Oswego County

Oswego county was created in 1816 from parts of Oneida and Onondaga. The county seat is the city of Oswego located at the mouth of the Oswego river in the south east corner of Lake Ontario. Oswego in the Mohawk language means “ the outpouring.”

The following table is my attempt at locating Revolutionary War burials in Oswego county New York. It's taken the 1835 Pensioner Census, Findagrave.com and the Daughter's of the American Revolution website. It should not be taken as final in any way. DAR# is the number assigned by the Daughters of the American Revolution and FAG# is the memorial number on findagrave.com. The burials with a memorial on Findagrave have been collected into a virtual cemetery, that may contain more information and photos.

Oswego Co. Revolutionary Burials

SurnameGivenSuffixB YrD YrCityFAGDAR#
AckermanRobert 17631839  A000318
AlexanderJonathan S 17491838Mexico A202877
AllenEbenezer 17611845Schroeppel16588269A001494
BakemanHenry 17651835 97969937A204447
BakerJoel 17621839Volney A004966
BakerThomas 17511840Sandy Creek12525341A005097
BaldwinJabez 17631844Sandy Creek47622989A005273
BargyPeter 17581845Sandy Creek16364830A129760
BarnesGamaliel 17571853Mexico20138271A006319
BarnesTimothy 17491825Clinton26220019A006413
BarrettHezekiah 1762>1832Scriba A006662
BarringerPeter c17501839Williamstown A006741
BatesReuben 17621835Pulaski16129931A007496
BeebeAlexander 17591841Mexico12306010A008444
BellWilliam  1828Volney20833839 
BennettNathaniel c1744>1820  A111836
BonnerJohn c17451849  A012004
BentleyGideon 17501858Constantia20321426A009440
BishopSylvanus 17651860Oswego101217617A010495
BlodgettArtemus 1752>1820Hannibal A206434
BlountWilliam 17421836  A011521
BradleyElihu 17561842Volney47642843A013475
BragdonSamuel 17621852Richland20339695A013627
BreedJohn 17571846Richland126108033A013961
BreedOliver 17571834Volney50197492A013971
BristolSamuel 17571834  A014617
BullAbraham 17401820Pulaski16130235A016769
ChaffeeJosiah Jr17651839Volney44086623A026531
CaryLevi 17561845Richland16623729A020235
ChaseJoseph 17531844Pulaski16130080A021159
CherrySamuel 17561825New Haven59733971A021399
ClarkAbram 17531837 101217731A022146
ColbyWilliam 17601847 20172701A024071
ComstockSerajah 17581826Williamstown5647046A024786
CongdonThomas 17431828Scriba16289261A024937
CookWilliam 17591820Mexico89773617A025490
CoombsPeter 17601820  A025636
CoonLevi  1841Pulaski12401623 
CooperJames 17531849Oswego A025745
CrandallEdward 17501834Hannibal A027338
DelanoPhilip 17611848New Haven16724023A031475
DilleyRevidel 1754>1829  A036208
DunbarMiles c17581837Palermo22113702A034723
DunhamDaniel 17621862Mexico A034498
DunlapWilliam 17531817Sandy Creek18917722A034819
DustinJonathanJr17581844Orwell A035534
ErskineJohn 17521844Richland12798785A037114
EvartsSamuel 17461834Mexico89751029A037781
FarmerSamuel 17581838Redfield74927552A038696
FishAaron 17581846Fulton A041227
FranklinNathaniel 17621859Parish14897007A041792
GilbertAllen 17561840Otwell28351230A045060
GilbertTheodoreJr17511826Volney A045209
GoffDavid 1761c1820  A046023
HallJonathan 17561827Volney32567767A049847
HatchEbenezer 17661838New Haven59708919A052742
HewittDaniel c17581826New Haven A065903
HollandJames 17331820  A057144
HopsonSimeon 1747>1837  A058319
HoughJustice 17621829Hannibal A057304
HowardBenjamin 17621842Mexico20138332A020658
HoweEbenezer 17471834Sandy Creek80861229A058263
IngersollJohn 17581840Richland16130135A060081
JacobsNathaniel 17601845Sandy Creek A061297
JohnsonAmos 17601858Redfield73773773A062958
KeelerIsaiah 17611852Butterfly16477966A063872
KenyonJohn 17601849 29356970A064950
Kinney/KinneJesse 17641851Amboy Center12511224A065308
Lamb/LamDavid 17551838Mexico16702688A067991
LeeEbenezerJr17571837Granby A068520
LindseyStephen 17591846Sandy Creek89011760A070629
LoomisEpaphras 17561850Hannibal31168072 
LoomisGrove 17631825Redfield A071448
MasonElnathan H 17541811Pulaski41580909 
McChesneyJohn 17641824Richland18472563A074889
MeachamIsaac 17481828Sandy Creek18917832A076606
MeigsJesse 1763>1782Pulaski A077208
Miller Cornelius H c1759>1820Granby A078694
MinerIchabod 17661861Orwell20155774A080192
MungerJonathan 17581841Palermo18664409A082895
MorganJoseph 17581831Volney A080491
MorseCharlesJr17641835Oswego A081326
MorsePhilip 17621855Albion A081549
MuzzeyRobertSr17381831Sandy Creek20166503?A083669
MyersNichols 17591843  A083939
OlmsteadTimothy 17591848Phoenix5393736A086322
OrmsbeeElisha   Colosee20138389 
OrmsbyEbenezer 17601832 15890887 
OrtonDarius 17601835Williamstown A084315
PackardIsaac 17621843Schroeppel A085589
ParsonsEli  17481830 29844250A088136
ParkhurstJonathan 17621842Hastings34489719 
PerryEleazer 17601819Fruit Valley A089276
PitcherGotlieb 17571838Palermo20835949A089319
PondEbenezer 17281821Oswego A089276
PoolerGeorge 1757>1836Granby A090813
PrattNehemiah 1749>1826  A092602
PriceRufus 17511829Richland12307699A093064
RiceAsaJr17541823 73472071A094824
RiderTimothy 1765 Parish A096426
RisleyRichard c17541848New Haven110798557A096386
Samson/SampsonLeviSr17391828Sandy Creek20166520A209999
SavageJoel 17611835 96967830A100604
SheldonEpaphrasJr17531850Hannibal  A102588
ShoecraftJacob 17591836Boylston20190079A104164
SimmonsIsham 17631845Orwell A103820
SmithAustin 17531846  A104700
SmithJesse 17581841Mexico14980372A105767
SnowReleazerJr17591843New Haven A106660
SpencerIsrael Brainerd 17651832Williamstown20324831A106931
SpencerStephen 17451803Mexico A107129
StacyJohn 17611835New Haven A108051
StoneAlexander 17531838Williamstown20324838A131276
TaylorThomas 17441826Richland12401414A112993
TracyElijah 17411821Sandy Creek A115886
ThrasherJonathan 1761>1837 18917799A115010
TrimEzra c17501834Volney16292840A116516
TuckerJosiah Pascal 17661845Granby20172822A116692
Van BurenJohn 17581821 126379478A117260
Van ValkenburghLawrence c17501828  A119061
VroomanSimon Jacob 17601844 101217683A119568
WadeEdward 17541845Richland51858646A119681
WaitThaddeus 17551823Richland41580822A120375
WalesWilliam 17621813Mexico74824583A120929
WallaceCornelius  17651858Pennellville19912951A119875
WaringSolomon 1761>1840Hastings A206155
WatkinsOliver 17601833  A122339
WeedJohn 17641834Richland20340008A205067
WestAaron 17631840Orwell20155793A123075
WheelerThomas 17491823New Haven89749064A124054
WhippleCaleb 17641851Mexico A124149
WingJonathan 1756>1823  A128568

