Canaan, CT Cemeteries

Cemeteries in Cornwall, CT

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Number from
Hale Collection
--- Name --- Location From
Hale Collection
        .....* Road if known, not from
..................Hale Collection
-------   --------------------   --------------------------------------------
606-1   Wilcox Cemetery   On hill west of house of Ozias Palmer
.....* Corner RT's 43 & 63
606-2   Calhoun Cemetery   S. W. part of town, near railroad
.....* Rt 7 at corner of Rt 45
606-3   Old Cornwall Hollow   On Hill, on road to Goshen
.....* On CT RT 4
606-4    New Cornwall Hollow   Near Baptist Church
606-5   North Cornwall Cemetery   North Cornwall
....* Rattlesnake Road
606-6   Christians Cemetery   S. W. part of town, near
Cornwall Bridge
606-7   Old Cemetery   S. W. part of town, on old Warren
606-8   Small-pox Cemetery
Near N. Cornwall Church
  Near North Cornwall Church
606-9   Small-pox Cemetery   On old Wright Farm, on old Sharon
& Goshen Turnpike
606-10   Puffingham Cemetery   Same as # 2
.....* Rt 7 at corner of Rt 45
606-11   Cornwall Cemetery   Near Village
....* on CT RT 4
606-12   Allen Cemetery   On Monument, Cornwall
....* On CT RT 125
606-13   Southwast Cemetery   Same as # 7, Bakers Corners
606-14   Wright Cemetery   Same as # 9

Map of Canaan Showing Location of Cemeteries, numbers on map are numbers used above.

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