Winchester Cemetery

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Winchester Cemetery
Winchester, Clark County, Kentucky

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ABBOTT, Lewis,  Jan. 1, 1954, age 2

ABNER, Alfred,16 Aug 1893 - Nov. 21, 1968

ABNER, Bruce Edward,  d. Nov. 5, 1973, age 41

ABNER, Cash, d. July 22, 1949, age 71

ABNER, Elmer, d. Jan 1953

ABNER, Ethel,  

ABNER, J. B., Feb. 13, 1928 - June 8, 1985

ABNER, Jasper,   d.  April 30, 1962, age 74

ABNER, Junior,  d. Feb. 1930

ABNER,Linnie W., d., Jan. 10, 1972 , age 75

ABNER,Lula, - Sept. 1934

ABNER, Minor J., 17 Jun 1900 - Oct. 10, 1966

ABNER,Nannie Taulbee, - March 1980

ABNER,Olie Lewis, March 1935

ABNER, Oscar J., Apr 1905 - 9 Jul 1990

ABNER, Riley, -  Nov. 1938

ABNER, Ruth, d. May  22, 1943, age 16

ABNEY, Albert, d. Sept 1930

ABNEY, Angela Hope, d. July 1964

ABNEY, Arthur Shelton,   d. Oct. 1978

ABNEY, Bobby, d. Nov. 1942

ABNEY, Carrie, d.Oct. 1981

ABNEY, Charles, d. June 1927

ABNEY, Dillard, -  March 10, 1948, age 45

ABNEY, E. P., d. Jan 22, 1955, age 79

ABNEY, Edgar M., d.  Feb 1977

ABNEY, Elizabeth, d. March  13, 1932, age 1

ABNEY, Ethel, d. Jan. 1972

ABNEY, Ethel W., 13 Aug 1908 - July  14, 1989

ABNEY, Eva, d. May 1997

ABNEY, Helen, 10 Aug 1949 - Feb. 15, 1993

ABNEY, Jahaja, d. Feb. 1937

ABNEY, Jessie, Nov. 1,  1942 - June 18, 1996

ABNEY, Johnny Rupard, Sept. 14 1952  - Sept. 15, 1996

ABNEY, Joseph Jr." 132a Dec . 11, 1963, age 70

ABNEY, Leonard, April 25, 1952, age 48

ABNEY, Margaret, d. March 18, 1951, age 77

ABNEY, Marrietta, d. Sept. 1945

ABNEY, Mary,  d. Nov. 1929

ABNEY, Mary D. Jan. 20, 1969, age 73

ABNEY, Matt,  Jan 7, 1946, age 83

ABNEY, Nora Wasson, d. April 1959

ABNEY, Patricia Ann,  July 15, 1956, age 1

ABNEY, Pearl,  17 May 1901 - July 14, 1976

ABNEY, Ray, d.April 6, 1936, age 1

ABNEY, Robert, d. May 1950

ABNEY, Rupard B. Rev." 60a 16 Feb 1906 - June 9, 1986

ABNEY, Terry T. ,  Nov. 18, 1982, age 24

ABNEY, Vernon C.,  March 23,  1914 - Dec. 30.  1995

ABNEY, Willie Mae, - 3 May 1914 - Oct. 7, 1979 ( Res. Powell Co., KY)

