Canaan, CT Cemeteries

Cemeteries in Canaan, CT

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Number from
Hale Collection
--- Name --- Location From
Hale Collection
        .....* Road if known, not from
..................Hale Collection
-------   --------------------   --------------------------------------------
604-1   Grassy Hill Cemerery   Falls Village
604-2   Sandy Hill Cemetery   On road South to Huntsville
604-3   Under Mountain Cemetery   Under Canaan Mountain
.....* Under Mountain Road
604-4    Lower City Cemetery   Huntsville on Under Mt. Road
.....* Under Mountain Road;
604-5   Catholic Cemetery   Falls Village
.....* Dublin Rd
604-6   Barrack Mountain Cemetery   Barrack Mountain
.....* Music Mountain Rd.
604-7   Root Cemetery   Top of Canaan Mountain
.....* Steep Road
604-8   Hollabird - Kellogg Cemetery   Under Canaan Mountain 500 Ft.
South of H. W. 
604-9   Munson Cemetery   Top of Canaan Mountain
.....* Canaan Mountain Road
604-10   Phelps Cemetery   Near Canaan Mountain
604-11   Wilcox Cemetery   Near Huntsville 1/4 mile
.........S. E. Club House
604-12   Lines Cemetery   Near Catholic Cemetery,
...........on Pickens Farm.

Map of Canaan Showing Location of Cemeteries, numbers on map are numbers used above.

Map of Canaan, CT from Hale Collection

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