X-File -- or -- Twilight Zone

X-File -- or -- Twilight Zone

Welcome to the X-File -- or -- Twilight Zone! You may have wound up here a number of ways.

#1 Sometimes I set up links in advance; so that, when when I'm ready to "hook up" a new link, all I have to do is change the name from "X" to the real name. This gives me an opportunity to construct, and test until I'm ready to open a new cyberspace "area." Unless this is your first time in the X-File. You followed a "cold link."

#2 You followed a "cold link." Before you click on a cold link, look at the very bottom of your screen. If it says "x.html" and you enter anyway -- this is where you will land.

#3 Maybe you have been dodging my email. If so, I can notify the Desk Clerk, and if&when you show up. He may toss you in the X-File until you contact me.

#4 Sometimes the computer just randomly tosses you in here.

#5 Sometimes you tried to enter a "vorbotten" area. If you can't figure out why you are here, then

At some point I may spruce up things. For now, this is watch ya git.

I also store stuff in here.

Sometimes the stuff I store is sealed in packages marked: