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Journal and Republican, Lowville, NY, Wednesday, July 7, 1880

A Bullet in a Body Sixty Seven Years

A few days ago, L. A. Stoddard and others as they were digging up the body of Ephraim Allen, in the old Reuben Frary burying ground, in the west part of the town, where it laid 67 years, preparatory to removing it with several other bodies to the Harrisburg burying ground, found a bullet that killed Mr Allen in the year 1813 or 67 years ago. In July, 1813, Mr Allen, who was an uncle of Mr L A Allen, now living, was on his way to Sacketts Harbor with two other gentlemen, to join the army, all on horseback. When about four miles beyond Watertown, at a tavern kept by one Allen, but now known as the Blanchard House, they met a British ranger, mounted on horseback. While they were conversing together, a women stepped up to the ranger and handed him a dish of strawberries. Mr Allen laughingly remarked that she was partial with her berries. The Briton drew his pistol and remarking that he would kill somebody, fired at Mr Allen, the bullet entering his right breast. He fell from his horse and expired the next day. The ranger escaped. Mr Allen was buried July 8, 1813, with the bullet in his body. And this is the bullet found the other day in the dust in the grave and is now in the possession of Mr Stoddard. More than half of it has been eaten away by the action of the elements. As they were exhuming the body, Mr Stoddard, who knew of the circumstances connected with the murder, said “I will give a dollar to anyone finding the bullet.”

BPC; This article leads me to believe that the "Ferry Road" cemetery listed on Findagrave for Lewis county, NY, should be "Frary Road." This road is abondoned and is open only part of it's orginal length between NYS Rt 12 and No. 3 road.

The National Semi-Centennial Celebration in 1826.

From The History of Lewis County, by Franklin B Hough, 1883, PP 141-142. This book is available free Online.

The completion of the first half-century of our National history, was duly celebrated by a county meeting held at Lowville, July 4, 1826, and presented a feature of peculiar interest from the number of Revolutionary veterans assembled from all parts of the county, to honor it with their presence. Fifty-five of these were present at the dinner, and their names, present and former residence and age, were presented as follows :—

1826 Roll Call

NameResidenceFormer ResidenceAge
Levi AdamsMartinsburgGianby, CT63
Charles AllenMartinsburgWindsor, CT64
Joseph AndersonDenmarkCummington, VT71
Jonathan AustinDenmarkCharleston, RI71
Jonathan Ball *LowvilleSouthborough, MA75
Jesse BenjaminMartinsburgPreston, CT63
Luther BenjaminTurinCanterbury, CT67
Taylor ChapmanLowvilleWindsor, CT63
Leonard ChambersDenmarkDublin, Ire.78
Samuel ClarkDenmarkNewton, MA71
Isaac ClintonLowvilleMilford, CT68
Josiah DeweyLeydenLebanon, CT68
Benjamin DowdTurinMiddleton, CT64
Giles EastonMartinsburgEast Hartford, CT64
Thomas FarrMartinsburgChesterfield, NH67
Samuel GarnseyLowvilleDummerston, VT64
Timothy GordenMartinsburgFreehold, NJ70
Samuel GowdyMartinsburgEnfield, CT66
Elijah GrangerMartinsburgSouthwick, MA64
Peter HatheryTurinMinden, NY59
John IvesTurinMeriden, CT65
Solomon KingLowvilleAmenia, NY70
William RisnerHarrisburghCanajoharie, NY66
Nathaniel LaneLowvillePeekskill, NY58
Ezekiel LymanTurinCanterbury, CT66
Zelak MeadHarrisburghSalem, NY75
William MillerMartinsburgMiddletown, NY67
Ithamer MorganTurinWest Springfield, MA64
Charles MorseLowvillePlainfield, CT63
Jeremiah NottMartinsburgElizabethtown, NJ63
Ichabod MurrayLowvilleNew Milford, CT70
Jacob NashDenmarkBraintree, MA90
Henry MumfordMartinsburgBoston, MA86
Silas PerkinsMartinsburgWindham, CT62
Isaac PerryLowvilleFredericksburgh, NY66
Solomon RootMartinsburgFarmington, CT63
Peter Ryel *DenmarkFishkill, NY67
Elijah SkeelsMartinsburgKent, CT73
Levi SmithLeydenHaddam, CT73
John ShullLowvillePalatine, NY81
Hendrick SchafferLowvilleManheim, NY66
Abiather SpauldingDenmarkDover, NY69
James StevensLowvilleGlastonbury, CT69
Nicholas StreeterMartinsburgStone Arabia, NY74
Joseph TalmadgeMartinsburgEast Hampton, NY71
Edward ThompsonLowvilleGranby, CT66
Jesse ThrallLowvilleWindsor, CT72
Daniel ToppingTurinSouthampton, NY84
Willard WarrinerMartinsburgWilbraham, MA70
Joseph VanIngen DenmarkSchenectady, NY63
Jeremiah WilcoxMartinsburgMiddletown, CT81
Josiah WoolworthLeydenEllington73
Levi WoolworthTurinSufield, CT69
Samuel WeymanMartinsburgBrethren, MA67
Mathias WormwoodLowvilleJohnstown, NY75

* Mr. Ball died in Lowville, August 15, 1832, aged 79 years.
* Mr. Peter Ryel died in Denmark, September 17, 1851, aged 80 years.

