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Welcome to my Site!

Last Updated: 21 December 2009


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On these pages you will find genealogy information related to the following families:

  • BRYANT - Campbell Co., TN
  • CRABTREE - Washington & Smyth Co., VA
  • CURTIS - Jefferson Co., AL // Wayne Co., MI // Cayuga Co., NY
  • HATFIELD - Campbell Co., TN // Smyth Co. & Southwest VA
  • HYDE - Jefferson & Oswego Co., NY // (Probably VT & Newton, Middlesex Co., MA)
  • PAULEY - Montgomery & Wythe Co., VA // Campbell Co., TN // Montgomery & Boone Co., IN
  • TANNER - Oneida & Oswego Co., NY
  • TILKINS - Jefferson, Oswego & Cayuga Co., NY // Tulare Co., CA
  • WHEELER - Jefferson & Oswego Co., NY
  • WHITEAKER - Smyth Co., VA // MO // NE // SD // MN // MI
  • Several others

In addition, I have researched, and have some resources, in the following areas of the U.S.:

  • Jefferson County, Alabama
  • Newton, Middlesex County, Massachusetts
  • Wayne & Oakland County, Michigan
  • Cayuga, Jefferson, Oneida & Oswego County, New York
  • Campbell County, Tennessee (lots of information)
  • Smyth, Scott & Washington County, Virginia



Genealogy is my passion, and over time I hope my site continues to grow to reflect that. This site is a work in progress. I ALWAYS have lots more information than will actually appear on these pages, partly because I can never keep up, and partly because I don't want to include speculative information without supporting evidence. In addition, I don't include family history information about people who are still living. I have lots of information on living relatives, but since many people don't like to have details of their lives publicized for the world to see, I do not display them here. If you do see data for a living person, it is a mistake. Let me know about it and the information will be removed.

I will do my best to insure that everything on these pages is factually correct and well documented. I will include some scans of original source documents where possible. I have also decided to publish all of my sources on the Internet so you can reasonably evaluate the quality of my various names, dates and places. These sources are included in two places: My Gedcom on Rootsweb World Connect and Surnames. The links to both can be found further down this page. All of the information is there for you to be able to find the original document yourself.

Why do I have my genealogy in two different places? The surname list under Surnames is easier to read, and the family group sheets look more like the paper versions most genealogists are used to seeing. On the other hand, My Gedcom on Rootsweb World Connect is much more flexible: you have the capability to look at the data in different ways, such as a pedigree file or descendancy chart.


Overall, I hope to accomplish two things with this site...
  • First, to share my ongoing research with others, and in return ask them to share their stories, photos, documents and knowledge with me.

  • Second, to expand my circle of friends and family by meeting others who are researching the same lines.

Web Site Navigation

This web site is fairly easy to navigate. From this page you can get to any of the information categories simply by clicking on the appropriate link below. The first page you come to will provide additional details about the information you can find there. No matter where you are on my web site you can always return to this page by clicking on the HOME button found at the bottom of any page.

I have also included dates so you can tell when I have made updates to my site. The date at the top of this page will tell you the last time I updated information somewhere on my web site. Next to each of the categories below I have also included a date. This will tell you when that particular category has been updated.

So have a look around, and hopefully you will find my site helpful for filling in pieces of your own genealogical puzzle!


Main Areas of My Web Site

Pedigree 14 Jan 2002

This is my family pedigree file. It provides a quick overview of my genealogy. Note, however, that the pedigree chart is a large jpeg file, so it will take a while to open. Be warned!

Surnames Updated 21 December 2009

This link will take you to my surnames page, from which you can view my genealogy in the form of family group pages. Complete source citations are now included!

My Gedcom on Rootsweb World Connect Updated 21 December 2009

The Rootsweb World Connect project has over 204 million names and continues to grow daily. This file contains roughly the same information as the "Surname" link above, but it is in a slightly different format. It will also allow you to download parts of my file as a GEDCOM.

Scanned Images Updated 22 May 2002

This link will take you to my scanned image table of contents. From here you will have access to scanned versions of photos, land deeds, vital records, SS-5s and more. I will regularly add documents to this section, so check back often.

Family History Updated 7 Dec 2001

This link will take you to my family history table of contents. From here you can access written documents in the form of research notes, biographies, migration patterns, and miscellaneous other information related to these families.

Contact Other Researchers Updated 5 Mar 2002

There are lots of people on the Internet researching many of the same lines that I am. Check out the names being researched by my friends and family.

Resources I Own Updated 7 Dec 2001

I have several books, census CDs and other records related to my families and the geographic areas of East Tennessee, Southwest Virginia, Upstate New York, Oakland County, Michigan, Middlesex County, Massachusetts and a few other places. If you see something of interest send me a note. I would be happy to do lookups.

Favorite Links Updated 21 December 2009

Here are some of my favorite genealogy sites.

Tips for Effective Genealogy Queries

Do you use email, news groups and bulletin boards to search for your ancestors? Want better results? Read this.


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