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Ben Huckell's signature, 1861

Benjamin Huckell Sr. (1822-1896) & Benjamin Sr. Sr (1783-1841)
Ben Sr. & Ann  Huckell  c. 1880 courtesy of Marvel Westwood
Ben Sr & Ann c. 1860 courtesy of Robert Douglas & Isobel Attrell
View of Ottawa, Ontario in the 1850s - Ben & Ann arrived here in 1858 from England
Lebreton Flats, Ottawa - 1860s. The area of Ottawa where the family lived in 1871.
Christ Church (Anglican), Ottawa, interior, Sept 2000. The Huckell family church from 1860.
Christ Church (Anglican), Ottawa - original church demolished in 1872.
243 Bank St, Ottawa  The Huckell home of Ben and Ann from 1876-1896, from an 1876 print.
Headstone, Ben Huckell & Ann Reading, St. James Anglican Cemetery, Hull Quebec
Headstone Benjamin & Sarah Huckell, St. Nicholas Church, Great Kimble, England
Headstone, William Reading & Family
, St. Nicholas Church, Great Kimble, England 
1872 Illness - notice in Ottawa Free Press Nov 26 1872

William Huckell (1847-1909)(son of Benjamin Sr.)
With wife Emily Anderson
(probably from the 1870s)
With family
Children only
,  (c.1905)
With wife Nellie Longmore
(c. 1900)
Ottawa Evening Post

Lyda Huckell (daughter of William)

Lyda Huckell
Willard Nye Hugunin,husband of Lyda
Family photo

William Francis Huckell (son of William)
William & brother Albert
Grandson Jim Huckell with coat and guns of William Francis Huckell, 1980

 Thomas Huckell (1845-1900)(son of Benjamin Sr.)
 Angus & Huckell ad - From the Ottawa Times, Nov 17 1866
 Huckell shoes ad 1871 - From the Ottawa Free Press, July 22 1871
 Thomas Huckell business and home destroyed by fire -  from the Ottawa Free Press, March 4 1872
Family in Carberry, Manitoba
(c. 1895)
Thomas c.1895
Eliza Cleverly (wife) c.1895
 Fine for serving illegal beer, Rapid City Manitoba, Brandon Mail, March 10, 1887
Western Hotel, Carberry 1883 (Family owned the hotel from 1886-1900)
Stained glass window, St. Agnes Church Carberry Manitoba. Donated by Thomas Huckell family, 1902.
1884 & 1868 Advertisements for family businesses in Ottawa

        Frederick William Huckell (son of Thomas)(1870-1899)

Frederick William Huckell (son) c.1896
Josie Heric
(wife of Frederick)
Thomas & Victor 
c.1913 (sons)

        Clara Huckell (daughter of Thomas)(1869-1954)
        Ottawa, 1870
        Clara Huckell & Eustace Cope, Carberry Manitoba, c. 1895
        Clara at Winnipeg Winter carnival 1884- from Winnipeg Times,March 4, 1884

Lucy Reading Huckell (1853-1929)
Wins school prize for history - from the Ottawa Times, Dec. 20 1865
With son Arthur Cross(1874-1953) and daughter Eliza McMullen (1883-1965),
c. 1925.
John Wesley Cross - Sept. 1881, Ottawa (husband)
Son Arthur Cross, with wife Cassie Thomson and granddaughter Florence, Ottawa 1912.
Arthur Cross, Cassie Thomson, Florence and Frank, Ottawa 1914 (Arthur was Lucy Huckell's oldest son)
596 McLaren St. Residence, Ottawa.  In family from 1903-1956. Diligent family historians in foreground.

           Benjamin Huckell Jr (1843-1876)(son of Benjamin Sr.)
        Unknown Huckell  - Ottawa, June 1870 (possibly Ben's son Ben Jr.)
  Ice adventure on St.Lawrence River - from the Ottawa Free Press, Jan 21 1874
         Advertisement for store - From the Ottawa Free Press, Jan 3 1874
         Feathers Hotel opening- From the Ottawa Free Press , August 22 1874

        Francis William Huckell (Frank)(1868-1920+)(son of Benjamin Jr)

         Francis W. Huckell, 1870 Ottawa
         Muriel Bradley Collection - 1952 photos in Seattle
Carrie Huckell (daughter of Benjamin Jr.)(1871 - 1919) 
 James Durick & Carrie Huckell-Fort Steele-
Their general store in Ft. Steele BC

Katie Huckell (daughter of Benjamin Jr. (1875-1958)

  Muriel Bradley Collection


      John Huckell (1849-1926)(son of Benjamin Sr.)
         Harriet Sophia Benedict, Ottawa 1900 (wife) (1859-1958)
        The Brunswick Hotel  Hotel envelope with engraving of hotel and possibly John's handwriting from 1899
        379 Cooper St residence, Ottawa. Photo from Sept 2000. Home from 1904-1958
        Huckell Hall, Ottawa. Meeting hall named for the Huckell family (1903-1937). Photo from Sept 2000
        1884 & 1868 Advertisements for family businesses in Ottawa

Great Kimble, Buckinghamshire, England (home of the Readings & the Huckells)(see the Maps page as well)
Great Kimble, Photos of Great Kimble, Marsh Hamlet, Horsenden Manor, Roundhill Farm and Wendover

Coventry, Warwickshire, England (Home of Thomas and Sarah Huckell, 1780-c.1800)(see the Maps page as well)
St. John's Church- their first two children, Thomas (1778) and Elizabeth (1779) were baptised here
St. Michael's Church- (Coventry Cathedral) - their remaining children were baptised here between 1780 and 1793

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