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From Doug Sinclair: While including the Hale Collection information for North Cemetery in Somers is valuable, there is a problem with the entire collection. Transcribers didn't differentiate between the meaning of someone dying "age -----," and someone dying "in their ---- year" when found on the gravestones. If someone dies in their 80th year, for instance, it means that they were 79 and would turn 80 on their next birthday. He is afraid that people will go directly to the Hale page and never see the information on his site, which is more extensive and accurate than that in Hale for stones before 1800, roughly, when the "in their --- year" terminology was popular. It's those stones that are going to be of the most interest to researchers. There are always going to be mistakes here and there in historical information that we aren't aware of but in this case, we have a known problem. There are a lot of pages on the web with Hale information but maybe we can at least indicate the problem for Somers.

Carpenter Cemetery (aka Silver Street Cem.)
Silver St., North Coventry, CT, just south of Rt. 44.

Coventry, CT Cemetery Records
From the Headstone Inscriptions before 1800

Crystal Lake Center Cemetery
Inscriptions on Route 140, Ellington Twp, Tolland County, CT
Donated by Debra Morton

Hebron, CT Cemetery Records
From the Connecticut Headstones by Charles R. Hale

West Cemetery, Somers, CT
Donated by Robert Fuller Stewart

North Cemetery, Somers, CT
Donated by Robert Fuller Stewart

St. Edwards Cemetery, Stafford Springs, CT
At the Connecticut Cemeteries Site

Tolland Ct Cemetery Records
Donated by Robert Bradley

Skungamaug Cemetery, Tolland, CT

East Cemetery, Vernon CT
Donated by Wanda Alter

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