Oswego County Rev War Notes

Northern Christian Advocate, Auburn, NY, December 1852

Another Revolutionary Soldier Gone

Mr. Samuel Bragdon, the subject of this notice, was born in the Province of Maine, in the town and county of York, at the base of Mount Tatneck, on the 3d of August, in the year 1762, and died Nov. 22, 1852, in the 91st year of his age. He awoke on the morning of his death apparently in usual health, and before 10 o'clock, a.m., those weary wheels of life, which had been in motion for almost a century, stood still. In the early part of 1780 he enlisted in the Revolutionary Army – soon after, he was, by special agreement, transferred from the Infantry to the Artillery, and thus from a three year's service to that of a during war's man. He served under the command of General Knox, at West Point. He was there during the treachery of Arnold, and the arrest and execution of Major Andre. At the close of the war in 1783, he received his discharge at the hands of Gen. Washington, and immediately was chosen to accompany Major Lilley on important and confidential business to Philadelphia. After having thus discharged the duties assigned him, he was entrusted with the care of seven hundred and sixty dollars in gold, and a valuable watch – horse, saddle and bridle, all of which he delivered at the proper destination in the city of Boston. The confidence thus reposed in a youthful soldier just discharged from a three year's hard service, and with out pay, only as he received it in the depreciated currency of the United States, $75 of which he paid for a breakfast between New York and Boston, shows most conclusively the estimation in which he was held by the officers under whom he served.

