PAF 5.1.x overview

Personal Ancestral File (PAF)

Personal Ancestral File 5.1 (Build 5.1.12) is a new Windows®-based version of one of the most widely used genealogical management programs for home computers. The new software program can be downloaded free from the Internet. PAF 5.1 does not provide genealogical data. Instead, it helps users organize their family history records. It can produce, either on screen or on paper, family histories, pedigree charts, family group records, and other reports to help users in their search for missing ancestors. This version includes changes to the individual record to accommodate the wide variety of naming conventions used throughout the world. This version will convert PAF 3.0 and 4.0 data files to its improved file format.

Features allow users to:

System Requirements:

PAF 5.1.12 Download Instructions and Options.
(The program is free!)

PAF 5.1 is now available in more than one language. You can download the program in one language and add additional languages as needed, or download one file with all languages and options. You can type names and other information in any language in PAF 5.1. However, to see the program screens and reports in one of the languages, you will need that language.

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PAF 5.1 in One Language

Click the download button for the program in the language you want. Select and write down the location where you want to save the file. After the file is downloaded, go to that location and double-click the file you downloaded. Each file includes a user's guide.

Add A Language

If you need to run PAF 5.1 in more than one language, click to download each additional language file.

Other Options

Download Lessons (English only).

(Size: 8.5 MB) (Highly recommended for all beginners)

The lessons are available to download or to view online. Install PAF 5.1 first. To use the lessons select Lessons from the PAF 5.1 Help menu.

Download International Font.

(Size: 11 MB)

This font or another Unicode font is needed to display characters from languages such as Japanese, Chinese, and Korean. During installation this font will be copied to the Windows Font Folder.

All in One

All Languages and Options.

(Size: 38.9 MB)

This includes program files for English, German, Japanese, Chinese, Korean, and Swedish; the user's guides; lessons (English only); and international font. Use only if you have a high_speed Internet connection, such as DSL.

Also available:

PAF data viewer for Palm handhelds.

(Size: 52 KB)

The Personal Ancestral File 5.0 User's Guide is in the Adobe PDF format and requires Adobe Acrobat Reader 3.0 or later to view. If you need the reader, click to download it free.

If the download is interrupted (that is, lost phone connection), you will need to return to this page to begin the download again. You may want to bookmark this page with your web browser in case you decide to download other files later.

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