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New London County Surname Registry
Surname Registry - Page One
Researcher  New London Co. Primary Surnames Genealogy Web Page
Pat Sabin Stanton, Gallup, Chesebrough, Denison, Minor Stonington Families
Jim Bridges Darrow, Lord, Rogers, Lee none
Vern Collins Palmer, Minor, Collins, Grant, etc. Collins Family 
Kathleen Baker Miner, Brown, Parke, Avery, Fanning, Cox, Frink, Kinne, Thompson, Fish, Richardson, Foote
Cliff Coy
New E-Mail Add
Coy, Champlin, Brewster, Read
Carmen M. Johnson Gallup, Swan Our Genealogy Home Page &
Gallup Genealogy 
Bill Brinkman Brinkman, Kyle, Gilles, Dunse none
Nancyann Norman Brown, Babcock, Eggleston, Chesebrough, Palmer, Stanton, Minor, Denison, Holdridge
Jackie Roberts Bentley, Covell none
Sally Cox Burdick, Button, Chapman, Culver, Eames, Fitch, Geer, Green, Heath, Larkham, Olin, Palmer, Penry, Phillips, Spicer, etc.
Muriel Fargo Schneider Fargo, Mott, Dalaba, Blonder .
Mary Deming Bliss, Copp, Dixon, Rockwell, Tracey, Park ,Rose, Billings, Sterry, Otis, Thomas, Davison, Lay NOTE:  As of 5/3/09, Mary's e-mail address is bouncing.
Diane Delbridge Avery, Scarritt, Stedman, Lester none
Bill DeCoursey Minor/Miner, Avery, Palmer, Denison, Mason, Stanton, and others Mert & Bill DeCoursey's Genealogy Home Page
Judith Wood Miner/Minor, Holmes, Williams, Randall, Burrows, Brown none
Norman Bancroft Kandrow none
Earl K. Harvey Mayber(r)y, Dorey none
Debbie Brugman Douglas, Hempstead, Pierpont none
Douglas Little Titus, Gore none
Herb Adams Adams, Wood, Holden
Bob Stewart Stewart, Spaulding, Bell, Storey, Bingham, Lester .
Bruce Tyler Tyler none
Debbie Brugman Bagley, Brown, Chapman, Huntley, Lee, Mack, Miller, Peck none
Cathy Lauer Abell  none
Nancy Agnew Peche' Crary, Geer, Gore, Greenman, Morgan, Parke, Witter none
Helen Graves Burnham, Clark, Greenslit, Rix, Shaw none
Valerie Reynolds Avery, Bill, Billings, Edwards, Latham, Lester, Masters, Palmer, Stallyon, Sterry .
Tony & Linda Kmiecik Morse, Sterling none
Margaret Watrous Goodwin Waterhouse, Watrous, Saunders, Staplins, (K)nott .
Annette Nelson Chapman, Fox, Main, Brown, Royce, Tuttle, Burroughs, Minor/Miner, Lee, Baldwin none

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New entries begin on Page 9.   PLEASE NOTE:  Many of these registrations date back years, so you may find that email and web addresses have changed.   Please let me know if you are registered on this site and have a new email address or genealogy web page. Likewise, if you have attempted to contact someone listed here, and the email address bounces, I would appreciate your alerting me by sending the name of the researcher and the page number.  Thanks for your assistance in keeping these pages up to date. 

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