh Hall 8 December 1666 entered
the  Society of Jesus at Watten when 18 years old, professed in 1702 was
Chaplain at   Burgh and for some time confessor to James III, the son of the exiled
King, the   “Old Pretender, father of Bonnie Prince Charlie”.  In 1721 he was
declared   Rector of Watten and Master of Novices and in 1724 ----- of the
English    Province, but during May of that year he resigned the office in order
to be    Chaplain to the Duchess of Norfolk (at her special request), was at
Castle Howard   Co. Yorks.  In 1728 was Executor with Robert Goodall to his brother
  Lawson Esquire Will. On New Years Day 1734 he was again appointed
Rector   of Watten and Master of Novices and so remained until September 1740
when he   was succeeded by Father John Bodenham.  In 1741 he was made
Confessor and   Spiritual Father of St. Omers and died there 18 Decmeber 1750,
aged 84 years.

 VIII. to X Three other sons died in infancy.

  1. Catherine, a nun at Ghent, dead befor 1698.

  2. Mary, a nun, BVM, Germany, born ------- 6 1657. Professed at Pontoire 11
 January 1677 as Dame Mary Lawrence.  Th whom her brother, Sir Henry,
 bequeathed £10 yearly by his will, 1726.  Died 25 November 1728.  Befor
 embracing a religious life, she was introduced at Court by the Duchess of
 Portsmouth, and in the Hampton Court records it is stated that “She resisted the
  advances of the King” (Charles II) with tact and determination”  There is a
 portrait of her by W. Wissing at Hampton Court.

  3. Anne, a nun at Ghent dead before 1698.

  4. Elizabeth, a nun at Ghent living in 1698 dead before 1726.

  5. Frances, a nun at Ghent living in 1698 to whom her brother, Sir Henry
bequeathed   £10 a year for her natural life.

SIR HENRY LAWSON of Burgh Hall juxta Catterycke Co. York, 2nd Baronet.  Will dated 26
March 1726, proved 2 October 1726, by which he entails his estates to his heirs male for ever.
Died 9 May 1726 aged 73 years.  Buried at Catterycke.  He married in 1688, Elizabeth,
daughter of Robert Keighly of Offchurch Co. Warwick Esquire, (Her will is dated ----- 1729), by
whom he had issue.

 I. (Sir) John of whom we treat

 II. Henry, died in infancy, buried at St Michaels-le-Belfry, York 20 April 1691.

  1. Mary,  ob infancy

  2. Elizabeth, living 1726, married to Stephen Tempest of Broughton Co. York
 Esquire, Trustee of Sir Henry Lawson ,2 Bart’s   will dated 26 March 1726.

  3. Anne, living 1726, married William Witham of Cliffe Co. York, Esquire.

SIR JOHN LAWSON, 3rd Bart. of Burgh Hall.  Will dated 30 June 1736, proved 7 July 1757.
By Mary, eldest daughter of Sir John Shelley, Bart. of Michelgrove, he left issue at his
decease 19 October 1739, when he was aged 50 years.

 I. (Sir) Henry, his heir

 II. Thomas Lawson, a priest, SJ. born 20 March 1720, entered Society of Jesus
  Watten 1737, professed 2 February 1754.  Rector of Brauges College, 1766
to   1769, Missionore of Hammersmith.  Died in London 11 July 1807, buried at
St.   Pancras.

 III. William Lawson, died in infancy.

 IV. John Lawson, died in infancy.
 V. John Lawson Esquire of Bath, born 1723 seized in remainder by special tail-
male   under his grandfather’s will dated 26 March 1726. He died in London 28
January   1791 aged 69 years, having married Elizabeth, daughter of Thomas
William Selly   of Biddleston Co. Northumberland, Esquire (she died in York 28
November   1791) and had issue.

    1. Thomas Lawson, a monk, OSB, died s.p. 24 April 1830 aged
71     years.

    2. John Lawson Esquire M.D. of York, died at Richmond 10
March     1832.  By his wife, Clarinda, eldest daughter of John Fallon
    Esquire, of Cloyne Co. Roscommon, Ireland, widoe of
William     Birmingham Esquire he had issue.


