The Society has little primary or even secondary source material as documentation. The History is being kept as a living document, each branch of the family keeping its own record of events as they happened.

When the authors of the 1932 edition conceived the idea of publishing, making copies of original documents was much more difficult than it is today in 2003. Therefore, a letter from a known cousin which said, "Here's what my family Bible gives" and continued with a list of births, marriages and deaths, was gratefully accepted without question.

Now that it is possible to make a plain-paper copy in just about every library or convenience store in America, the Society would like to gather copies of this material so we can annotate the database to refer to original documents or a source. Not only would this make our History more reliable by current standards, such documentation would also assist the Cousins who wish to join such societies as the SAR, DAR, CAR, or the Society of the Cincinnati.

If your attic or bookshelves contain such documents, please contact the Secretary-Treasurer.


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