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Glidewell Cemetery on Dogwood Drive-Benton AR-Saline Co.

Dogwood Drive
Benton, Arkansas
Saline County

There was a story about this cemetery in the Benton Courier, Thursday, March 15, 2007, about 
the cleanup of this cemetery. <See story below>

While researching, I have concluded this cemetery is Glidewell Cemetery.
The obituary of Mary Louise Glidewell Leech states she is beside her husband, John A. Leech 
in Glidewell Cemetery.

I and my sister-in-law went to the cemetery to survey and take pictures of the stones, Sunday,
March 18th.

There are only 5 gravestones standing,and at least 20 unknown graves, one with an illegible 
funeral home marker, some only marked with rocks.  The ones with gravestones are in really 
good condition.

If you know more about this cemetery, or the families interred in it, please let me know, as
this page will be updated as more information is found.

I've searched the census to find the following names in the census and marriage records.
The results will be listed after the information of each one's gravestones, along with others connected to the families.


APR 21 1843
MAY 10 1926

John Joseph Alexander Leech married Mary Louise Glidewell. In the following census were 
listed: Charles, Clara, Mary W., and Allice M. Other children were Albert, Dottie and Walter 
that had evidently died, as they were not listed in the census.

I assumed the grave with the illegible funeral marker was John A.'s wife, Mary Louise Glidewell 
Leech, but have since been told that it is John's father, who is John W. Leech. Mary Louise is
on the other side of John A.

LEECH, John J. A. 31 to GLIDEWELL, Mary L. Sept. 25 1874 Book:C Page:282 #007006

Mary Louise with son Charles:
1930 SALINE CO. AR Saline Twp 296/308 Line:35-36 Sheet:14A Page:156 ED:25 SD:9 Apr 25
Leech Charles Head O mw 50 s  AR TN AR Carpenter Odd Jobs
Leech Mary L  Mother fw 81 Wd AR TN TN

1920 SALINE CO. AR Saline Twp 167/249 Line:63-65 Sheet:13B ED:188 SD:6 Jan 26
Leech J J A   Head O mw 76 M TN NC NC Farmer Truck Farm
Leech Marry   Wife   fw 70 M AR TN TN
Leech Charles son    mw 41 M AR TN TN Laborer Lumber Yard

1910 SALINE CO. AR Saline Twp 249-259 L21-24 Sheet:13A Page:133 ED:160 SD:6 Apr 27
Leech John A  Head mw 66 M1 35 TN TN TN Farmer Farm Work
Leech Mary L  Wife fw 61 7/3   AR TN TN
Leech Allie M Dau  fw 21 s     AR TN AR

1900 SALINE CO. AR Benton Town; Saline Twp 328/334 Line:68-71 Sheet:17B ED:147 SD:5 Jun 26
Leech John J   Head wm Apr 1843 57 M25 TN NC NC Farmer
Leech Mary L   Wife wf Sep 1848 51 7/3 AR NC TN
Leech Mary W   Dau  wf Jan 1881 19 s   AR TN AR
Leech Allice M Dau  wf Jun 1887 11 s   AR TN AR

1880 SALINE CO. AR Saline Twp 180/185 Line:31-34 Page:20 ED:164 SD:2 Jun 11
Leech John    wm   37 Head M Farmer        TN TN TN
Leech Louisa  wf   31 Wife M Keeping House AR TN TN
Leech Charles wm    2 Son  s               AR TN AR
Leech Clara   wf 7/12 Dau  s b.Nov         AR TN AR

1870 SALINE CO. AR PO:Benton Saline Twp 91/93 Line:18-23 Pg:2014 Jun 25
Leech  William   59 mw Farmer 800 1400 TN
Leech  Elizabeth 54 fw Keeping House   TN
Leech  John J A  27 mw Farm Laborer    TN
Leech  Abner S   17 mw Farm Hand       AR
Ramsey Margaret  32 fw Helps in House  TN
Ramsey Mary L     9 fw                 AR

1860 SALINE CO. AR PO:Benton Saline Twp 958/958 Line:1-8 Pg:147 Pg:699 Jul 30
Leech William   49 m Farmer 800 800 TN
Leech Elizabeth 45 f Farmer         TN
Leech Sarah J   21 f Farmer         TN
Leech William H 19 m Farmer         TN
Leech John J    17 m Farmer         TN Attended School
Leech Martha M  10 f                AR Attended School
Leech Abner S    7 m                AR