     1. Clarinda Catherine only daughter and
      married 20 October 1825 her 2nd cousin,
William       Wright Esquire, 2nd son of John Wright
      of Kelvedon Hall Co. Essex, by Elizabeth
2nd       daughter of Sir John Lawson 5th Bart of
Burgh Hall
      and dying 10 January 1861 left issue
   3. Henry Lawson, a priest, OSB, died s.p. at Morpeth 29 July
1829,     aged 66 years.

   4. Elizabeth, died 1791, having married John Webbe Weston
    of Sutton Place, Surrey, and had issue.

      1. Mary Lawson, a nun, OSF. Professed as
Mary       Janatia 1727 aged 16 years, Abbess of
      elected 1745. Died 2 December 1763 aged

      2. Bridget Lawson, a nun, OSA. Professed as
      Anastia in 1736 aged 23 years.  Died 5
June 1787
      aged 74 years.

      3. Catherine, ob. infancy.

      4. Anne, ob infancy.

      5 Elizabeth, ob. young

      6 Anne,  ob. young

      7 Catherine, ob. infancy

SIR HENRY LAWSON, 4th Bart. of Burgh Hall, etc. married Anastasia, 3rd daughter of
Thomas Maire Esquire of Larkington Hall, Co. York. and Hardwick Co. Durham, who died 2
November 1764 aged 54 years and dying October 1781 aged 69 years, left issue by her,

 I. (Sir) John of whom presently

 1. Mary Lawson, a nun, ASF. born 26 May 1742. Professed as Mary Serpahina,
  20 October 1813 at Taunton.

 2. Catherine, born 9 August 1747, married John Silvertop Esquire of Minsters
  Co. Northumberland, and had issue.

 II. Sir Henry Lawson, 6th Bart of Burgh Hall near Catterycke Co. Yorks borm 25
  December 1750.  Succeeded to the Maire estates and assumed the surname
  “Maire” by Royal Licence, but on his succession to the Baronetcy in 1811,
  estates dissolved on his sister, Mrs. Silvertop and he retook his paternal
  Married, first, Monica, daughter of Nicholas Stapleton Esquire of Carlton Co.
  Yorks. 1775 who died s.p. in 1801; and secondly (-------------?) at St Nicolas’s
  Worcester 16 May 1801.  She died 13 September 1824 aged 54 years,
without   issue.  Will dated 2 June 1828 proved 6 April 1834, by which he bequeathed
  his estates to his grandnephew William Wright, Esquire. Died without any
issue    9 January, buried at Catterycke 16 January 1834 aged 84 years WHEN THE

SIR JOHN LAWSON, 5th Bart. of Burgh Hall, etc. born 13 September 1744, married first,
1767 Elizabeth second and youngest daughter of William Scarisbrook Esquire of
Scarisbrooke Co. Lancs. and secondly, Monica, daughter of Miles Stapleton Esquire of Drax
Co. Yorks., by whom he had issue.  He died 27 June 1811 aged 67 years, having had issue
by his first wife, Elizabeth, who died 10 June 1801 aged 52 years.

 I. Henry Lawson, only son died in infancy.

 1. Anastasia, eldest daughter and co-heiress, married 1789 to Thomas
Strickland   Standish Esquire of Standish Hall Co.Lancs. and Sizergh Co.
Westmoreland, who   assumed the additional surname of Standish by Royal
Licence.   She died leaving   issue 22 June 1807 aged 38 years.

 2. Elizabeth, 2nd daughter and co-heiress, married 8 January 1789, John Wright
  Esquire of Kelvedon Hall, Essex, born 4 August 1763, died 13 February 1826.
  She died July 1812 having had issue two sons and a daughter.

   1. John Wright Esquire of Kelvedon Hall, born 25 July 1792,
    2 December 1822, having married 1815, Mary Catherine,
second     daughter of Francis Cholmely of Branby Co. Yorks.  She
    27 August leaving issue,

   2. (Sir) William, created a Baronet.

