1673 Stafford Road, Mansfield, CT


1673 Stafford Road, Mansfield, CT

Brief Overview

From the 1963 Survey:
"Shown on 1869 map as owned by Eliakim Jones.
Located on the westerly side of Rte. 32, at the junction of
Old Tolland Turnpike. Turnpike on westerly side of Rte. 32
has been closed.

The house which is now standing is about 38 feet long, has
two rooms and a big hall downstairs, with same on the second
floor and an attic above. There is a cellar under the whole
house. It did have hand-hewn beams with wooden pegs, wide floor
boards, old metal latches on the doors and windows with 12 over
12 panes. The flooring has now been replaced with oak.
There are no fireplaces in this part of the house.

In 1919 when Mr. and Mrs. Charles Zemek purchased the property,
the ell, about 32 x 24 feet was still in use. This was at the
back of the present house and at right angles to it.

In this ell was a big stone chimney and fireplace with crane
for the kettles and a Dutch oven. There was also a mantel
over the kitchen fireplace, but not over the one in the other
room of the ell.

Mr. and Mrs. Zemek found many old shoe lasts in the attic of
the main house when they moved there. One wonders how many
pairs of shoes may have been pegged beside the old fireplace.

Sometime after 1942 the ell, which had fallen into disrepair
was completely demolished.


The 1978 survey (below) suggests construction c1830 and calls the house a Greek Revival.

Current information

* Town assessor's office: 1673 Stafford Road is a four bedroom house on 1.700 acres on the west side of
Stafford Rd (Route 32), the south side of Old Tolland Turnpike, and the east side of the railroad; it is a little
south of Storrs Road (Route 195).

Clickable Surveys

1963 Old Houses Survey

In 1963 the Society made a survey of old houses. The form for this house includes architectural data and a title history back to 1813.

1963 Survey

1978 Historic Resources Survey

Around 1978 a survey resulted in 332 completed forms on individual houses.
This house is on Form #317.

1978 HRS Survey

Clickable Photographs

1963 House Photo 1 1963 House Photo 2 1930s House Photo 1 1930s House Photo 2
E. Jones House
Merrow Road [?]
Original house stood
where foundation is
roofed over
1930s ?
South side of buildings
1930s ?
Mrs. Charles Zemek
and her flock
1930s House Photo 3 1930s House Photo 4
1930s ?
Front of house
facing Merrow Road [?]
1930s ?
Ell, which was the
original house.
This is the north side
facing Old Tolland Turnpike

Note: "-older photos, courtesy of Mrs. Charles Zemek." Visit to this site 29 Jan 2010 clarifies that the
house is not on Merrow Road but at the SW intersection of Stafford Road (Route 32) and Old Tolland Turnpike.
The demolished ell has been replaced with an addition to the larger house.

Clickable Maps

1857 Map

In 1857, William. C. Eaton and H. C. Osborn prepared a wall map of Tolland County. The map shows this house as the property of E. Jones.

1857 District VI Map
1857 District VI

1869 Map

In 1869, an atlas of Tolland and Windham counties was compiled by O. W. Gray. The atlas's Mansfield map indicates this house as the property of E. Jones.

1869 District VI Map
1869 District VI

Additional Material

Variant Names:

District VI House 11, E[liakim] Jones House (1869)


Jones: Eliakim Jones (1788-1871) was the son of Eliakim and Rebecca (Webster) Jones of Andover CT. He
married 11 Jun 1812, Betsey Tilden (1787-1869). They had no children and were buried in the Tilden Cem.
Eliakim was mill superintendent for four years (Society's Old Houses computer database.)
He was listed in the 1870 census: aged 82, in the family of Charles Tilden [who bought the house in 1869]

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