ABNEY, Verlie/Merlie M., Feb . 10, 1911 - May  11, 1993

"Abshear, Elizabeth" 13c

"Abshear, Harriaon" 125a

"Ackerman, John R. " 9b

"Acra, Lela" 94a

"Adames, James F." 89a

"Adams, Addie" 16b

"Adams, Alvin" 12b

"Adams, Amelia" 47b

"Adams, Annie Lucille" 160a

"Adams, Annie Rainey" 135a

"Adams, Arthur" 160a

"Adams, Bernam" 115a

"Adams, Bernice M." 28a

"Adams, Bessie Kerr" 150a

"Adams, Bessie Sturm" 47a

"Adams, Cecil Allen" 60a

"Adams, Charles" 85a

"Adams, Clara R." 24c

"Adams, Clauda" 26a

"Adams, Clifton Jr." 44b

"Adams, Cora" 2b

"Adams, Daughter of Elmer Adams" 10c

"Adams, Deborah" 89a

"Adams, Earl" 120a

"Adams, Edward" 6a

"Adams, Effie Shirley" 140a

"Adams, Eleanor" 3a

"Adams, Elizabeth" 32b

"Adams, Enoch" 145a

"Adams, Ester" 29b

"Adams, Ester S." 50a

"Adams, Ester S." 50b

"Adams, Eva" 38b

ADAMS, Florence (Hart), wife of J.R. ADAMS 1860 - 1909

"Adams, Forest" 47a

"Adams, Foster R." 41a

"Adams, George" 22c

"Adams, George W." 10c

"Adams, Glauda W." 21c

"Adams, Granville" 12c

"Adams, Hargis G." 28a

"Adams, Harlowe" 25c

"Adams, Harold W." 55a

"Adams, Harry P." 23c

"Adams, Henry " 3c

"Adams, Imogene" 64b

"Adams, Ishmael W." 77a

"Adams, J. R." 36b

ADAMS, J.R. 1853 - April 1936

"Adams, J. W." 74a

"Adams, James" 120a

"Adams, James Wm. (nfant)" 20b

"Adams, John" 54b

"Adams, John Hetzel" 20b

"Adams, Kenneth Eugene" 11b

"Adams, Kensie" 36c

"Adams, Knox Polk" 103a

"Adams, Lela" 27c

"Adams, Leroy" 134a

"Adams, Leroy" 71a

"Adams, Lillie L." 60a

"Adams, Lizzie" 5a

"Adams, Lonnie" 6c

"Adams, Luke B." 98a

"Adams, Lula" 130a

"Adams, Lynn Hood" 97a

"Adams, Mabel" 34a

"Adams, Margaret" 107a

"Adams, Mary E." 5a

"Adams, Mary Ervin" 50b

"Adams, Mary Johnson" 130a

"Adams, Mary Nelson" 50b

"Adams, Mattie N." 9a

"Adams, Millie Jay" 127a

"Adams, Nancy" 57b

"Adams, Nannie Jones" 32a

"Adams, Nona Lawwill" 138a

"Adams, Norma J." 31b

"Adams, Oma" 40a

"Adams, Orphia" 48a

"Adams, Orville" 36c

"Adams, Phyliss" 12a

"Adams, Reese L." 38c

"Adams, Rodney" 130a

"Adams, Rosella" 41b

"Adams, Roy" 155a

"Adams, Russell" 9a

"Adams, Sadie" 67a

"Adams, Stella C." 4c

"Adams, Thair" 36a

"Adams, Thomas" 5a

"Adams, Walter" 5c

"Adams, Wendell F." 28c

"Adams, Wesley" 36a

"Adams, William" 1a

"Adams, William" 72a

"Adamson, Anna B." 157a

"Adcock, B. F." 38b

"Adcock, Benjamim" 160a

"Adkins, Judith R." 36a

"Ahl, Sererda & Birke Paul" 33c

"Akdridge, James H." 158a

"Akers, Burrell" 55b

"Akers, Mary Asbury" 64b

"Akin, Beatrice" 44a

"Akin, George" 25c

"Akin, Margaret" 37c

"Akin, P. B." 6c

"Albert, Edward Vernon" 39c

"Albright, Annie" 6c

"Albright, William A." 5c

"Aldridge, Ada B." 147a

"Aldridge, Barbara" 23b

"Aldridge, Clarence St." 60a

"Aldridge, Everett" 39b

"Aldridge, George" 44a

"Aldridge, Gertrude Rainey" 16b

"Aldridge, Gus" 130a

"Aldridge, Helen C." 13c

"Aldridge, Ida" 45a

"Aldridge, J. Clay" 71a

"Aldridge, J. H." 67a

"Aldridge, James Hale" 137a

"Aldridge, L. C." 129a

"Aldridge, Lee" 113a

"Aldridge, Lillian F." 158a

"Aldridge, Lula B." 12b

"Aldridge, Lula T." 40b

"Aldridge, Marcus Lee" 130a

"Aldridge, Mary A." 3b

"Aldridge, Mary Mae" 22a

"Aldridge, Mattie D." 145a

"Aldridge, Minnie" 138a

"Aldridge, Nannie Lou" 65b

"Aldridge, Ora V." 126a

"Aldridge, Oscar" 101a

