23 Rockridge Road, Mansfield, CT -- original house now gone


23 Rockridge Road, Mansfield, CT
(Old house now gone)

Brief Overview

From the 1963 Survey:
"Shown on 1869 map as owned by Z. WALDO.

The driveway to this house leads off the new Tolland Turnpike and is the first turn to the left
going east from Route 32. The road that is shown in the older maps has been discontinued between
the Tolland Turnpike and the Willington Town line.

The inside of the house has been remodelled, the big chimney and wide floor boards removed.
The unfinished upstairs shows hand hewn beams put together with wooden pegs. There are four
rooms downstairs, two bedrooms (shown in picture of end of house), a living room and kitchen
with outside door in the opposite end of the house. The ceilings downstairs are so low that a tall
person could not stand straight in any of the roooms. Doorways, of course, are lower."

1 Feb 2010: Mr. Ching (current property owner, see below) suggests this wording:
"The house is located on Rockridge Road which leads off the new Tolland Turnpike and is the first turn
to the left going east from Route 32. The old section of road leading from Rockridge Road to the
Willington line has been abandoned." He also notes that the outside door lead out of the kitchen at the east end.


The original house was destroyed in 1966. Zaccheus Waldo was born in this house in 1816 (see below).
Further research is necessary to determine the architectual style of the original house.

Current information

* Town assessor's office: 23 Rockridge Road is modern house with three bedrooms on 1.600 acres on the
west side of Ching Road, and on the north side of Rockridge Road.
*30 Jan. Albert C. Ching described his relationship to the history of the original house.
The original house, called "The Waldo" house by his father was torn down and burned in 1966. A new house was built
about fifty feet west of the old house. Rockridge Condominiums is in the vicinity.

Clickable Surveys

1963 Old Houses Survey

In 1963 the Society made a survey of old houses. The form for this house includes architectural data and a title history back to 1864.

1963 Survey

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1963 House Photo 1 1963 House Photo 2
Z. Waldo House
House faces southeast.
Two bedrooms in this
end, facing southwest.

Clickable Maps

1857 Map

In 1857, William. C. Eaton and H. C. Osborn prepared a wall map of Tolland County. The map shows this house as the property of J[oshua] Bailey.

1857 District VI Map
1857 District VI

1869 Map

In 1869, an atlas of Tolland and Windham counties was compiled by O. W. Gray. The atlas's Mansfield map indicates this house as the property of Z[accheus] Waldo.

1869 District VI Map
1869 District VI

Additional Material

Variant Names:

District VI House 12, J[oshua] Bailey (1857), Z[accheus] Waldo House (1869)


Mr. Ching said his family initially moved from New York to Willington and then bought the old house in 1929
where he lived until he graduated from college. In the 1938 hurricane, the roof was blown off the barn
and the barn taken down. The old house was serviced by a 12 foot deep well.
The new house was built in 1961 50 feet west of the old house. The
old house stood at the intersection of what is now Rockridge Road and Ching Road. The entire
road was called Ching Road until most of it was renamed Rockridge Road in 1956.

When the old house was taken down, some lumber was removed and the remainder burned. The
foundation was filled in and landscaped. Other outbuildings such as the shop and woodshed
were also removed at the same time and there is now no trace of the original buildings.
There was an old piece of wood in the old house that said "Waldo." The Tilden Cemetery can
be seen from the property.


"JOSHUA BAILEY, born February 24, 1806, was the son
of Enoch Bailey and his wife, (Betsy) Elisabeth (Morse) Bailey.
He married Andalusia Merrick of Wilmington [sic], Conn. At the
age of 13, (after his father's death) Joshua removed to Ashford,
Conn., and resided for a time with Elder Isaac Hall. He
taught school for many years. He lived for many years on a
farm in Mansfield, Conn. In 1863 he went to Coventry, Conn.,
where he lived until his death, February 14, 1892. His wife
died December 31, 1891." One child.
(Source: The Bailey Genealogy by Hollis R. Bailey, publ. 1899)
The History of Newbury, Vermont, by Frederic Palmer Wells, publ. 1902 (p.452) states that his son
graduated from Yale and was a medical doctor.
This book is available through Google Books:

History of Newbury, Vermont

Waldo: Zaccheus Waldo Jr. (1816-1884) was the son of Zaccheus and Anna (Stewart) Waldo and was a descendant
of an old family of Mansfield. He married Sarah Clark Dickenson (1817-1873). They had eight children and he was buried
in Portland, Maine. (Source: WorldConnect; Genealogy of the Waldos)
He was listed in the 1870 census with wife Sarah and five children. (Source: HeritageQuest Series: M593 Roll: 115 Page: 104)
Mansfield Vital Records show Zaccheus Waldo died in Mansfield.
The Genealogy of the Waldos, publ. 1902, by Waldo Lincoln (p.501-502) states that Zaccheus was born in 1816 in the house
where his son still lived, and that he died in Mansfield.
This book is available through Google Books:

Waldo Genealogy

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