   3. Ekiza, married 7 November 1822 to Charles Porter Esquire
of the
    Mythe Co. Gloucester.

SIR WILLIAM (WRIGHT) LAWSON succeeded to the estates of his great uncle Sir Henry
Lawson, Bart. of Burgh Hall Co. York, WHOSE NAME AND ARMS HE ASSUMED by Royal
Licence 5 May 1834 and was CREATED A BARONET 8 September 1841 (NEW CREATION).
Born 8 May 1796 died 22 June 1865 having married 20 October 1825 his second cousin,
Clarinda Catherine, only daughter and heiress of John Lawson Esquire MD. of York, son of
John Lawson Esquire of Bath and nephew of Sir Henry Lawson , 4th Bart.of Burgh Hall.  She
died 10 January 1861, having had five sons and five daughters.

 I. Sir John Lawson, 2nd Bart.

 II. Henry,  b. 20 February, drowned 3 January 1857.

 III. William, RC Priest,   b. 22 December 1834

 IV. Edward ob. infancy.

 V. Thomas Paulinus,   b.11 September 1837 married in May 1878, Gertrude
Sarah,   daughter of the late James Addison Esquire of Acomb, Yorks. and widow of
  Thomas Farmer Bailey Esquire of Hall Place, Kent.  ob.s.p.

 VI. Clarinda Mary, a nun died 3 May 1873

 VII. Eliza, a nun

 VIII. Grace, a Carmelite nun.

 IX. Mary  ob.infancy

 X. Anne  ob.infancy


See Burkes Peerage and Baronetage (Pre 1910 Order in Council)   The above line, thought to
have become extinct, was now re-traced from the fourth, but second surviving son of Sir John
Lawson, 1st Baronet of Burgh Hall, near Catterycke Co. Yorks. by Catherine Howard, his wife,
as follows:



The fourth, but second surviving son of Sir John Lawson 1st Bart (1665 Creation) was,

WILLIAM LAWSON OF THE CITY OF YORK ESQUIRE, to whom his Father bequeathed an
annuity of £30 by his will dated 22 October 1698 and to whom Sir Henry Lawson, 2nd Bart
bequeathed £10 by his will dated 26 March 1726.  Enrolled his estates by deed in 1719 at
Northallerton Co, Yorks. Will dated 21 September 1728 proved 19 December 1728. This
brother, Thomas Lawson, one of the Executors.  By his wife Elizabeth, who survived him,he
had issue,

 I. George of whom we treat,

 II. Thomas Lawson of Claxton near York, died in the lifetime of his father,
without   issue 1724.

  1. Mary, living unmarried 1728.

  2. Jane, living unmarried 1728.

GEORGE LAWSON of Egton, Co.York, living 1728, was Executor to the will of Henry Lawson
of Limber Hill, Egton, dated 17 March 1727/28.  Buried at Egton 31 May 1783 having had
issue by Petronella, his wife, who was buried at Egton 15 July 1795,

 I. Philip, his heir,

 II. Henry Lawson of Whitby Co. Yorks, born 1735, married first 3 March 1759,
  Alice Rutherford, died and was buried 24 September 1768,  secondly, 11
July  1769 (Licence 10 July), Isobel Lamb, she was buried at Whitby 9 February
1781   and thirdly, by Licence dated 24 November 1785, Elizabeth Hewson, widow.

  1. Petronella Lawson of Egton Bridge, Co.Yorks. Died unmarried at Whitby and
was   buried at Egton 30 May 1819 aged 71 years.

PHILIP LAWSON of Egton Bridge in the County of York, Gentleman, born 1728, called after
his Uncle Philip, 6th son of Sir John Lawson of Burgh Hall, 1st Bart., died at Whitby 11 June
1833 aged 104 years. Buried at Whitby 16 June 1833, having married first, Barbara , daughter
of Henry William Elders of Egton (she was buried at Egton 28 December 1771), and secondly,
4 April 1780, Jane Hoggarth of Whitby (buried at Egton 9 April 1816, aged 78 years).  By his
first wife he had issue,

 I. William Lawson died in the lifetime of his Father without male issue.

 II. John of whom, we treat.

 III. Henry Lawson living at Whitby in 1797, went to London, was living in 1833,
  married by Licence dated 30 February 1792, Dorothy, daughter of   -------------
  Ripley of Whitby and had issue,
    1. Susannah, living unmarried 1783,  ob.vp.