1850 SALINE CO. AR Saline Dist 308/325 Line:1-8 Pg:106 Oct 24
Leech William     39 mw Mechanic 200 TN
Leech Elisabeth   35 fw              TN
Leech Margaret P  14 fw              TN
Leech Sarah Jane  12 fw              TN
Leech William H H 10 mw              TN
Leech John J A     8 mw              TN
Leech James J      3 mw              TN
Leech Martha M  3/12 fw              AR

This is proof that they are in Glidewell Cemetery

Obituary of
Mary Louise Glidewell Leech
Benton Courier Nov. 26, 1931 Page 5

Memorial Article of
Mary Louise Glidewell Leech
Benton Courier March 31, 1932 Page 4
  Obituary & Memorial submitted by Patti Vance Hays

BORN DEC. 20, 1886
DIED JUNE 9, 1907
"God Call For Us And Wee Must Go"

Even though Anni's gravestone states Glidewll twice, I believe the name is Glidewell.

HAVE FOUND ANNIE listed as Adopted Daughter in 1900:
1900 PULASKI CO. AR Owen Twp 120/122 Line:93 ED:104 SD:4 Jun 12
Hudson C H   Head   wm Jun 1833 66 M36 MD MD MD Farmer
Hudson Holly Wife   wf Oct 1830 69 6/6 AR AR TN
Hudson W S   G-son  wm Aug 1885 14 s   AR AR AR
Coger  Annie Ad Dau wf Dec 1886 13 s   AR AR AR  *****

Note that Annie's name is Coger in the census and Corger in the marriage records.

GLIDEWELL, Henry 32 Benton-Saline to CORGER, Annie 19 Mabelvale-Pulaski
Feb 9, 1904 Bk:J Pg:238 #0073359

Henry w/2nd wife & family:
1930 SALINE CO. AR Bryant Twp 40/43 Line:54-48 Sheet:2B ED:5 SD:9 Apr 11
Glidewell Henry    Head O mw 57 M37 AR US US Farmer Farming
Glidewell Sarah    Wife   fw 47 M27 OH OH OH
Glidewell Elzwerth Son    mw 18 s   AR AR OH
Glidewell Coy      Son    mw 16 s   AR AR OH
Climmons  Jack     Lodger mw 32 s   AR OH OH

1920 SALINE CO. AR Byrant Twp 173/173 Line:90-94 Sheet:9B ED:183 SD:6 Jan 26
Glydwell Henry     Head O mw 54 M AR SC SC Farmer General Farm
Glydwell Sara      Wife   fw 38 M AR AR AR
Glydwell Ellsworth Son    mw  8 s AR AR AR
Glydwell Coy       Son    mw  5 s AR AR AR
Rainey   John C    Uncle  mw 63 s AR AR AR

1910 SALINE CO. AR Bauxite Twp 79/85 Line:85-88 Sheet:4B ED:153 SD:6 Apr 18
Boarding with Joe A & Hattie H Broyles family
Gedewell Henry Boarder mw 39 Wd AR TN US Wagon Driver General Merchandise

1900 SALINE CO. AR Bryant Twp 155/155 Line:1 Sheet:10A Pg:35 ED:140 SD:5 Jun 21
Boarding w/CC & Sofa Brazel family
Glidel Henry Boarder wm May 1872 28 s AR AR AR Day Laborer

Saline Co AR Marriages
Glidewell, Thomas H 38 to Leech, Martha  36 Dec 23 1858 Bk:B P:178 #0077394
Glidewell, Thomas H 52 to Mayo,  Malissa 30 Aug 18 1873 Bk:C P:243 #0076930
Glidewell, Thomas H    to Raney, Susan      Apr  6 1875 Bk:C P:306 #0077051

Susan was Thomas Henderson Glidewell's 4th wife.
Their son Samuel married one of my cousin's, Clida/Clyda Elrod.
Samuel is a half-brother of Mary Louise Glidewell Leech and Henry Glidewell.
1900 SALINE CO AR Benton Town Saline Twp 333/336 L:83-89 Sheet:17B ED:147 SD:5 Jun 26
Glidewell Susan   Head wf Feb 1846 54 Wd 11/8 TN TN TN Washing
Glidewell Nellie  dau  wf Jul 1879 20 s       AR SC TN
Glidewell Angie   dau  wf Dec 1881 19 s       AR SC TN 
Glidewell William son  mw Jun 1882 17 s       AR SC TN
Glidewell Samuel  son  wm Feb 1884 16 s       AR SC TN (married Clida Elrod)
Glidewell Winnie  dau  wf Nov 1887 12 s       AR SC TN
Glidewell Freddie son  wm Aug 1890  9 s       AR SC TN

