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Name index to Images of America

With permission of the author, I have created the following name index to "Images of America - Vernon and Historic Rockville", by Dr. S. Ardis Abbott and Jean A. Luddy, 1998, Arcadia Publishing. The book is a fascinating pictorial account of the history of Vernon and Rockville, Connecticut. It is a must-have for anyone whose ancestors are from the area. Copies are available from the Historical Society (Ardis is currently the Museum Director and Jean is Past President) for $16.99, call (860) 875-4326 and leave a detailed message or write to: The Vernon Historical Society P.O. Box 2055, Vernon, CT 06066. I do not have permission to copy from the book, so please do not write to me asking that I do so. I am providing this index to help fellow genealogists, and do not benefit from the sale of the book in any way.

Many of the photographs included in the book are of buildings or homes in town and owner's names are identified below as "mention". Others are actual portraits and are so indicated.

Name Page # Description

Adams, Henry 30 mention
Adams, Henry 110 mention
Bidwell, Arthur T. 49 mention
Brookes, George S., Rev. 93 portrait
Burpee, Thomas F., Col., Civil War 82 portrait
Cady, William H., Capt., Police 80 portrait
Cameron, John, Mayor 89 portrait
Cogswell, Henry O., Dr. 47 mention
Conrady, Carl 104 portrait
Corbin, Lewis 56 mention
Dart, Albert 30 mention
Delaney, Dennis W. 80 portrait
Dickerson, A. T., Supt., Fire Dept 75 portrait
Dickinson, Francis L., Dr. 72 portrait
Dobson, Peter 18 portrait
Dornheim, Margaret 73 portrait
Durfee, Bessie 68 portrait
Einseidel, Fred 80 portrait
Fitch, Samuel 32 portrait
Fitch, Samuel 50 mention
Fitch, Samuel 64 mention
Fitch, Spencer 32 portrait
Foote, E. N. 103 portrait
Gilnack, children 120 portrait
Hammond, Allen 37 portrait
Hammond, William Churchill 111 portrait
Henry, E. Stevens 57 mention
Keeney, James H. 104 portrait
Kellogg, Allyn Intro mention
Kellogg, George Intro mention
Kellogg, George 35 portrait
Kellogg, George 37 mention
Kellogg, George Jr. 49 mention
Kellogg, Hudson, Mrs. 49 mention
Kellogg, Nathaniel 23 mention
Krause, Leopold, Capt., Police 80 portrait
Lanz, Bertha Gerber 17 mention
Loomis, Dwight, Judge 49 mention
Lutz, George 118 portrait
Lutz, Lena 118 portrait
Lynch, James 80 portrait
Martin, E. J. 78 mention
Maxwell, Francis 66 mention
Maxwell, George Intro mention
Maxwell, George 59 mention
Maxwell, George 74 portrait
Maxwell, George 124 mention
Maxwell, Harriet Kellogg 124 portrait
McLean, Francis Intro mention
McLean, Francis 35 mention
Metcalf, F. Elliot 104 portrait
Mills, Claude, Mayor 93 portrait
Milne, George, Chief, Fire Dept. 75 portrait
Paulk, George M. 65 mention
Regan, Helen 73 portrait
Schlipphach, F. G. 99 mention
Shea, Bernard F., Capt., Fire Dept. 75 portrait
Skinner, Frank 60 mention
Stamm, Louis 96 mention
Stephan, Henry A. 99 mention
Strong, Ella Dart 14 portrait
Strong, N. Morgan 14 portrait
Strong, Nathan Morgan 14 portrait
Sykes, George Intro mention
Sykes, George 60 mention
Sykes, George 70 mention
Sykes, George 71 portrait
Sykes, George 74 mention
Talcott, Charles D. 24 portrait
Talcott, Horace W. 23 portrait
Talcott, Phineas 33 portrait
Talcott, Phineas 49 mention
Talcott, Ralph Intro mention
Talcott, Ralph 35 mention
Thompson, A. T. 122 mention
Thompson, L. E. 122 mention
Thrall, Edward M. 102 portrait
VanNess, Henry 101 portrait
Warburton, John Intro mention
White, Cyrus 79 mention
Whitlock, Florence 69 portrait
Winchell, Chauncey 39 portrait
Winchell, Cyrus 64 mention

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