Mr. Philip Lawson had issue by his second wife, Jane,

  1. Ann born 1785 married at Whitby 14 February 1813, Thomas Urwied of
  His son and heir,

(SIR) JOHN LAWSON THE ELDER of Whitby Co. Yorks, Gentleman, heir male to his
kinsman Sir Henry Lawson, 6th Bart. of Buirgh Hall, and 7th Bart. de-jure, born 1756, died 2
February, buried 8 February 1855 in the 90th year of his age, having married at Egton,
Elizabeth Readman (born 1771, died 24 December 1833) and had one son and seven

 I. John of whom presently

  1. Mary ob. infancy 1795

  2. Ann, licence 15 January 1797 married to John Sanderson of Whitby and had

  3. Mary born 9 December 1799 married Zachariah Garbutt of Whitby and had
issue,   died 18 March 1833.

  4. Sussanah born 3 February 1805 married Thoams Peckston of Scarborough
  had issue.

  5. Frances  born 9 March 1806 married to John Vincent Jackson of Hartlepool.

  6. Jane born 5 August 1808 married to William Garbutt of Whitby and had
  She and her husband and infant child drowned at sea.

  7. Elizabeth born 25 November 1810 married to Richard Terry of Whitby.

(SIR) JOHN LAWSON, 8th BART. DE-JURE of Whitby Co. Yorks. born 17 July 1795.  Died at
Whitby 14 March, buried 20 March 1874 aged 78 years, having married by Licence dated 15
May 1818 at Whitby 25 May 1818, Ann, sister and heiress of William White, Priest, who died
5 October 1866 and had four sons and seven daughters.

 I. William George Lawson Esquire of Whitby, born 1821, died vp.s.p. 14
  1854, buried at Whitby 15 December 1854, having married 22 November
1847,   Lucy, daughter of Francis Pickernell Esquire of Whitby (she re-married).

 II. John Nicholas of whom presently

 III. Henry Lawson Esquire of Liverpool Co. Lancs. born 8 July  1825.  Died
  September, 1910, married 1 December 1855, Margaret Jane, daughter of
John   Rook Esquire of Liverpool and had issue,

    1. Edwin Philip died young

    2. Theodore White Lawson Esquire of  London born 18--,
    180- Eleanor, daughter of ---------- Bart. of ------------------.

    3. Henry Griffith Lawson Esquire of Paris, France, born 18--
    married 19--  Florence daughter of --------- Gibson of -------------

    4. Minnie born  --------------- 18--    unmarried, living 1924.

    5. Ann Margaret, born -------------18-- unmarried  ob. 13

 IV. Edwin Philip Lawson Esquire of Whitby, born 16 June 1833, died unmarried
  9 August 1876.

 1. Emma Alice, born 15 December 1818, died 9 July 1906, having married in
  Thomas Turnbull Esquire of Whitby (born 15 September 1819, died 24 April
  1892) and had issue.

 2. Anne born ----------- 1819 died 5 January 1906 married 1841, John Watson
 Esquire of Stockton and had issue.

 3. Elizabeth Charlotte, born 10 July 1827, died 22 September 1901 having
married   William Conyers Esquire of Whitby and had issue.

 4. Frances, born 8 February 1829 died 16 February 1889, married William
Conroy   Esquire of Whitby and had issue.

 5. Mary, born 8 October 1831  ob. 5 June 1914, having married first, Henry Ran
  Esquire of Whitby and had issue, secondly Thomas Hall Esquire, widower.

 6.  Jane,  ob. infancy.

 7. Jane, born 29 October 1838, married December 1866, William Harrison
  Falkinbridge Esquire of Whitby (born 20 June 1837 ob. July 1897) and had

(SIR) JOHN NICHOLAS LAWSON, 9th BART. DE-JURE of Whitby Co. Yorks. born 15
October 1823, ob. 24 September buried 28th 1898, aged 75 years, having married 4 March
1851 at St. Marks, Liverpool, Eliza Ann,  eldest daughter of John Rook Esquire of Liverpool,
by Margaret, daughter of John Griffith of Chester and Ann Minshnall, his wife and grandaughter
of Thomas Griffith Esquire, Mayor of Chester (born 9 December 1891) and had issue, four
sons and two daughters.