Henry w/father, step-mother & siblings - age 8 yrs old:
1880 SALINE CO. AR Saline Twp 182/187 Line:41-45 Page:20 ED:164 SD:2 Jun 11
Glidewell Thomas mw 60 Head M Farmer        SC SC SC
Glidewell Susan  wf 35 Wife M Keeping House NC VA NC
Glidewell Henry  wm  8 son                  TN SC KY *****
Glidewell Finis  wm  3 son                  AR NC TN
Glidewell Nellie wf  1 dau                  AR NC TN

Henry w/parents:
1870 SALINE CO AR PO:Benton Saline Twp 81/84 Line:7-15 Pg:12 Pg:542 Jun 23
Glidewell Thomas H 51 mw Farmer 1000 450 TN
Glidewell Martha   46 fw Keeping House   TN
Glidewell Henry T  16 mw Farm Laborer    AR (Harry T in 1860 census b.1854)
Glidewell Alfred H 12 mw At Home         AR
Love      Fayette  45 mb Farm Laborer    AR
Love      Harriett 35 fb Cook            AR
Love      Margaret  2 fb                 AR
Love      Jane M    1 fb                 AR
Love      Joseph 1/12 mb                 AR

Henry T listed as Harry T w/parents:
1860 SALINE CO AR PO:Benton Owen Twp 437/432 Line:17-24 Pg:67 Pg:619 Jul 3
Glidwell Thomas H   49 m Farmer 800 200 NC
Glidwell Martha     34 f Farmer         TN
Glidwell John H     18 m Farmer         TN
Glidwell Hezekiah E 16 m Farmer         TN
Glidwell Mary L     12 f                AR {Mary Louise married John A. Leech}
Glidwell Frances J  10 f                AR
Glidwell Harry T     7 m                AR (prob. Henry b.1853)
Glidwell Alfred      4 m                AR

1850 SALINE CO AR Saline Dist 5/5 Line:23-28 Pg:167 Oct 5
Glidewell Thomas H  31 m Farmer 100 NC
Glidewell Lethe A   30 f            TN
Glidewell Drewcilla 10 f            TN Attended School
Glidewell Hezekiah   7 m            TN Attended School
Glidewell Mary L     2 f            AR (Mary Louise married John A. Leech)
Glidewell John       8 m            TN

Finis, Henry's half-brother who is Samuel's brother:
1930 SAN FRANCISCO CO CA SF Twp 596/156-298 L:54-55 Sht:12B ED:268 SD:6 Apr 11
Glidewell Finis E    Head R mw 52 M39 AR   LA   AR  No Occupation
Glidewell Margaret A wife   fw 50 M37 Can Scot Scot Manager Apartment House

1920 SALT LAKE CO UT Ft Douglas Military Res Wd:5 29 4/5 L:13-14 Sht:1A P:111 ED:160 SD:2 Jan 3
Glidewell Finis E    Head R mw 41 M3 AR   SC   AR  Sergeant U.S. Army
Glidewell Margaret A wife   fw 40 M3 Can Scot Scot

1910 PULASKI CO AR Ft Logan H Roots Hill Twp L:25 Sht:3A P:133 ED:151 SD:5 Apr:13
Glidwell Finis E Private mw 32 s AR TN AR English Soldier U.S. Army

1900 Philippine Islands Sara Island of Pansy L:79 Sht:2B P:276 Co:G Reg:18th Infantry
Glidewell Finis E Private Benton Ark wm May 18 1877 23 s AR TN AR

Sam Glidewell w/wife & children:
1930 GARLAND CO AR Hot Springs Twp 132 Gaines St 287/420 L:89-92 Sht:16B ED:13 SD:9 Apr 11
Gladwell Sam      Head R15 mw 46 M24 AR AR AR Proprietor Laundry
Gladwell Clyda    wife     fw 38 M21 AR AR AR Laundry House
Gladwell Clarence son      mw 15 s   AR AR AR
Gladwell Edwin    son      mw  9 s   AR AR AR

1920 GARLAND CO AR Hot Springs Twp 138 Gaines Ave 409/437 L:42-44 Sht:15A ED:78 SD:6 Jan 10
Gladwell Sam W      Head R mw 35 M AR TN AR Fireman Army Navy Hospital
Gladwell Clyda      wife   fw 27 M AR AR AR
Gladwell Clarence H son    mw  5 s AR AR AR

WWI DRAFT CARD # 841      Order# 2919
Name: Sam Whitthorn Glidewell
Home Address: 841 Spring St Hot Spgs Garland Ark
Age: 34  Date of Birth: Feb 3 1881
White   Native Born
Occupation: Fireman
Employees Name: U S Govt
Place of Employment: A & N Hospital Hot Spgs Ark
Nearest Relative: Mrs Clida Glidewell
Address: 841 Spring St Hot Spgs Ark
Height: Tall   Build: Medium
Eyes: Brown
Hair: Brown
Sep 12 1918
Local Board for the County of Garland,
State of Ark, Hot Springs, Ark.