At the age of twenty eight he married Miss Mehitable Hanscom, whose father, Capt. Hanscom, had died at Valley Forge, while in the service of the American army. With her he lived some thirty eight years, a most devoted and affectionate husband. At her death, which occurred in triumphant Christian hope, in the year 1828, he, after a most severs struggle of deep, heartfelt repentance, in which reason was well neigh dethroned, was happily converted to God. Soon after this glorious event, which occurred when he was about 66 years old, he commenced learning to read and with out an instructor, soon succeeded in so far mastering the language, as to be able to read the Bible with great delight and profit. This practice he has continued with exquisite pleasure during his declining years. It was but a few weeks since that my beloved father told me he found his greatest comfort and consolation in reading the New Testament. A few years since, he married an aged and amiable matron, with whom he has spent his last days, apparently in all the endearments of early love. He was ardently attached to the “Father of his Country” in early life, and in after years to the great Captain of Salvation, and the Shepherd and Bishop of souls.

In 1818 he removed from the State of Maine, with his family of six sons, to the town of Richland, in Oswego county, NY, in which town he ever after lived, and in it most peacefully and quietly died. Those sons all survive him, and I trust are bending their course to that Heavenly country where have already met, in glorious blessedness, the father, and the mother, an only daughter and sister of cherub loveliness. But I must forbear. My heart is full. Peace, peace to all their memories.

C.P. Bragdon
Auburn, Dec. 16, 1852

Evening Chronicle, Syracuse, NY, Monday, October 29, 1855

Gideon Bentley, a Revolutionary soldier, was born in the State of Rhode Island, and was in the naval and land service of the Revolutionary War. He was born the 12 th day of August, 1750, and was one hundred and five years old the 12th day of August last. He has had two wives, both of whom are now dead, and by his two wives he had thirteen children, all of whom are now living – the oldest 74 and the youngest 40 – all hale and hardy. He now resides in Constantia, Oswego County, New York, and was, at his last birth – day, in good health, with very good use of his limbs; could walk and go about very actively with the aid of one staff. He is but very little bowed down, and converses well on most subjects.

The Roman Citizen, Rome, NY, Wednesday, December 3, 1856

A Touching Scene

Mr Editor – Among those who cast their votes for Fremont at our election yesterday, was Gideon Bentley, an aged survivor of the Revolution. He is the father of thirteen living children – the ancestor of six Generations, numbering in all two hundred and twenty four souls who are descended from him in direct line. He participated in the most important battles of our great struggle for liberty – voted for Washington – has cast a ballot at every Presidential election since – and has since the days of Jefferson until within a few months been a soldier in the ranks of the Democracy. It was an affecting sight to behold that Patriarch of our first Revolution, advancing thro' the crowd to have his name registered, probably for the last time, upon the poll list of a four years campaign. For a few moments, as the thoughtless throng realized the truth of the scene, there was a deathlike silence. The half uttered oath died upon the lips of the blasphemer – the fiery political wrangler ceased to curse and condemn his fellow man, and some one and all drew back to make room for him who had fought by the side Washington.

As the old veteran, standing erect beneath the weight of one hundred and six years, presented his vote, his memory went back over the wide billows of life, to another time that ”tried men's souls,” and in tones tremulous with emotion, he exclaimed, “eighty years ago I fought for Freedom, and now I shall vote for Freedom.” The above is no fancy sketch. Those who doubt it's truth can, at any time, satisfy themselves by visiting the old gentleman, at the residence of his son, Joseph Bentley, of Constantia, NY

James G Clarke

Utica Morning Herald and Daily Gazette, Utica, NY, Saturday, January 23, 1858

Madison Co – Gideon Bentley, a revolutionary veteran, died at Constantia last Wednesday. Mr. Bentley was about 107 years of age, and retained his facilities and vigor until his death. He was elected an honorary member of the Syracuse Citizens Corps and that Company attended his funeral and buried the veteran with military honors.