North Canaan, CT Cemeteries

Cemeteries in North Canaan, CT

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Number from
Hale Collection
--- Name --- Location From
Hale Collection
        .....* Road if known, not from
..................Hale Collection
-------   -------------------------------   --------------------------------------------
615-1   Lower Cemerery   Canaan Village
615-2   Hillside Cemetery   East Canaan
.....* RT 44 Just east of East Canaan
615-3   Canaan Valley Cemetery   Canaan Valley
.....* Canaan Valley Road
615-4    Quaker Cemetery   Canaan Valley
615-5   George Adam Cemetery   Lower Road East Canaan
615-6   St. Joseph Cemetery   Canaan
615-7   Stevens - Pease Cemetery   Near Norfolk Line
615-8   East Canaan Cemetery   Rear of East Canaan Church
615-9   Austen Cemetery   On Charles Goodwin Farm
615-10   Clayton Cemetery   At Clayton, MA on the State line.
615-11   Ashley Falls Cemetery   Ashley Falls, Mass,
just over the State line.

Map of North Canaan Showing Location of Cemeteries, numbers on map are numbers used above.

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