U.S. World War II Draft Registration Cards, 1942  
Serial Number: 1189  1. Name: Sam Whitthorn Glidewell
2. Place of Residence: 308 Jackson, Hot Springs, Garland, Ark
3. Mailing Address: 308 Jackson, Hot Springs, Garland, Ark
4. Telephone: 4357  5. Age in years: 58  6. Place of Birth: Benton, Saline
   Date of Birth: Feb 3 1884  Town or county: Arkansas
7. Name and Address of Person Who Will Always Know Your Address:
   Fred H. Glidewell, 201 Blake, Hot Springs, Ark
8. Employer's Name and Address: Clarence Glidewell
9. Place of Employment: Laundry, 308 Jackson, Hot Springs, Ark

Who are these two Glidewell's?:
1920 GARLAND CO AR Hot Springs Twp Wd:6 292/381 L:100-3 Sht:13B-14A ED:84 SD:6 Jan 15
Ellison   Elijah H Head O mw 47 M MS GA GA Salesman Grocery Store
Ellison   Louise V wife   fw 46 M AR TN VA
Glidewell Alfred L b-i-l  mw 38 s AR TN VA b.1882 *****
Glidewell Willie A b-i-l  mw 34 s AR TN VA b.1886 *****
Goodspeed's History of Saline County 1890, Central AR, Saline Co.  page 265-266
Biography of Thomas H. Glidewell, Jr.
Thomas H. Glidewell, one of the oldest farmers of Saline Township, was born in North Carolina, 
in the year 1819, and is the son of Thomas H. and Susan (Allen) Glidewell, natives, 
respectively, of Virginia and North Carolina, and of Scotch and Welsh origin. 
Thomas H. Glidewell, Sr., was an overseer in North Carolina for some four years moving from 
there in 1823, and settling in Lincoln County, Tenn., where he bought wild land and soon made 
himself a home and farm, keeping a country inn. Remaining there until 1857, he then moved to 
Cape Giradeau, Mo. Near Jackson. While in Tennessee Mr. Glidewell was captain in the State 
militia, and was known as Col. Glidewell. After coming to Missouri he engaged in farming for 
two years, dying in 1861. He was married about 1816 the first time, becoming by this marriage 
the father of thirteen children, five of whom survive: Thomas H. (our subject), John and Mary 
(twins, the latter the wife of Mr. Steelman), Drucilla (widow of Abner Freeman ), and William 
J. (who lives in Florida). The mother died about 1834. She was an honored member of the 
Baptist Church. Mr. Glidewell was married the second time to Agnes Billings, who bore him 
these children: Atlanta (wife of Isaac Ridicks, who lives in Cape Girardeau County, Mo.), 
Terry (who lives in Illinois), Babe (in Illinois), and Rufus (in Illinois). Mrs. Glidewell 
died in 1884. She and her husband were both members of the Baptist Church. John Glidewell 
served in the War of Independence as a private, and Thomas H. Glidewell was a soldier in the 
War of 1812, being in the battles of Norfolk and Richmond, VA. 
At the early age of seventeen years, Thomas H. Glidewell, the subject of this sketch, began 
life as a farmer on rented land in Central Tennessee. After ten years of farming he joined a 
colony of thirty-one families, en-route to Dallas County, Tex. As most of the colonists died 
there, Mr. Glidewell only remained until fall. The colony was planted by Mercer, who received 
a large tract of land from the Territory, provided he would settle it by a certain time. Mr. 
Glidewell received 640 acres of land for his portion, but the locality proved so unhealthy 
that he left. His father-in-law and brother-in-law were buried there, and his wife and mother, 
four years later, secured a title to the 1,280 acres given them. In 1847 Mr. Glidewell settled 
on Saline River, within two miles of Benton, acting as overseer for two years for Green B. 
Hughes. In 1851 he entered the land on which he now lives, for 12 cents per acre. 
This farm now consists of 160 acres, with 80 acres under cultivation. 
Mr. Glidewell has been married 4 times. The first wife was Miss Leath A. Simmons, who became 
the mother of ten children, seven of whom survive: Drucilla (widow of James Eddleman, living 
in this county), James H. (in this township), H.E. (in Little Rock, and the present treasurer 
of Pulaski County, Ark.), Francis (in Hot Springs), Louisa (wife of John Leath [LEECH]), and 
Alfred (in the State of Oregon). Mrs. Glidewell died in 1857, a member of the Baptist Church. 
Mr. Glidewell's second marriage was to Miss Martha Leach [LEECH] (a member of the Methodist 
Episcopal Church) in 1858. She died in 1874. [Note from CR: believe she was Henry T's mother.]
In 1875 he was married to Mrs. Melissa Mayo, from whom he was separated in 1877. 
His fourth marriage was to Miss Susan Reaney[Raney], in 1878. By this union there were nine 
children, seven of whom are living: Doctor A. (deceased), Finnis, Nellie L., Angie, William, 
Samuel, Addie (deceased), Wyatt and Winnie (twins). Mr. Glidewell served a few months in the 
Confederate home guards, and was taken to little Rock by the United States troops and 
imprisoned for three weeks. At the close of the war he found himself nearly broken up. He has 
been justice of the peace for three years, and served his township as constable for nine years. 
He is a member of the Cumberland Presbyterian Church, while his wife has linked her faith with 
the Baptists. The I.O.O.F. also claim him as a member. He votes with the Democratic Party, and 
is thoroughly imbued with the spirit of improvement. 
Mrs. Glidewell is the daughter of Timothy and Mary Reaney, who were natives of Tennessee. 
Timothy Reaney came to this State in 1848, settling in Hot Spring County, where they reared a 
family of ten children, eight of whom are now living: Martha (wife of Thomas Richardson ), 
Catharine (wife of C. Brooks ), Susan (now Mrs. Glidewell), Josephine (wife of M.C. McConckey), 
Robert, John Richmond, Sarah (at home), Thomas Dean (died when small), William and Fannie.


