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New London County
Surnames - Page 7

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Theresa Dow Havens, Tucker -
Elaine Gilmer Reichert Minor, Palmer, Brewster, Burcham -
Laurie Babcock, Beach, Williams
Bill Randall Beebe, Cranmer, Hale, Lamb, Randall, Roberts,  Wightman  Randall Web Page
Phyllis Overland Ames, Cook, Brackett, Morgan,  Chapman, Williams -
Bob Doughery LaValette, Hennequin, Chagnot, Barber, Southerlin.  -
Robert Kiley Kiley, Lewis -
Patsy Hyde-Bogroff  Hyde,Weeks,Howard,Darrow,Preston,Keeney,
Miner, Beebe,Potter

Martha M. Mulkin Mulkin / Mulkins, Butler, Frink, Keigwin, 
Bowdish, Partelo
Joann Chubb Krzewicki/Wicki , Tercylanka/Terrick -
Karlynn Gustafson Maynard -
Sharon Ivory Bixby -
Sandra LaBarge Greenman, Martin, Lewis, Taft -
Cristiano Vigo 
(In Italy)
Vigo Pietro -
Mary Geary Riley, Taylor, Lombard,
Wilson, Fatt, Baker, Lee, Payment, Congdon, Slocum
Terry McDonald Marvin -
Phyllis Overland Ames, Brackett, Chapman, Cook, Fox, Harvey, Macdowell, Morgan, Park, Stark, Williams.  -
Teri Padgett Buckley, Cronin -
Dick Daly Daly, Connell, Devine, Boyle, Locke, Delmore, James, Kirby, McInnis, Acton, 
O'Sullivan, Cotter, Magner, McIntyre, Courtney
Steve Krahn Nettleton, Griswold, Smith, White
Pat Maher Maynard / Minard / Miner, Richards, Rogers -
Kathleen Kelly Purcell Kelly/Kelley/Toolin/Neilan/Grogan/McGarry -
George Mosher Mosher -
Mary MacGregor Droege MacGregor -
Don Mooney Sciolino , Francis -
Gretchen Johnson Bliss, Goodwin, Spafford -
Luanne Spence Taylor Taylor (Samuel) -
Thomas Watson Saltonstall, Flower  -
Alfred Hamilton Pratt, III Pratt, Corey, Grey (Gray)  -
Glenda Nothnagle Larrabee /  Larabee / Laraby  -
Philip Stromer Rabinovitch -
Maxine Palmeter  (many variations of spelling), Buck, Day, Caulkins,  Kenny, Brewster, Skinner, Foote -

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New London County Surnames

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