Warwickshire Huckells


The Warwickshire to Susquehanna Project

Since 2000 we have been working to connect the family line in England to generations prior to Thomas Huckell who emigrated to Pennsylvania in 1795. Below is the family line in Warwickshire that we believe may have been his ancestors. Due to missing baptismal records for Thomas and his brothers, the link remains less than 100% certain.  This is the presumed family tree from Thomas and before.

The Huckell family name was found in Warwickshire from the mid-1600s until about 1800. They had a very strong presence in the southern part of the county, notably in Stratford and the parish of Binton, just a couple of miles to the west. They were farmers (with land in Binton) and tradesmen (in Stratford) and appear in a number of documents. However the family began to move north from the Binton area in the mid-1750s and  moved intitially into the area around Wolston, east of Coventry (but still on the Avon River). By 1775 the family had moved into Coventry and Birmingham. It was from there that the bulk of the family left for Pennsylvania after 1793. Why the initial moves were made from the Startford/Binton area to the north and the subsequent departure for  America remains unknown. The family did hold property and some important church positions in Warwickshire, but left that for a life in the pioneer wilderness. The departure was so complete that by the time of the 1851 census there were no Huckells at all in the county.

To follow the direct line follow the large green names from  1 Thomas to 2 Benjamin to 3 John to 4 Thomas.  

1 Thomas Huckell b. c. 1635 Of, Binton, Warwick, England d. 26 Oct 1680 Binton, Warwick, England
  m. c. 1660 Binton,Warwickshire,England  Anne ?   
  m. c. 1660 Mary ? b. c. 1639
                 This is as far back as we back we can push this line, so far. Thomas s spent his whole life in Binton and had about 10 children. The one we care about the most is Benjamin.
   2 Thomas Huckell b. c. 1659 d. 28 Mar 1690 Binton, Warwick, England
      3 Thomas Huckell b. _____ d. 1741
        m. 1728 St. Michael's, Coventry, England  Mary Ash d. Dec 1756
                     According to a biographer of his son John, only two of his children survived infancy. They were John and Martha. Thomas was " a tradesman of some property, residing  in Stratford". He  served as                         mayor of Stratford in 1735-36.
         4 John Huckell b. 1729 d. Sept 12 1771 Isleworth,Middlesex, England
                     This is the poet  ("among the minor bards of  Warwickshire")and clergyman. We know that he grew up in Stratford, attended the Free Grammar School there before moving on to Oxford. He left Oxford in                     1751 and in 1758  his 78 page poem Avon was published. On April 2 1763 he was appointed Vicar of Wolston (St. Margaret's Church) a post he held until February 5 1768. He then went on to become curate                     in the Hounslow parish in Middlesex,  near present-day Heathrow airport. Although he inherited land from his father in 1746 there was no property in his will. He had no known wife or children.
         4 Thomas Huckell b. AFT. 1729
         4 Martha Huckell b. ABT. 1736
                     Martha is reputed to be the 5th child in the family (of six) in an 1813 brief biography of her brother John. She and John were the only children to survive infancy. She  never married and lived with her                                 mother until  her mother'ss death. After that she moved to Evesham and lived with her aunt Elizabeth (Huckell) Dunn and died in Evesham some years later.
         4 Joseph Huckell b. ABT. 1739
         4 William Huckell b. ABT. 1740
         4 ? Huckell
    3 Elizabeth Huckell b. ABT. 1712 Of, Stratford On Avon, Warwick, England
        m. 24 Feb 1732/33 Holy Trinity, Stratford On Avon, England  Thomas Dunn b. ABT. 1708 Of, Stratford On Avon, Warwick, England
                            Elizabeth lived in Evesham, Worcester, not far from Stratford.

