156 Hunting Lodge Road, Mansfield, CT


156 Hunting Lodge Road, Mansfield, CT

Brief Overview

From the 1963 Survey:

Shown on 1869 map as owned by T. Flaherty. "Carpenter who was doing some repairs thought the ell at back might be old, construction of main house not very old."


1963 Old Houses Survey

In 1963 The Mansfield Historical Society made a survey of old houses. The form for this house includes architectural data and a title history back to 1851.

1963 Survey


1963 House Photo 1 1963 House Photo 2
Front of house. South side of house.


1857 Map

In 1857, William. C. Eaton and H. C. Osborn prepared a wall map of Tolland County. The map does NOT show this house.

1869 Map

In 1869, an atlas of Tolland and Windham counties was compiled by O. W. Gray. The atlas's Mansfield map indicates this house as the property of T. Flaherty.

1869 District VI Map
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