 I. John his heir.

 II. William Lawson Esquire of Newton-cum-Chester Co. Cest. born 28 November
  1855, living with his twin brother, Sir John) married Elinor, daughter of Hugh
  Hughes Esquire of Ambwch Co. Anglesey by Ann daughter of Richard Owen
  his wife Mary, great grandaughter of Evan Anroyl of Llandanoy Co. Merioneth.
  (descended from Prince Owain Gwynedd) she was born 16 January 1855,
  had issue, an only son,

   1. Philip Hugh Lawson born 15 March 1887 ob. August 1976.

 (He was the original Author of this Pedigree which he spent many years researching
  and travelling all over the Country.   He was Sheriff of Chester and later Mayor.
  1950/51, he welcomed HM.Queen Elizabeth II to the city of Chester).

 III. Arthur Lawson Esquire of Hounslow Co. Middlesex, Chemist, born 23 July
  married first Ada, daughter of James Johnson Esquire of London (ob. s.p.
  and secondly, Grace, daughter of George Norwood Esquire and had issue a
  daughter and a son.

   1. Arthur Lawson

   1. Blanche May Gertrude

 IV. Henry Lawson Esquire of London born 9 December 1861 died 16 September
  1915, married  10 September 1891 Florence Campbell, daughter of Thomas
  Atkins of Liverpool.

 1. Ann Eliza, born 25 November 1853  ob. unmarried 30 September 1915.

 2. Edith, born 27 February 1860, married 26 September 1894, Francis James
  of Brooklands, Cheshire and had an only son Francis Nicholas who was
  accidentally killed 29 August 1904.  She died 11 April 1942.

SIR JOHN LAWSON, 10th BART, of Whitby in the County of York, born 28 November 1855,
assumed by Deed Poll dated June 1907 as heir male of the body of Sir John Lawson, 1st
Baronet of Burgh Hall, the ancient Baronetcy of Lawson of Burgh Hall, created 1665, by King
Charles II.
Married Rebecca, daughter of John Harrison Storm Esquire of Fylingdales Co. Yorks. 10 June
1884 (born 11 September 1854 ob. 30 October 1914) and had issue four sons, died 1 January

 I. John Lawson Esquire born 8 March 1885.  Accidently drowned in the
execution   of his duty off Tuticorin, India while serving as second Officer of the
s.s. Clan   Leslie.

 II Philip, his successor.

 III. William Lawson Esquire of Whitby and St Albans, Co. Herts., who married 27
  July 1927, Winifred Maude, daughter of the late John Corble of Brice Grove,
  London. During his lifetime, he was a gifted artist in miniature painting and
water   colours.  He exhibited at the Royal Academy of which he was a member.  He
  specialised in Marine paintings.  His main occupation however was as an
artist in   stained glass and his work can be seen in many British churches. He was
   Managing Director of the Faith Craft Works in London, which
specialised in   Religious decorations.   He left an only son,

   1. John Nicholas Lawson born 25 October 1932.
    He followed in his Father’s footsteps at the Faith Craft
    until his recent retirement.

 IV. Henry Lawson, born 16 February 1895.  Killed in action fighting for his King
and   Country with the Grenadier Guards in France at Guichy on 15 September

SIR PHILIP LAWSON, 11th BART, of Whitby Co. York, born 13 January 1891, married 16
May 1921, Doris, daughter of Adam Boulby Esquire of Whitby (she died 1934) and had issue
a daughter and a son, died 29 April 1962 and buried with his wife at Tranby, Hull.

 1. Margaret Boulby Lawson, born 11 September 1922 died  29 May 1996
 I. John Philip Lawson, his heir,

SIR JOHN PHILIP LAWSON, 12th BART,  of  Hull  Co. Yorks. born 29 August 1926, married 1
December 1951, Joan Alice, daughter of Thomas Robinson, Esquire of Hull and has issue, 2
daughters and a son,

 1. Kathryn Joan Lawson born 2 August 1952.

 2. Karen Susan Lawson born 11 October 1954.

 I. David Philip Lawson his heir born 11 May 1957, married 14 September 1985
  Pamela Ann, daughter of Peter Giblin Esquire of Hull, born 20 November 1963
  and has issue, two daughters,
   1. Nicola Ann Lawson, born 13 August 1990

   2. Rachel,  born 20 January 1995

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