Apr. 13, 1866
Jan. 23, 1918
There is rest in heaven
Woodmen of the World
Camp No. 168
Benton, Ark.

The J. E. Puthuff in the following marriage records doesn't seem to be the one married to
Lucy Puthuff, as she died in 1909, at age 72 yrs. making her birth abt. 1837.
Lucy's gravestone states she was the wife of John Puthuff, So... it could be Lucy is J. E's 
mother, and her husband, J. E's father was named John also.
Florence may be J.E.'s little sister that died before she reached 10 yrs old.

Another interesting item:
There is a James Puthuff, age 66 (born 1864) living next door to Charles and Mary Louise
Leech in the 1930 census.

PUTHUFF, J. E. 25 Benton to MANGUM, Mattie 18    Benton Mar 3, 1892 Bk:G Pg:295 #0074860
PUTHUFF, J. E. 36 Benton to PETTY,  Hattie 27    Benton Jul 7, 1904 Bk:J Pg:286 #0073409
PUTHUFF, W. B.           to WRAY,   Mina Lavinia        Jun 5, 1929 Bk:T Pg:366 #0067338

Sharon Cemetery
Puthuff, Mattie E, w/o J E Puthuff d/o J. H. and N. C. Mangum 10/27/1873-3/28/1892
Note: Mattie married March 3 and died March 28th.

I believe J H is the brother of John Ellis Puthuff:
1910 SALINE CO. AR Saline Twp 247/257 Line:16-17 Sheet:13A Pg:133 ED:160 SD:6 Apr 27
Puthuff J H   Head         mw 46 Wd     KY KY KY Farmer Farmwork            b.1864
Riggin  Annie House Keeper fw 56 Wd 6/3 TN US US Housekeeper Private Family

John Ellis Puthuff w/2nd wife:
1910 SALINE CO. AR Saline Twp 210/219 L:54-56 Sheet:11B ED:160 SD:6 Apr 26
Puthuff Ellis  Head mw 40 M2 6   KY KY KY Laborer Odd Jobs
Puthuff Hattie Wife fw 33 M1 2/1 AR TN TN
Puthuff Clyde  Son  mw  7 s      AR KY AR

