Amrhyn, Gustave S.


  Gustave X. Amrhyn, general superintendent of public parks in New Haven, has through long experience and thorough study become well qualified for the important duties which devolve upon him in this connection. He has filled his present position for about seventeen years, a fact indicative of his capability, his thoroughness and his reliability. A native of Lucerne, Switzerland, he was born May 20, 1860, a son of Joseph and Hedwig (Faller) Amrhyn, who were also born in the land of the Alps, and both have now  passed away. The father was a successful manufacturer and farmer, giving up manufacturing interests at length in order to concentrate his efforts upon agricultural pursuits. He was also active in political and civic affairs in his native country and filled various offices of trust. He died in 1889 at the age of seventy-two years, having for some time survived his wife who passed away in 1867 at the age of thirty-four years.

  Gustave X. Amrhyn, the third of a family of six children, was the only one of the household to come to America. He pursued his education in the schools of his native city and after leaving the high school received special training in the royal parks of Wurttemberg, Germany, he being the only student form outside of Germany who attended during that three years’ period. He made a specialty of landscape gardening and horticulture and was graduated with the certificate of honor in 1877.

  Following his graduation Mr. Amrhyn at once entered actively upon the work of his profession and was first employed in Vienna, Austria, and later in Germany and France, spending nine years in Paris. He also held positions in Italy and England, and in 1889 crossed the Atlantic to New York city. For eighteen months he was connected with the public park department of Brooklyn and also engaged in general landscape work in New York city and Westchester county. In 1900 he came to New Haven and was appointed general superintendent of public parks, which position he has continuously filled to the present time. He has been a member of the American Park Superintendents Association since its organization and at one time was its president. In 1915 he was president of the American Society of Florists and Ornamental Horticulturists, and he also has membership in the American Civic Society, the New England Park Institute, the New Haven County Horticultural Society, of which he was president for three terms, and the Connecticut Society of Civil Engineers. It will thus be seen that he keeps abreast with the progress made along all lines in any way connected with his profession, and his college training, his later study and his long experience have made him a recognized authority upon many features of landscape work and park development and improvement.

  Mr. Amrhyn has been married twice. In 1887, in Paris, France, he wedded Miss Bertha Goupil, a native of Normandy and a daughter of John Goupil. Mrs. Amrhyn died in New Haven on the 3d of April, 1900. Mr. and Mrs. Amrhyn became parents of six children, two of whom are living: Jane Ann, born in Paris; and Elsie, who was born in Long Island. Mr. Amrhyn was married again February 15, 1910, in New Haven, when Miss Frances Weiss of Greenwich, Connecticut, a daughter of Frank and Rose (Weber) Weiss, became his wife.

  Mr. Amrhyn and his family are communicants of the Roman Catholic church and he has membership with the Royal Arcanum and the Eagles. He has always voted independently and has never sought nor desired office. His military experience has been that of a member of Troop A, of the Home Guard. From the day when he left home Mr. Amrhyn has depended entirely upon his own exertions, and his success is due to his persistent and intelligently directed efforts. Laudable ambition has prompted him, and, developing his powers along the line for which he early qualified, he is today one of the foremost park superintendents of New England.

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