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Hitt Researchers
HITT Family Researchers
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Yvonne James-Henderson Peter
Ted Hitt Peter Hitt 1683-1772 m. Elizabeth Otterbach

Theodore E. (Ted) Hitt, Chester Lee (Ted) Hitt, John Humphrey Hitt Jr., John Humphrey Hitt Sr, Joab Hitt, John Hitt, Joseph Hitt, Jr,

Ellen & Vernon Lacey Mary L. Hitt b. 12 Jan 1841, IN, m. J. William Housman, 25 Dec 1865, Perry County OH, d. 1918, IL
Doug Rains Rachel Hitt, John Hitt, Henry Hitt, Peter Hitt, Johann Jacob Heite
Edie Sattle Mary "Mollie" Hitt, Jesse Hitt, Harmon Hitt, Peter Hitt 1680
Susan Thatcher Mary Hett, Rene Hett

My Family Tree, a little humor

Jeri Walsh wrote:

I thought I would pass this little note on that a friend sent to me,wouldn't it make our lives simpler if we could just do it this way

The people are what it is all about so I don't worry about sources. If I find an ancestor with the last name of SMITH, I just go ahead and link him to Captain John Smith and his wife Pocahontas. Last name of Carson? I have them descend from Kit Carson, the famous pioneer. If their last name is KING, I figure I can go ahead and show descent from King Richard the Lionhearted, because he was a King that I like. After you do it awhile, it gets easier and easier to link your family to really interesting people. Sure you have to be a little more creative than those FUDDY-DUDDY, GOODY-GOODY, source quoting weirdos! Sometimes I have to invent individuals to connect things up right, but I figure they "COULD" have existed, right? And this way my genealogy is really interesting, my family loves it and it saves me a lot of time!"