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In March of 2011, members voted to disband.


Capital PAF Users' Group, Inc. was a non-profit, genealogical, scientific corporation, incorporated in the State of Maryland in 1986.


To provide an environment in which persons with common interests may meet to study and exchange ideas concerning the use of personal computers for genealogical purposes. This includes the study of any of the genealogy programs available, including Personal Ancestral File/PAF® published by The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Study is also provided for programs that assist in genealogical computing, such as, word processors, graphic programs, Internet browsers, e-mail, etc.


PAF is an acronym for Personal Ancestral File®, a computer-genealogy lineage-linked database program produced, disseminated, and supported by the LDS Church.

It is currently available as a WIN® or MAC® program. The WIN version and the manual (.PDF format) are free and available for download from under *Order Products* The MAC version has not been updated since the mid-1990s.

MORE about PAF ...

PAF 5 is said to hold an "unlimited" number of individuals.

DOS versions held up to 65,000 individuals; a single individual may marry as many as 30 times and have as many as 30 children per marriage.

PAF produces from your data a wide variety of charts, forms, and reports. PAF 5 supports digitized pictures, video and audio clips, interactive scrapbooks and slide shows, and web pages.


There are hundreds of utility programs for the DOS version which produce more and different charts, manipulate the data, organize the data, and generally help you out. A majority of these are available only in shareware; some also have later editions out commercially. Many are available from our Disc Library, now being uploaded.

There are fewer shareware/freeware utilities for PAF 4 or PAF 5, but a number of for-fee applications.

NOTE: The data structure changed completely with PAF 3, so none of the DOS utilities will work with anything newer than PAF 2.31.


CPAFUG had an annual Show'n'Tell meeting, on the 2nd Saturday of December, and for most of our existence met monthly.

The group maintained a large library of shareware and/or freeware software for genealogical applications. Over 1600 files are available for MAC-OS or DOS to supplement your PAF 2.x. These are now being uploaded to this site, and the URL will be posted when that is more complete. There was a "Buddy list" of current, experienced members upon whom other members could call for assistance.

We assisted with data-entry for the Civil War Soldiers and Sailors Systemeye candy

We have a mailing list for our members to discuss and exchange ideas, comments, information, and generally support one another's genealogical and genealogical computing efforts. This list will remain active for the immediate future. You may subscribe by sending a message saying SUBSCRIBE. Please turn off HTML and .sig files. You will receive an automated confirmation.

In addition, we supported the genealogy seminars offered by the Washington DC Temple Family History Center.


In 2002, CPAFUG instituted a Grants program to provide modest funding for projects specifically benefitting the family history and genealogy aims of the Metropolitan Washington DC area. Due to lack of applicants, this was discontinued about 2006.


See our References File first.

PAF 5.1 overview.

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Genealogically speaking ...

Book Stores

Some of the genealogy booksellers in the local DC area are: the Borders branches in MD and VA; and This Is The Place, in Kensington, MD.


IDENTITY THEFT is becoming a serious problem. Crooks can get enough information from your family data on the Internet, to enable them to steal your identity and thereby access your bank accounts, charge debts to accounts they create in your name, as well as ruin your credit!

As it is very easy to post family files on the Internet, people are posting personal information about family members, which is readily accessible to crooks.

There are now a number of programs that will create an HTML file from your genealogical database. Other people have created these files from paper sources. PLEASE take some time to consider the following points

It is, therefore, recommended that such personal information not be made public on anyone born after the 1920 census.

Better yet, don't even _share_ data about anyone born after 1900. Don't trust the receiver to abide by your request not to publish such data on the Internet or elsewhere. It would be too easy for them to forget, or pass on to a third party who could post or publish it.

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The Shanholtzer Reunion recurs the fourth Saturday in June each year. Ask the organizer for more details.


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