1900 SALINE CO. AR Benton Town; Saline Twp 318/321 Line:13-15 Sheet:17A Pg:127 ED:147 SD:5 Jun__
Puthuff James H Head    wm Mar 1864 36 s      KY KY KY Farmer
Puthuff John E  Brother wm Apr 1866 34 Wd     KY KY KY Saw Laborer Saw Mill
Puthuff Rebecca Mother  wf Jan 1844 66 Wd 5/4 KY KY KY b.1834

John E's sister (can't find John E):
1870 GREENUP CO. KY PO:Greenupsburg Pct:1 366/358 L:14-16 P:51 P:26 Jun 20
Wilson  James    38 mw Farmer 500 --- England
Wilson  Mary     28 fw House Keeping  KY
Puthuff Margaret 15 fw Seamstress     KY

Believe this to be John E's parents & siblings:
1860 GREENUP CO. KY PO:Greenupsburg 455/452 Line:3-8 Pg:44 Jul 9
Puthuff John W     33 m Farmer 3000 250 KY
Puthuff Rebecca    22 f                 KY b.1838
Puthuff Rhoda       9 f                 KY Attended School
Puthuff Watson      6 m                 KY
Puthuff Margarette  4 f                 KY
Drake   Mary       15 f Domestic        KY

It has been found on Ancestry that Rebecca's maiden name was Osburn.

This may or may not be John E's father:
1850 GREENUP CO. KY First Dist 509/516 L:22-26 ED:1 Oct 2
Puthuff John    27 m Laborer KY
Puthuff Frances 30 f         OH
Drake   Silas    8 m         OH Attended School
Drake   Nancy    6 f         OH Attended School
Drake   Mary     4 f         KY


wife of
Died Jan. 27, 1909
Age 72 YRS.
Gone To A Brighter Home,
Where Grief Can Not Come


John & Lucy
Born May 9, 1863
Died Jan 15, 1898
At Rest

March 15, 2007
By Rickie Adams
Benton code officers help clean up cemetery    
Benton code enforcement officers recently cleaned up an abandoned cemetery on Dogwood Drive.
    The cemetery contains numerous graves, including the grave of John A. Leech, a private in 
the Confederate Army. The oldest grave dates back to 1898.
    �There are probably graves in there we don�t even know about,� Code Enforcement Officer 
Bobby Shell said last week, noting the many gravestones that were knocked down and large 
stones that seemed to serve as gravestones. 
    �There�s a big oak tree there, too, that�s probably seen all of it,� Code Enforcement 
Officer Jody Morphew said.
    The project was spearheaded by Shell, who found out about the property last June when a 
woman from the neighborhood complained about pests and insects originating from the property.
A tree from the cemetery also fell onto the property at 308 Dogwood a few years ago during an 
ice storm, Shell said. 
Shell and the Community Development Office began researching the property. 
    �Everyone that we contacted that we thought might have ties to the property all denied 
knowing anything about it,� Shell said. �We�ve been to the courthouse and looked at every 
record that we know of and we can�t find anybody� related to the property. 
    The Code Enforcement Division declared the property abandoned and received approval from 
Benton Mayor Rick Holland and Benton Chief of Police Gary Sipes to assume control of the 
    A crew from the Arkansas Department of Corrections began cleaning up the property last 
Tuesday and finished the task on Friday. 
    The crew was comprised of Act 309 inmates. 309 inmates are �good behavior-type inmates 
that help out with government-type stuff such as maintenance,� Morphew said.
    The crew cut down dead trees and cleared out the undergrowth at the property, using a 
wood chipper truck provided by the City of Benton. A large dead tree and tree stumps on the 
property will be taken care of soon, Shell said.
    Shell said several unmarked graves were found during the process. 
    �It looks 100 percent better,� Shell said. �We�ve just got to maintain what we�ve done.�
    The Department of Community Corrections will help the officers maintain the cemetery, 
Shell said. 
Shell and the Code Enforcement Division have already received several complements from 
residents on Dogwood Drive, although he still hopes to find anyone that has ties to the 
�Maybe if someone sees this story they�ll come forward,� Shell said. �We don�t want them to 
think they�re going to be in trouble for the poor conditions. We just want to find out if 
anyone has a claim (to the property)�. 
For information about this property, contact the Benton Police Department Code Enforcement 
Division at 776-5965.  

Survey by Charlotte Ramsey & Pat Stacks Ramsey, March 18, 2007
Research by Charlotte Curlee Ramsey & Pat Stacks Ramsey
Thanks to Reporter Rickie Adams of the Benton Courier for use of the story
Thanks to Patti Vance Hays for the information she submitted

Charlotte Curlee Ramsey

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