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Surnames, Page Five

Jeannette Meech
Allen,  Allyn,Avery,Brewster,Button, Bill,Copp,Crary,Geer,Morgan,Park(e),
Rockwell, Treat,Yeoman,Spicer, Tyler, Wheeler, Wilcox, Williams, etc.
Donald Davis Davis, Beebe none
Tim Bailey Bailey/Bayley, Redfield, Fish
Gail Gibson Vandagriff Gibson none
Patti-Ann Cohoon Tanis Cohoon, Mahaney none
Carolyn Comstock Hart Comstock none
Nancy Dalrymple Lathrop, Justin none
Irene Rowley Rowley, Hills, Mantle,Langrell, Parsons

Susan Clark Beebe none
Anna Nettles Abel, Bliss, Calkins, Coite, Dennison, Douglass, Harris, Hough, Kenney, Lucas, Stowe, Turner, Wetherell none
Esther Frye Hakes, Wheeler, Billings, Downing, Main, Crandall none
Joanne D. Morgan Baudoin, Biron none
Caren Nelson MacGlaflin none
Laurie Handley Smith, Tennant, Delaney, Slattery none
Karen Kline Rogers none
Charlotte Zito Fella none
Gary Grist Griste / Grist none
Clair Johnson Parker
Cara Plumbe / Plumb, Green, Bainbridge, Banbury, Hempstead, Booles, Ames none
Tamara Jones Maynard none
Patricia Shattuck Coleman Shattuck, Alcott none
Sandy LaBarge Greenman, Davis, Taft, Lewis none
Beverly Helton Rix none
Sandra Phillips Niles none
Thomas M. James James, Brockway, Forsythe, Beatty none
Myra Daniel Foote none
Laurie Handley Tennant, Smith, Delaney, Slattery none
Janet Brown Avery, Babcock, Barber, Clarke(e), Crandall, Greene(e), MacCoone (Cahoone, Coone) none
Oliver Milam Maylem, Milam
Teresa Dow Baker, Havens, Robbins none
Patti-Ann Tanis Cahoon Cahoon none
Dorothy J. Hornus McClure none
Deborah Moffett, Miller, Stowe, Chapman, Hughes none
Charlene Flynn Morgan, Avery, Bailey, Perkins, Strong, Flynn, Curry, Arnold and more
Thomas Randall Randall, Morton, Sabin,Kaiser, Billings, Baldwin
Bill Mellow Mellow, Duggan, Goss none
Jolly Dorning Lester, Muncil, Munsell none
Beverly Davis Wilber Davis, Swan, Palmer, Geer, Reynolds, Clark, Larkham none
Tom Robertshaw Phillips none
Chuck Plumb Plumbe, Green, Hempstead, Morgan, Bolles, Ames, Burch none
David Hoffman Howard, Smith, Beckwith, Chappell, Miner, Dart, Leach, Comstock, Turner, Brooks, Douglass, Keeney, Avery, Manwaring, Raymond none
Rich Holmes Holmes, Bill, Brown, York
Jon Kettl Bingham, Caulkins, Gifford, Griswold, Grummor, Hewett, Huntington, Johnson, Wentworth, Williams

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