986 Mansfield City Road, Mansfield, CT


986 Mansfield City Road, Mansfield, CT

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"From a meeting between Ken and Bet Bradley and Louise Blaney, 11/16/90:"
"House built by Caroline Place's relatives right after the Civil War. Guesstimate--about 1870. House originally had a center front door (show in 1930's snapshot) and apparently, a chopped off and eaves arrangement, rather than the typical sharp peak end."


Further research is necessary to determine the date and style of this house.

Current information

* Town assessor's office: 986 Mansfield City Road is a 3 bedroom house on 88 acres on the north side of Mansfield City
Road, the east side of Route 32 with Dunham Pond Brook running through the property.

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1930's House Photo 1

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1857 Map

In 1857, William. C. Eaton and H. C. Osborn prepared a wall map of Tolland County. The map shows this house as the property of Wd. Green [?]

1857 District IX Map
1857 District IX

1869 Map

In 1869, an atlas of Tolland and Windham counties was compiled by O. W. Gray. The atlas's Mansfield map indicates this house as the property of L. Fenton.

1869 District IX Map
1869 District IX

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Variant Names:

District IX House 2, L. Fenton House (1869)

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