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We're always short of money. Sound familiar? Who isn't? We can't offer you a free coffee mug, T-shirt, or tax deduction; but you will get the satisfaction of knowing that you helped keep the Connection alive for posterity (or a few more months).

Help support the Cutlip Connection by sending us what you can. Here's my suggestion: If you found nothing of value either here or on our Discussion List; send nothing. If you went to a movie for two hours what would you spend? Have you derived two hours entertainment from this Connection? (Hint: Send the price of two movie tickets, two large popcorns, and two drinks!)

You contribute by merely subscribing to the Discussion List or visiting this WebSite. You could spend your time another way. So, we realize you are contributing (time), and we say: Thanks!.

As a part of the Cutlip Connection, where do you stand?

"I want to be known as a ...

Remember: 100% of your money goes toward:
  • Genealogy Research
  • Hardware
    • Hard Disks
    • Memory
    • Scanner
    • CD-ROM Writer
  • Internet Costs
  • Office Supplies
    • Backup Tapes
    • Diskettes
    • Paper
    • Stamps
    • Toner Cartridges
  • Telephone
  • Internet Development
    • Our own Server
    • Provide visitors more search options

Please send your "portraits of dead presidents" to:

Cutlip Connection
4648 East Saint Catherine Avenue
Phoenix, AZ 85040-5369

Thank You!

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