Some family pictures, mostly from Allie Coyne Silsby, my Uncle John Coyne and from my parents Bernard Edward Coyne and Mildred June Calkins.

Annie Coyne, daughter of Thomas, who died in England from TB. The family gathered on Ellen's front steps. Ellen, Gert and Nora Coyne. Ellen, Mary, John and Joe Coyne Great Uncle Joe and Ellen Coyne
Great Grandfather John Cohen Leo and Bernard Coyne. Leo, Veronica and Thomas in Yorkshire during WW I. Group photo of Bernard, Mary and John Coyne Tommy Coyne, the ball player.
1912 Clark Mills soccer team Ellen Cohen and her eight sons. Frank, Leo and Larry play soccer. Larry tries football Larry, Leo and Vincent make the team.
1912 Team Friberg women Nora Coyne Hunt-Craig Marriage Register Cohen-Craig marriage Register