Litchfield CT 1790 Census

Litchfield, Litchfield County, CT
1790 Census

Why is the town of Litchfield so big compared to other towns in this Census?

Most towns in Litchfield County did not have there town listed on the census forms so they were included with Litchfield when the 1790 Census was published by the government. For a listing of the towns that were separate see the 1790 Litchfield County index. All names are as published by the Government, no corrections were made even if a name was known to be differant as the spelling of some names changed over time. Also at that time a lot of people did not know how to spell, so there could be 2 or more variations on the spelling of the same Surname. Because of this remember to check all possible spellings of the Surname that you are looking for.

Stat's from this Census

Number of Records 3,367
Number of Unique Names 3,168
Number of White Males age 16 and over 6,301
Number of White Males under 16 4,931
Number of White Females 9,907
Number of Non White Free People 192
Number of Slaves 88

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