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If you own any Czech Republic books and will do look-ups, please let me know. Currently, there is no listing of volunteers to do lookups. Volunteers are needed.

Feel free to request a look-up from the following books. Please limit your request to one name per request. Please put CZECH REPUBLIC LOOKUP in the subject line of your request to insure the message is not overlooked or accidently deleted. In the first line of the message please put the name of the book you are requesting the lookup in.

If you request a lookup, please thank your volunteer for his or her time.

I have the index of obituaries for the Denni Hlasatel, a major Bohemian newspaper published in Chicago, Illinois, from around 1871 through 1995. I am willing to do look ups for people who think their relative died in Chicago. The information given is name and date of death. After getting this information, the person would have to order the newspaper via microfilm on inter-library loan from either their local library or from the Illinois State Historical Society in Springfield, Illinois. Contact Elinor Kerklingh Svihla.

I have a number of books and may be of some help, as long as you won''t overwhelm me with too many requests. I am pretty busy with the International Czechoslovak Society of Arts and Sciences of which I am President. With your interests you ought to become our member. You can find us on the Web on the following address:

Mila Rechcigl, SVU President

I have a book that contains ONLY Czech census records for Decatur county, Kansas. The book was created as part of the Ethnic Heritage Studies program at Fort Hays State University, Hays, Kansas in May, 1979. The title is "Early Pioneer Families In Decatur County, Kansas" by Lillian Shimmik, however, the census records included cover only the Czech settlers. I believe the book is out of print. Pat

The Czech Census records in the book are:

United States Census of 1880, Decatur, KS
Kansas State Census of 1885, Decatur, KS
Kansas State Census of 1895, Decatur, KS
Kansas State Census of 1905, Decatur, KS
Kansas State Census of 1915, Decatur, KS

(Please do NOT inundate Pat with requests. Like most of us, Pat works for a living.)


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