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Trained under some of the most eminent teachers of medicine and surgery in Europe, Dr. E. Hermann Arnold has largely specialized in orthopedic work and as instructor and practitioner in that field has gained high rank.

He was born at Erfurt, the famous city of flowers, in Thuringia, Germany, on February 11, 1865, a son of Bruno and Ernestine (Orzakowska) Arnold. The father was a master mechanic in connection with a railroad company and was very active in political affairs, holding strongly to democratic principles and policies.

Dr. Arnold was educated in the "Real-Gymnasium" at Halle (Saale), Germany. He was a youth of eighteen when in 1883 he came to America and located in Cincinnati, Ohio, where he engaged in iron construction work, being thus employed for two years. He also acted as newspaper correspondent for eighteen months and on the expiration of that period removed to the northwest, settling in Dakota territory. He there became a cowboy, riding the range, and he says that he enjoyed the free, open life of that country better than any other. However, he left Dakota to enter the Normal School of Gymnastics at Milwaukee, Wisconsin, from which he was graduated with the class of 1888. He afterward taught physical training at Trenton, New Jersey, for three years, on the expiration of which period he took a trip to Europe for the study of orthopedics. He spent one semester at Leipzig, Germany, and then returned to America, taking up his abode in New Haven, where he entered the Yale Medical School, from which he was graduated in 1894 with the M. D. degree. Immediately afterward he entered upon the active practice of his profession, in which he has since continued with success. In 1895 he returned to Europe for the further study of orthopedic surgery and spent some time in the universities of Halle and of Leipzig. Upon his return he instituted the first orthopedic service in the city of New Haven, establishing himself in the New Haven Dispensary and also becoming an instructor in orthopedic surgery in the medical department of Yale. He continued in both lines until the 1st of March, 1917, when he resigned both positions and for the New Haven Normal School of Gymnastics opened a dispensary, known as the New Haven Orthopedic Dispensary, at 256 State street. This is thoroughly fitted up with all the modern appliances and facilities found in an institute of this kind and the most expert work along that line is being done there. Dr. Arnold's greatest work has been in connection with the New Haven Normal School of Gymnastics, an institution whose growth and development has been remarkable. He is now the president of the school and has been the managing director since 1896.

This school was founded in 1886 in Brooklyn and in 1892 was removed to New Haven. In that year Dr. Arnold became an instructor in the institution and continued in that capacity until 1896, when he assumed the management and has since directed his energies and efforts to its control, developing and upbuilding. The original quarters of the school in New Haven consisted of two rooms in the Insurance building and the first enrollment was seventeen pupils. Today the home of the school comprises a campus of three acres, on which are seven buildings, at Chapel street and Sherman avenue, together with an athletic field in East Haven and a farm of one hundred and twenty-five acres on which are found ten buildings. All this equipment is utilized in the training of the one hundred and seventy-five students and the increase in the school property is indicative also of the improved methods of work which have been introduced. Dr. Arnold holds to the highest standards in these things and his labors have been attended with most satisfactory and beneficial results. He is chairman of the recreation section of the Civic Federation and Chamber of Commerce and as such is director of playgrounds of the city of New Haven.

In 1889, at Trenton, New Jersey, Dr. Arnold was married to Miss Marie Nagel, a native of Germany and a daughter of John and Mary Nagel, now deceased. They had two children, Marie Ernestine and Hermann Bruno, both born in New Haven.

Dr. Arnold belongs to the Yale Club of New York and the Racebrook Country Club of New Haven. In politics he maintains an independent policy. Almost his entire thought and attention are given to his profession. He is orthopedist at the Grace Hospital of New Haven, and also the Griffin Hospital at Derby, was associate editor of Mind and Body, and he is a member of the New Haven, the New Haven County, the Connecticut State and the American Medical Associations. He also belongs to the New York Academy of Medicine— and is president of the orthopedic section of that body—to the Connecticut Academy of Arts and Sciences, the American Academy for the Advancement of Science and the national coun-cil of the American Physical Education Association, of which he was president in 1916.

Dr. Arnold has made valuable contribution to scientific literature along his specific line, being the author of Elementary Apparatus Work, published in 1896; a Manual of School Gymnastics, published in 1898; Gymnastic Tactics, in 1899; and Gymnastic Games, in 1900. He enjoys a national reputation in his profession and has done much for the restoration of health and happiness to many unfortunates who have been placed in his care. Moreover, through his teaching his methods have been carried far and wide and thus the influ-ence of his efforts is constantly broadening.

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