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Vital Records Information
Franklin, New London, CT

Records of Births, Marriages & Deaths in Franklin, CT date back to 1786. Records from 1659 to 1786 would be located in Norwich. The cost of ordering a certified copy of a birth, marriage or death record in Connecticut is $5.00.

Franklin Town Clerk's Office
Franklin Town Hall
7 Meeting House Hill Road
North Franklin, CT 06254
(860) 642-7352

Norwich Town and City Clerk's Office
Norwich City Hall
100 Broadway, Room 215
Norwich, CT 06360
(860) 823-3732

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Vital Records Information - Franklin, CT

Family History Library Films relating to Franklin, CT:

Title: Account book, 1852-1872
Author: First Ecclesiastical Society (Franklin, Connecticut)
Film: 1008707 Item 7

Title: Barbour collection (Connecticut vital records prior to 1850): Vital records Fairfield - Griswold
Author: Barbour, Lucius Barnes
Film: 2970
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Title: Cemetery inscriptions of Fairfield, Farmington, Franklin and Glastonbury
Author: Hale, Charles R
Film: 3334

Title: Church records, 1718-1934
Author: Congregational Church (Franklin, Connecticut)
Film: 4206

Title: Death records, 1763-1802
Author: Pautipaug Hill Congregational Church (Franklin, Connecticut)
Film: 1008707 Item 8

Title: Ecclesiastical records, 1716-1785
Author: West Society of Norwich (Connecticut)
Film: 4202 Item 1

Title: Land records, 1786-1909
Author: Franklin (Connecticut). Town Clerk
Films: 4202 Item 2 (1786-1795); 4203 (1796-1822); 4204 (1822-1839); 4205 (1839-1858); 1398944 (1858-1884); 1398945 (1884-1894); 1451127 (1894-1908); 1451128 (1908-1909)

Title: Probate records, 1748-1917
Author: Connecticut. Probate Court (Norwich District)
Films: 5054 to 5063 (1748-1852); 1310546 to 1310555 (1852-1892); 1310627 to 1310642 (1892-1917); 1310866 Item 1 (1917)

Title: Records of births, marriages, and deaths, 1786-1964
Author: Franklin (Connecticut). Registrar of Vital Statistics 
Film: 1311444 Items 2-4

Title: Records of the Congregational Church, Franklin, Connecticut, 1718-1860 and a record of deaths in Norwich Eighth Society, 1763, 1778, 1782, 1784-1802
Author: Society of Mayflower Descendants in the State of Connecticut & Society of the Founders of Norwich, Connecticut
Film: 908841 Item 3

Title: Records of court proceedings, 1748-1852
Author: Connecticut. Probate Court (Norwich District) 
Films: 1310866 Items 2-6 (1748-1763, 1774-1811); 1310867 (1811-1836); 1310868 (1836-1848); 1312164 (1848-1852)

Title: The celebration of the one hundred and fiftieth anniversary of the primitive organization of the Congregational Church and Society, in Franklin, Connecticut, October 14, 1868
Author: Woodward, Ashbel
Film: 1425666 Item 6
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