Persky, Simon

     Marked business enterprise and the keenest sagacity have found expression in the life record of Simon Peraky, now a prominent real estate dealer of New Haven, who was born in Russia, October 15, 1864. His parents, Abraham and Rosa Persky, are still living in Russia, where their son Simon attended school until he reached the age of fifteen years. For three years thereafter he was employed in various ways and did considerable trading during that period. At the age of eighteen years he accepted a position with a big lumber concern and was made foreman of the rafting gang, having at times as many as fourteen hundred men under his supervision. He was thus engaged for five years. For a year thereafter he did no actual work, being occupied during that time with the effort to obtain a big mail contract. Not succeeding in this, he determined to try his fortune in the United States and in March, 1888, arrived in New York city, where he remained until June of that year, when he came to New Haven. He had a cash capital of but a dollar upon his arrival here. This he invested in chair seats, which he peddled, and in this way he made from twelve to fifteen dollars per week. He gave his attention to that work until January, 1889, when he returned to New York city, where he established a small clothes pressing business, which he conducted for three months. On the expiration of that period, however, he returned to New Haven and again engaged in peddling. By this time he had learned considerable concerning the language and customs of the American people and he began to expand his line of business, adding tablecloths, clothing, carpets and other goods. His patronage increased so that after a time he was able to purchase horses and wagons and to employ several people in conducting the business. He carried quite an extensive stock and further expanded his interests by introducing the installment plan of sale. It was about this time that he brought his family, consisting of his wife and children, to the new world.
     Mr. Persky's first venture into the real estate field might be said to have been made in 1894, when he made arrangements for the purchase of a house, making a cash payment of twenty-five dollars and arranging to pay ten dollars per month thereafter until the purchase was completed. From this beginning he has developed a real estate business that has in the course of years made him the owner of over three hundred renting properties in New Haven and today he pays taxes on over six hundred thousand dollars worth of property. Those who read between the lines recognize marked ability, keen discrimination and unfaltering enterprise. He owns one building, called the Congress Square block, which contains thirteen stores and twenty-two offices. Another building contains five stores and apartments. Still another has two stores and apartments and in addition he owns many smaller ones. His investments have been judiciously made, indicating his sound judgment and close study of real estate conditions and values.
     In Russia, on the 14th of March, 1887, Mr. Persky was united in marriage to Miss Fannie Frankel and they have become parents of six children. Samuel A., who is a graduate of the University of Michigan and is now an attorney of New Haven, is married and has one son. Frank. Harry is a graduate of the Connecticut Agricultural College and is a prosperous farmer. Robert is a graduate of Yale University and is now with his father in the office. Clara D. is a graduate of the New Haven high school of the class of 1917. Eli will graduate from the high school with the class of 1918. Gertrude, who completes the family, is a public school pupil.
     Mr. Persky belongs to Congregation B'nai Israel and has membership in the Independent Order of B'nai B'rith. He is also identified with various Hebrew charities and with the Hebrew Institute, and is continually giving of his means to aid others who are struggling to reach the goal of success. His political endorsement is given to the republican party. His has been a notably successful record and he deserves great credit for what he has accom-plished.

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