Huckell 2001 Tour
 In 2001 the location was the great mid-west where William Huckell (Iowa) and Thomas Huckell (Manitoba) settled. The reunion was graciously hosted by Wendy and Ron Strom at their home in Wilmar, Minnesota.

The Ultimate Huckell Event: Ron & Wendy Strom host the Huckell Picnic on Sept 15, 2001 in Spicer Minnesota.

Nellie and Mildred worry about the later generations.
Pat Huckell and Dave Kellogg pinpoint Huckell North American locations while in Carberry, ManitobaDuane and Pat in Havana ND cemetery Headstone preservation in Rutland, North Dakota by Pat and Duane Huckell
The Huckell Window in St. Agnes Church, Carberry, Manitoba. Donated by the Thomas Huckell family in 1902.
The Huckell newspaper branches meet - Dave Kellogg, descendent of William Huckell in front of Thomas Huckell's Carberry Express..