   2 John Huckell b. c. 1662
Of, Binton, Warwick, England d. 16 Aug 1746 Binton, Warwick, England
     m. 11 Nov 1730 Stratford On Avon, Warwick, England  Phoebe Badger  d. Dec 1756
                           John was also in Binton throughout his life. However from his will we saw that he owned land in other nearby areas including Welford and Shottery (a district of Stratford). He died  childless, and his will                            of 1745 provides a detailed list of Huckell relatives in the area.  He served as mayor of Stratford on two seperate occasions in 1713-14 and again in 1728-29. His father-in-law Thomas Badger also                                       served as mayor in 1715-16 and 1730-31.
   2 Rebecca Huckell b. c. 1664 Binton, Warwick, England d. 21 Dec 1735
     m. 31 Oct 1685 Binton, Warwick, England  Thomas Walford
      3 Thomas Walford b. ABT. 1686 d. 26 Mar 1736 Binton, Warwick, England
      3 John Walford b. ABT. 1688 d. 12 Aug 1688
      3 William Walford b. ABT. 1689 d. 28 Aug 1746
      3 Anne Walford b. ABT. 1691
      3 Samuel Walford b. ABT. 1695 d. 24 Feb 1746
      3 Mary Walford b. ABT. 1697
      3 John Walford b. ABT. 1700 d. 15 May 1775
   2 Bartholomew Huckell b. c. 1671
   2 Samuel Huckell b. c. 1672 d. 2 Mar 1695/96 Binton, Warwick, England
   2 Elizabeth Huckell b. c. 1675
   2 Anne Huckell b. c. 1676
     m. 10 Sep 1697 All Saints, Evesham, Worcester, England  William Gower b. ABT. 1660 Inkberrow, Worcester, England
   2 William Huckell b. c. 1678 d. 1 Sep 1682 Binton, Warwick, England

   2 Benjamin Huckell b. c. 1680 d. bef 1746
     m. Anne ?
                             The oldest Benjamin Huckell found so far. He was a lay church official in 1714 in Binton and owned land in the parish.

      3 John Huckell b. c. 1723 
        m. Elizabeth ?
                             John Huckell was born in Binton, inherited land from his great uncle John (1662-1746). However he seems to have raised his family in Wolston, further up the river. He was still there in 1774 and was                                 buried in the Wolston parish churchyard.

         4 Thomas Huckell b. c. 1750 England d. 1798 Forksville, Pennsylvania
           m. Dec 26, 1775 Birmingham  Sarah Ann Sanders b. 1756 England d. 1825 Pennsylvania            
           m. Sarah Ann Sanders b. 1756 England d. 1825 Pennsylvania            
           m. 1774 Mary Greir
                              Thomas was the Huckell who moved to the Loyalsock area in Pennsylvania 1795. We have no baptismal record for him, or his brothers Joseph or John who accompanied him on that trip. We have very                             little information on Thomas, other than that he was a tradesman  However our fragmentary records place the family in Binton and Wolston, but at no ther location.
         4 John Huckell b. Feb 14 1753 Northamptonshire, England d. March 3 1847 Muncy, Pennsylvania, USA
           m. Aug 1 1775 Aston Cantlow, Warwick, England  Mary Checketts d. <1860            
           m. Hannah ?
                             John may have been the first to arrive in PA, as early as 1793 and lived in Hillsgrove. He later moved to Muncy. The local history indicates that he had daughters who died around the same time as his                             wife. There may also have been a son, reputedly in the British navy, who died on board ship while sailing to America to join his father after the deaths of his mother and sisters.
         4 Joseph Huckell b. c. 1759 d. c. Mar 4 1845 Hillsgrove Twp., Sullivan Co., PA
           m. Margaret Danley
                              Joseph was the only brother to marry in the US. He arrived in 1795 and took up land in Hillsgrove near his brother John. In 1805 he took over his brother John's Hillsgrove properties and ran a farm                                 and sawmill. They had one child, Benjamin, who took over the family farm in Hillsgrove and lived there until his death in 1884. It is from this branch that  the "other" Huckell  researchers hail from                                      (Betty Weber and Kitty Scharf). Through the Little family name, this branch still dominates the lumber trade in the area.
         4 Elizabeth  Huckell b. c. 1760 baptised  in Wolston,Warwickshire
           m. John Ball
         4 Ann Huckell b. c. 1760  baptised  in Wolston,Warwickshire
           m. June 28 1784 Ryton On Dunsmore, Warwick, England  William Copson
                                 Ann is the only Huckell known to have stayed behind in England. She and Elizabeth may have been twins.
         4 Mary Huckell b. c. 1761 baptised  in Wolston,Warwickshire

      3 Anne Huckell b. c. 1723