Dutcher's Bridge Cemetery, Salisbury, CT


Salisbury, CT

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The Salisbury Association Inc.

Vol 1. 1913

This Cemetery is situated in Weatogue about a third of a mile northwest of Dutchers Bridge. It was purchased by the town on Nov. 8, 1802, for a consideration of a dollar paid to Capt. Ruluff Dutcher of Canaan and it is stated in the deed "that an ancient burying ground" was included in the purchase. The grantor stipulated that the plot should be fenced by the town and he reserved for himself and his heairs the right to pasture sheep and calves withen it.
This cemetery is in a neglected condition most of the time. A small amount of money expended upon grading and more frequent mowings would improve it greatly. Nearly all the stones are clean and well preserved.


Baghragh, Jane, wife of Hyman Jacob Baghrah, d. June 13, 1767, in 39th y.
Bement, Edward G., s. of William and Deborah, d. Aug. 5, 1793, a.19 d.


Calhoun, George d. Apr. 3, 1812, a. 68 y.
Calhoun, Judith, wife of George, d. June 18, 1837, a. 86 y.
Calhoun, Julia, d. of George and Judith, d. Apr. 3, 1812, a. 18 y.
Carter, Adoniram d. Nov. 21, 1813, in 35th y.
Carter, Anna, relict of Benoni, d. Apr 26, 1814, in 64th y.
Carter, Benoni d. Apr 11, 1812, in 68th y.
Collar, Hannah, relict of John, d. Oct. 6, 1831, a. 87 y.
Curtis, Hester M., d. of H. and L., d. May 11, 1843, a. 4 w.


Dibble, Byron d. Feb. 5, 1882, a. 47 y. (On stone with Dorcus
and Lucy. See also Solomon Surdam.)
Dibble, Dorcus d. Apr 13, 1866, a. 33 y.
Dibble, Lucy (no date)
Dixson, Sarah, wife of Ephraim, d. Nov 1, 1835, a. 62 y.
Dutcher, Caroline E., wife of S. A. Dutcher (no date)
Dutcher, Cjloe, wife of John A., d. Dec. 2, 1823 a. 43 y.
Dutcher, Christopher drowned Dec 25, 1802, in 35th y. Was
found May 26, and buried May 27, 1803. Son of Ruluff
Dutcher, Mrs. Cristine, Consort of Gabreal, d. June 23, 1818,
in 69th y.
Dutcher, Ellnor, d. of Rulef and Polly, d. June 6, 1788, a 7.
"Was granddaughter to Caleb and Mrs. Deborah Nicholes"
Dutcher, Frances M., d. of John a. and Chloe, d. Sept 27, 1832 a. 22 y.
Dutcher, Mr. Gabrial d. Oct 22, 1820, a 73 y.
Dutcher, George Washington, s. of Capt. Ruluff, drowned Apr. 13, 1782, a. 7 y.
Dutcher, Jane, d. of John A. and Chloe, d. Aug. 24, 1804, a. 4 m.
Dutcher, John A. d. Apr. 5, 1830, in 58th y.
Dutcher, John J., s. of Capt. John A. and Chloe, d. Sept 12, 1818. a. 6 y
Dutcher, Mr. Lowrance, s. of Gabriel and Cristine, d. Apr. 24, 1815 in 38th y.
Dutcher, Mary, d. of Gabriel and Cristine, d. June 6, 1818, in 48th y.
Dutcher, Polly d. July 26, 1837, a 70 y.
Dutcher, Capt. Ruluff d. Nov 15, 1802, in 65th y.
Dutcher, Ruluff d. Dec. 1, 1809 in 59th y.
Dutcher, Ruluff d. Aug. 21, 1851, a. 72 y.


Eldred, Erastus d. Nov 13, 1830, a. 39 y.


Hubbard, Mary R. wife of Milton, d. Mch. 18, 1859, a. 67 y. 6 m.
Hubbard, Milton d. Dec 9, 1866, a. 75 y.
Hubbel [ ] [ ], twin sons of Wphraim and Anna, d. Mch. 1807
Hubbell, Emeline, d. of Nehemiah and Sarah, d. Apr. 4, 1830, a. 20 y. I M. 26 d.


Jacobs, Mary, d. of Samuel and Mary, d. Jan 3, 1819, in 12th y.
Jacobs, Mrs Mary, wife of Samuel, d. Apr. 1, 1826, a. 49 y.
Jacobs, Samuel d. June 26, 1857, a. 87 y.
Jewell, Mary ann, wife of H. C. Jewell (no date).
Joslen, Darius d Apr. 9, 1812, in 60th y.
Joslin, Electa H., wife of Elias H., d. Dec 15, 1869. a.73 y.
Joslin, Elias h. d. Jan. 16, 1872, a. 83 y.


Kidder, Cynthia H., wife of Rev. D. P. Kidder, d.at
Rio Janerio, S. A., Apr. 16, 1840, a. 25 y. (On W. P. Russell monument.)


