Lawson's at Andersonville Prison


The following is a list of LAWSON's who were at the Andersonville Prison in Georgia during the Civil War. The list taken from a list of all prisoners, made by a pardoned prisoner.

J. E Lawson, Corp. Co. D 1st VA died 12.13.1864                                                                  

M. Lawson Private Co.13, 15th Wisconson died 9.28.1864

Martin Lawson Private Co.H, 8th Tenn died 9.12.1864

W. Lawson, Private Co. F,14th Illinois Div. Exchanged 4.1.1865

Wm A. Lawson, Private Co. A, 75th Ind. Infantry died 8.14.1864

Wm H. Lawson, Pvt Co. B, 14th Illinois, Transferred to Millen, GA, POW Camp 11.11.1864

B. Lawson, Pvt Co. F, 5th KY Calvary E. Lawson, Pvt Co. K, 5th KY Exchanged 4.1.1865

Edley Lawson, Pvt Co. K 3rd KY Transferred to Millen, GA 11.11.1864

F. Lawson, Pvt Co. L 3rd TN Calvary (Colonel O'Neil), 2.28.1865.******

G. Lawson, Pvt Co. F 82nd Ind, Exchanged 4.1.1865

G.H. Lawson, W.S. St, Minn? H. Lawson, Pvt Co. M, 15th NY Calvary exchanged 4.1.1865

H. E. Lawson, Pvt Co. G,8th Tenn, died 9.16.1864

H.E. Lawson, Pvt Co. G. 5th Ind Exchanged 4.1.1865 J. Lawson, Corp. Co. E,2nd Ohio died 7.23.1864

Wm. Lawson 75th Regiment, Co. A, Ind died of scurvey 8.14.1864 at Millen, Ga

*** I have no idea about Col. O'Neil. There is no one of that name listed here. The park rangers had no idea, nor had they ever seen such an entry.

Exchange of prisoners was limited at best and formally stopped by Gen. Grant in 1864. Most deaths occuring at Andersonville were due to scurvy or dysentery.

Yvonne James-Henderson   Burke, VA

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