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New London County Surnames

Page Four

L.L. Ted Carnaghan Carnaghan, Bell, Boardman, Chesebrough, Denison, Gallup, Morgan, Slack, York .
Joann Nichols Rudd, Herrick, Braman none
Alice Allen Millet, Edmond/Edmund, Bridge, Hurlburt none
Charlotte Brennan Allyn, Bennett, Brewster, Christophers, Davis, Gates, Geer, Guile, Harrington, Harris, Herrick, Spicer, Tucker .
Kathy Kovalek Allyn, Brown, Cabel, Fitch, Geer, Smith LaRusch/Kaull Family History
Nancy Westenfield Daboll, Tubbs, Budington, Miner, Mussey, Bell, Waterman, Bicknell, Cahoone,  Hyde, Baker, Willey, Browne, Pendleton, Birch, Goodenow, Jones, Morgan,  Tubbs, Buckland, Tuttle, Hale, Cheseborough, Avery,  Breed

Connie McLain-Guldner Gard, Davis none
Mary Lou Grunigen Trantum, Carrier none
Brad Arms Bolles, Avery, Denison, Smith none
Steve A. Corning Corning none
Richard Ross Chappell, Comstock, Elderkin, Miner, Noyes, Mentor, Gilliard, Colt none
Deanna Lamb Cady, Gallup, Kinne
Jennifer Willis Papitto Willis none
Mary Dennis Neff,Phillips, Wilcox, Knight none
Roger Tansey Abell, Baldwin, Metcalf none
Rebecca Fox Shewmake Anderson, Champion, Miller
Nancy Wood Phillips, Rose, Kimball, Chesebrough, Dennison, Stanton none
Marian Douglas Nichols none
Vernie Nichols Fox none
Beth Davies Etheridge none
Jim Kucharski Trapp none
Russell Marin Toliper, Demute none
Joann Nichols Rudd, Herrick, Braman none
Arlene Krings Hazen, Pickard, Ayer, Corliss, Bacon, Baker, Lothrop, Scudder, Durkee, Tenney none
Dick Miale Charron, Marquis, Miale, Granieri, Graniero, Buyer, Contray/Contre
Craig Maples Maples none
Wanda Wedge Greathouse Wedge, Wells, Brown none
Kathy Fowler Hungerford none
Jane Chrismer Tennant, Carter, Moore, Whitcomb none
Roger Tansey Abel/Abell, Baldwin none
Carol Lavigne Warren Lavigne, Skoczylas, Labarre, Garstka none
William Adams Kemp Adams, Cady, Bacon, Balwin, Brown, Parke none
Charles Smith Vibber none
Judy Brown Rasmussen Gillett none
Cora Belle Crane Pendall/Pendell none
Nancy Stebbins Wilbur none
Jo Ann Middlebrook Lamb none
Ralph C. Hewitt Hewitt none
Patricia Stone Larrabee/Larabee, Lamb none
Donn Neal Stark, Lamb none
Carolyn Drews York none
Ponida Selden, Comstock none
Melda Reed Delamater Frink, Avery, Gallop, Mason, Miner, Palmer, Brown, Breed, Denison, Steward,  Dewey, Wheeler, York, Bell .
Stella Sale Punderson, Minor none
Jackie Roach DeCamp Avery,Caulkins,Gates,Geer,Gifford,Leffingwell, Maynard, Minor, Palmer, Wheeler

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To register your primary New London County surnames, contact Pat Sabin.  Be sure to put "New London County" in your subject line, as I coordinate other area sites.  Please include your name and your PRIMARY surnames (New London Co only).  If you have genealogy home page list the name of your genealogy page, and your URL.

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