McMurdy, E. Marcella, wife of Rev. R. McMurdy, d. at Niles, Mich.,
Apr 21, 1867, a. 25 y. (On W. P. Russell monument.)
Mallory, Eliakim d. June 6, 1856, a. 78 y.
Mallory, Esther wife of Eliakim d. Feb 5, 1857, a. 78 y.


Nichols, Caleb B. s.of Daniel and Deborah, d. Aug. 16, 1818, a. 7 y.
Nichols, Caleb d. July 29, 1827, in 90th y.
Nichols, Daniel d. Mch. 4, 1826, a, 54 y.
Nichols, Deborah, wife of Caleb, d. Oct. 5, 1819, a. 87 y.
Nichols, Mary E. d. Apr. 1, 1827, a. 27 y.


Pew, Ollive d. Oct. 23, 1805, in 64th y.
Porter, Mrs. Jane d. Aug. 31, 1814, in 77th y.
Priest, Maria L, wife of J. S. Prist, d. Apr. 21, 1849, a. 22 y
(On W. P. Russell monument.)


Russell, Catharine c., d. of (On W. P. Russell monument.) May 19, 1846 a. 39 y.
Russell, Charity, wife of John, d. Oct 2, 1829, a. 60 y.
Russell, Charity, d. of John and Charity, d. Dec. 13, 1834, a. 35 y.
Russell, Eleanor, wife of William P., d Feb. 9, 1856, a. 67 y.
(On W. P. Russell monument.)
Russell, Fatima, d. of John and Charity, d. Oct. 27, 1864, a. 69 y.
Russell, Hiram, s. of John and Charity, d. Oct. 30, 1819, a. 26 y.
Russell, John d. May 22, 1843, in 83nd y.
Russell, Col. John d. July 28, 1873, a 84 .
(on stone with Marria L. W. and Mary E.)
Russell, John H. d. at Brodgeport, Ct., Apr 11, 1871 a. 48 y.
(On W. P. Russell monument.)
Russell, Maria L. Webb, wife of Col. John, d. (no date)
Russell, Mary E., d.of John and Maria L., d. Apr 4, 1875 a. 35 y.
Russell, Robert W. d. at Troy, Ohio, Jan 18, 1846, a. 20 y.
(On W. P. Russell monument.)
Russell, Solyman, M.D., d. May 22, 1828, a. 31 y.
Russell, Theodore S. (no date) (On W. P. Russell monument.)
Russell, William P. d. Apr 20, 1865, a. 77 y.

Note: On family monument are his wife and ten childres, named
elseware in this list.

Russell (?) Eliza J. wife of [ ] der R[ ].


Sardam, Caroline R. d. May 18, 1838, a. 20 y. 4 m.
Sardam, Henry d. June 1, 1835, a 71 y.
Sardam, Henry d. May 10, 1872, a. 85 y. (on stone with Sarah P.)
Sardam, Hulda, wife of William, d. Mch. 30, 1846, a 68 y.
Sardam, Louisa, Wife of Solomon, d. May 11, 1845, a. 7 y. (On Dibble monument)
Sardam, Miles T., s. of Alaxander and Louisa P., d. Nov. 21, 1859 a. 2 y.
Sardam, Sarah P., wife of Henry, d. Nov 29, 1880, a. 85 y.
Sardam, Solomon d. June 28, 1825, a. 68 y. (On Dibble monument)
Sardam, Sylvester d. June 7, 1835, a. 45 y.
Sardam, Sylvia, wife of Henry, d. Nov. 3, 1847, a. 80 y.
Sardam, Sylvia M., d. of Sylvestor and Fanny, d. June 2, 1835, a. 18 y.
Sardam, Ward B., s. of Alaxander and Louisa P., d. Oct, 9. 1864, a. 4 y. 6 m.
Sardam, William d. Feb. 7, 1854, a. 82 y.
Smith, Betsey, wife of Col. jesse, d. Dec 2, 1840, a. 65 y.
Smith, Gideon,d, Dec 3, 1815, a 72 y. (On stone with Mahetable)
Smith, Col. Jesse d. Apr. 1, 1815, a. 72 y.
Smith, Mahetable d. Sept. 20, 1821, a. 76 y.
Snyder, Catherine, wife of henry, d. Dec 19, 1853, a. 59 y.
Sparks, Lucy A. (no date). ( On Dibble monument)
Surdam, Margaret d. 1776, a. 46 y.
Surdam, Tunis d. Feb 9, 1808, in 68th y.


Warner, Charity E., wife of L.E.W. Warner (no date) ( On Dibble monument)
White, Charloot M., wife of H. W. White (no date) (On W. P. Russell monument.)
Wood, Hannah d. Feb 3, 1827, a. 79 y.
Wood, John d. Apr. 4, 1829, a. 84 y.
Wright, Eliphalet d. Apr. 5, 1823, a. 44 y.
Wright, Silas d. Dec. 24, 1835, a 60 y.

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