"Aldridge, Otis Nelson" 138a

"Aldridge, Pauline" 4a

"Aldridge, Peggy Jean" 69b

"Aldridge, Rodney L." 141a

"Aldridge, Rodney Lee" 46b

"Aldridge, Vernon" 21a

"aldridge, Violet" 18a

"Aldridge, Virginia" 15b

"Aldridge, Willie G." 152a

"Alexander, Charlie B." 91a

"Alexander, G. H." 56b

"alexander, Gertrude M." 73a

"Alexander, Harry" 23b

"Alexander, Katherine C." 60b

"Alexander, Lenora Mrs." 96a

"Alexander, Leonora Miss." 66b

"Alexander, Marcue" 34b

"Alexander, Mary K." 75a

"Alexander, R. R." 7a

"Alexander, Samuel V." 103a

"Alexander, Sydney Carol" 146a

"Alexander, W. T." 21b

"Alford, Colman" 22c

"Alford, Etta" 32b

"Alford, Frances" 41a

"Alford, George" 58b

"Alford, Margaret" 18c

"Alford, Roberet" 12a

"Alford, Thomas Martin" 117a

"Alford, Virgil" 20b

"Alford, William" 105a

"Alford, Woodrow" 40b

"Alfred, D. M." 3b

"Alfred, Thomas" 12b

"Allan, Carrie" 160a

"Allan, Richard Dr." 48b

"Allen, Anna Bean" 30a

"Allen, Anna C." 4c

"Allen, Baker" 102a

"Allen, Ben" 122a

"Allen, Ben D." 18a

"Allen, Billy W." 32c

"Allen, Boyd P." 30c

"Allen, Bruce Dale" 90a

"Allen, Carrie" 33a

"Allen, Cephas C." 141a

"Allen, Clay B. Mrs." 6a

"Allen, Eli" 35c

"Allen, Emory Dale" 6b

"Allen, Ernest " 45a

"Allen, Ernets R." 41b

"Allen, Everett Floyd" 133a

"Allen, Florence Matin" 110a

"Allen, Floyd Dr." 33a

"Allen, Frank" 44b

"Allen, George P." 105a

"Allen, Goldie" 32a

"Allen, Harry" 44b

"Allen, J. K." 48b

"Allen, J. R. Mrs." 95a

"Allen, James B." 38c

"Allen, James Bybee" 109a

"Allen, James R." 120a

"Allen, James R. Jr." 20c

"Allen, Jean M." 18a

"Allen, Jennie P." 29a

"Allen, Joe" 2b

"Allen, John C." 4a

"Allen, John E." 91a

"Allen, John H." 60a

"Allen, John Lee" 84a

"Allen, Kidd W." 65b

"Allen, Kitty Robinson" 23b

"Allen, Lee Mrs." 36b

"Allen, Lee Mrs." 44b

"Allen, Lettie" 45a

"Allen, Louise" 42a

"Allen, Mary" 17b

"Allen, Mayme S." 19a

"Allen, Nannie Kidd" 64b

"Allen, Nell H." 100a

"Allen, Orville" 55b

"Allen, Pearl" 62a

"Allen, Preston" 56b

"Allen, Sarah Leona" 19b

"Allen, Sarah M." 4a

"Allen, Stella B." 103a

"Allen, Steven Edwar" 127a

"Allen, William Nelson" 62b

"Allen, William T." 29c

"Allen, Willie Mae" 38a

"Allington, Clell" 34a

"Allinton, Mary E." 15c

"Allinton, William L." 13c

"Allison, Charles Leslie" 2b

"Allison, Geneva" 69a

"Allnut, Polly Copley" 46a

"Allsmiller, Catherine" 160a

"Allsmiller, Edward" 101a

"Alverson, (Infant)" 9c

"Alverson, Ella May" 2a

"Alverson, G. W." 25b

"Alverson, G. W. Mrs." 24b

"Amberger, Mary E." 11c

"Amburghey, Ben." 76a

"Amburghey, Iva" 77a

"Amburghey, John" 60b

"Ames, Millard" 66b

"Anderson, Anna" 109a

"Anderson, Bertha" 55b

"Anderson, Charles Gupton" 78a

"Anderson, Claude" 44a

"Anderson, Floyd" 100a

"Anderson, Frank" 63b

"Anderson, George F. Jr." 56a

"Anderson, George T. Sr." 148a

"Anderson, Gladys Tapp" 109a

"Anderson, goldie Rice" 143a

"Anderson, Henry" 39b

"Anderson, Irene Abshear" 24a

"Anderson, James Alden" 27a

"Anderson, Jessie" 5c

"Anderson, John H." 17b

"Anderson, John Henry" 65b

"Anderson, John Henry III" 143a

"Anderson, Lottie" 39a

"Anderson, Mary" 32c

"Anderson, Mary D." 3a

"Anderson, Mattie" 103a

"Anderson, Michael" 27a

"Anderson, Michael" 55a

"Anderson, Michael Keith" 158a

"Anderson, Nancy" 18a

"Anderson, Nancy Lillian" 78a

