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Toni Brown Kowalec Brewster, Brown, Chappell, Davenport / Devenport, Caulkins, Rogers, Gibbs, Kelsey -
Kurt Darling Hendee, Elderkin, Gifford, Williams, Hyde, Abell, Post, Bingham, Rudd, Lathrop, Calkins -
Robin Gallagher Sobieraj Gallagher, Clancy, Hughes, McGrath, Coleman, O'Neil, McCord, Birchard, Burchard, and Conant -
Ron and Sharon Bridwell  Thomas -
Philip Stromer Rabinovitch -
Bob Parke Parke (Rev. Paul) -
Joseph L. Simmons Packwood -
Bonita Evans Scott, Maynard, Brown -
Thomas Dowling Dowling -
Arthur G Broadhurst  Broadhurst, Manning
Violet Moore Guy Green/Greene, Gallup, Crary, Stanton, MacWithey/Withey & others -
Andrea Harris Harris (Uriah), Leonard -
Helene Boissy
from France
Adams (William Newton) -
Jim Egan  5-27-06, Jim's E-Mail address is bouncing. Jim, please send your new address.
Kelley (Hezekiah) -
Sandra Johnson Tannahill -
Kathleen Kelly Purcell Kelly, Grogan, Toolin, Neilan/Nolan, McGarry -
John C. Gile Guile, Guiles, Gile
D.A.Hutchison Harvey  -
Robert Stewart Stewart, Spaulding, Story, Castle -
Jackie Hart Stegeman Starkweather, Leonard, Button -
Karen Pustejovsky  Jankowski / Yankowski -
Susan Sylke Beebe, Keeney -
Vernon Fewell Coburn, Vilhelm  -
Warren Carlson Rowland, Freeman  -
Anne N. Philiben Rogers, Snow, McKnight -
Carol DeRosia Fox -
Virginia McLaughlin Stockton Killam, Rose, Allyn, Parke, Woodworth -
Jean Stahl Story / Storey, Nobles, Brown, Dowd, Rogers, Pimer, Skinner, Chapman, Perkins, Comstock, Sizer, Skinner, Brown Address updated 5/6/14
Adrienne Evelyn Mingo, Gumbs, Duzant, Smith -
Renee A Barton-Smith Browne, Calkin / Calkins, Carpenter, Douglas, Goodenow, Hatch, Hough, Kenney, Lester, Main, Meacham, Page, Parker, Penell, Pendelton -
Fran Edwards Donovan, Donavan, O'Donovan, Dean .
[email protected] Starkweather, Leonard, Benjamin -
Dorothy Swanson  Birch, Rathbone, Eddy -
D Snowman Snow, Heron, Pray -
Sandra Woods Randall -
Shannon Wallace Minor
Gail Hahn Hutchcraft Lyon, McNickle / McNichol  -
Hattie Irish  Drock (Simon) -
Pat Blackwell  Swan, Denison, Gallup, Williams, Prentice, Wheeler -
William Cole Sorensen, Neilsen -
Cynthia Lou Stanton  Lancette, Munyard -
George G. Gargano  Gargano,Giusti,Siragusa, Horwath  -
Juanita Lowe Bryant (John) -
Harry  Cleveland  Jeffers, Jurdin, Burk -
Wendy Tilden Quick Tilden -
Brian Harris  Stowel, Stowell Descendents of Henry S. Stowell
Jeffrey & Rhoda Phillips Blount (Elisah), Davis (Sally) -

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