"Anderson, Paul Harris" 150a

"Anderson, paul Sterling" 150a

"Anderson, Regina Michelle" 40a

"Anderson, Robert" 50a

"Anderson, Robert Jr." 145a

"Anderson, Roscoe" 11c

"Anderson, Rose Mary" 128a

"Anderson, Rose Mary" 29a

"Anderson, rose Smyth" 11a

"Anderson, Ross" 121a

"Anderson, Samuel Morton" 20c

"Anderson, Sarah Jett" 105a

"Anderson, Susan" 24b

"Anderson, Thomas Charles" 150a

"Anderson, Vergil" 45a

"Anderson, W. M. (Tuck)" 76a

"Andes, George" 20b

"Andes, George" 79a

"Andrews, Fannie Hicks" 145a

"Andrews, Jack P." 139a

"Anes, Troy Mitchell" 35c

"Anes, Vertie" 38c

"Angel, Albert" 128a

"Angel, Anna L." 58a

"Angel, Breatrice" 129a

"Angel, Brenda Sue (Infant)" 87a

"Angel, Edna" 157a

"Angel, Ollie" 10b

"Angel, Pealey" 22a

"Angel, Stanley" 131a

"anggelos, Chris" 61a

"Anglin, Brenda" 31a

"Archenbeault, Clem" 69b

"Archenbeault, Lou Ann" 63b

"Armstron, Lillie" 92a

"Armstrong, Nora M." 1b

"Armstrong, Ros" 148a

"Arnett, Nannie" 93a

"Arnett, Oscar" 105a

"Arnold, Charlie" 6c

"Arnold, Ellen J." 122a

"Arnold, George" 29c

"Arnold, Harold D." 114a

"Arnold, Lizzie" 20b

"Arnold, Lorena M." 20c

"Arnold, Magdelline Wills" 141a

"Arnold, Marietta" 37a

"Arnold, Martha Darrell" 27a

"Arnold, Mary Mildred" 12a

"Arnold, Oscar F." 153a

"Arnold, Robert E. Lee" 125a

"Arrowood, Laura" 40b

"Arrowood, Lewis Rev." 114a

"Arthur, Allman" 62b

"Arthur, Dora" 14b

"Arthur, Elizabeth Hardestly" 47a

"Arthur, Jennie F." 6c

"Arthur, John " 60b

"Arthurs, Harry thomas" 92a

"Ashcraft, Ambrose D." 27a

"Ashcraft, Anna F." 6b

"Ashcraft, Betty Sue" 38a

"Ashcraft, Carolyn Fay" 77a

"Ashcraft, Clarence" 43a

"Ashcraft, Clarence David" 157a

"Ashcraft, Earl William" 67b

"Ashcraft, Effie Humble" 144a

"Ashcraft, Elvie M." 54a

"Ashcraft, Eva" 117a

"Ashcraft, Hannah" 56b

"Ashcraft, Harold" 28c

"Ashcraft, James" 137a

"Ashcraft, Lonnie Taylor" 37c

"Ashcraft, Margie Johnson" 5c

"Ashcraft, Martha" 43b

"Ashcraft, Mary" 58a

"Ashcraft, Mary Louise" 150a

"Ashcraft, Minnie" 123a

"Ashcraft, Norma C." 53a

"Ashcraft, Robert" 66b

"Ashcraft, Ruby" 59a

"Ashcraft, Shirley" 41a

"Ashcraft, W. C." 38b

"Ashcraft, William" 3b

"Ashcraft, William Harlan" 84a

"Ashcraft, William Joe" 40a

"Ashley, Mary" 52b

"Ashley, Nettie" 47a

"Ashley, R. B. Mrs." 6a

"Ashley, Ray" 9c

"Ashley, Virgil" 69b

"Ashley, Wiley Nelson" 116a

"Ashley, William Harvey" 97a

"Atchinson, Anna Mildred" 4b

"Atchinson, C. A." 28b

"Atchinson, Claude" 45b

"Atchinson, Elsie P." 27c

"Atchinson, Eugene A." 30b

"Atchinson, Goebel" 54b

"Atchinson, Irvin H." 71a

"Atchinson, Susan V." 3c

"Atchinson, Virginia" 73a

"Atkinson, Mary McConald" 45a

"Attersall, Charles F. Mrs." 71a

"Attersall, Charlie F." 66b

"Attersall, George B." 22b

"Attersall, Lottie" 50b

"Attersall, Mary" 6c

"Austin, Inez" 11a

"Austin, Nancy" 38b

"Auxier, Ellen Day" 111a

"Auxier, Lucille" 24b

"Auzier, Jane Day" 135a

"Avent, J. J." 35c

"Averitt, Jesse Howard" 75a

"Averitt, Jesse W." 58a

"Averitt, Nancy" 8b

"Averitt, Robert" 41b

"Averitt, Robert W." 68b

"Avezac, William" 70a

"Axton, Annie Louis" 72a

"Axton, Mary V." 72a

"Azbell, Nancy" 11a

"Azbill, Betty bush" 105a

"Azbill, Carroll" 59b

"Azbill, Carroll Mrs." 80a

"Azbill, Fannie" 57a

"Azbill, W. S." 12b

"Azbill, Walter P." 27b