General George D. Ruggles acted as Marshal of the day, and the following military companies participated in the celebration, viz : Artillery from Turin, Captain Homer Collins; Light Infantry from Martinsburgh, Captain Conkey; Rifles from Lowville, Captain Dodge; and Rifles from Martinsburgh, Captain Coates. The Union band of Lowville Academy, under Captain G. De Feriet, discoursed patriotic music, and the Rev. Isaac Clinton delivered an oration at the Methodist church.

The census of 1840, returned the names of thirty-eight Revolutionary pensioners, of whom fourteen were widows. Their names and ages were as follows:—


Elizabeth Graves, yj; John S. Clark, 78; Louisa Munger, 79; Hannah Mores, 88 ; Elias Sage, 83 ; Joseph Van Ingen ; Peter Royal, 80.


John Slaughter, 86.


Elias Jones, 81; William Risner, 81; Garret Marcellus, 80.


John Buck, y6 ; Elisha Buck; Wilham Chadwick, 79; Arthur Gordon, 80.


Lydia Dewey, 79; Elizabeth Cone, 76; Ada Miller, 86; Lewis Smith, 87; William Topping, 75; Hezekiah Johnson, 79.


Ruth Adams; Jesse Benjamin, 81 ; Anna Easton, 69; Lydia Green, 80; Edward Johnson, 81; Salmon Root, 77; Peter Vandriessen, 75 ; Bartholomew Williams, 76


Catharine Forbes, 84.


Benjamin Dowd, 79; Giles Foster, 83.


Sarah Puffer, 75 ; Jacob Shutz, 78; Elizabeth Webb, 81; Lewis Day, 73 ; Sarah Farr, 73.

West Turin

Jonathan CoUins, 84; Simeon Strickland, 54

The Journal and Republican, Lowville, NY, Thursday, May 25, 1905, Page 5

Column 2

W. D. Parker, adjutant of G. D Bailey Post, discovered the other day pieces of a dilapidated tomb stone in the little burying ground this side of Black river, near the residence of J W Jones, on the bank of the river, and found the name inscribed on the stone to be that of Col John Spafford, a revolutionary soldier, who died March 24, 1828, aged 74 years. The landing here was called Spafford's landing for a long time. Col Spafford was at the taking of Ticonderoga in 1775, under Ethan Allen, and commanded a company of militia.

Column 6

“Cover Them Over”

List of Deceased Soldiers and Sailors in Lowville Whose Graves Will Be Decorated Next Tuesday

The following is the list of soldiers buried in the different cemeteries in the town of Lowville whose graves will be decorated Memorial day, May 30th. Flags will be placed on the graves Monday evening, May 29th, and it's hoped that no one will molest them in any way. It is the desire of Post Bailey that no soldier's grave will be overlooked, but that the flag they fought for will mark their last resting place. If any one knows of any other soldier's grave in this town not mentioned here, they will confer a favor on the Post by informing the adjutant of the post, W. D. Parker.

Rural Cemetery

War of the Revolution – Capt. Charles Davenport, John Shull War of 1812 – Billa Davenport, Ira Davenport, Benjamin Davenport, Alexander Davenport, Charles Davenport, Dr. Ira Adams, Maj M Wells, Seymour Murray, Jehial Rice, Abel S Rice, Gen Joseph Northrup, Reuben Chase, Henry McCarty, Timothy Mills, Joseph Arthur, Thomas Nickleson, Ransom Stevens, Calvin Lewis, Jared House, Chas. Dayan, Emanuel Morse, Andrey Shaffer, Davison Mosher, Oliver Hedden, Simeon Stoddard.

War of the Rebellion - John Herring, Charles Phillips, Michael Phalon, Capt. Michael Kirley, Maj Lewis F Dewey, David O'Keeffe, Daniel Sullivan, John Sullivan, George S Porter, Michael Smith, Nelson Soper, David Loucks, Cyrus Sheldon, John Lamont, Henry Rittis, Christopher Vigo Typho Holm, Albert Loffler, Edward R Dayan, Patrick Kennedy, Anson Rockwell, Sidney Day, James Noleu, Harry Grant, Louis Toussaint, George W Morrow, J S Vorees, Ichabod D Murray, Christopher Boyle, David Reese, Samuel Rea, W W Bates, George R Barrett, James Powell, George Carte, Geo w Archer, Augustus C Stephens, Andrew Sweet, Nathaniel Pratt, William Moran, Peter George, Dick Scofield, Wellington McNett, Dr Franklin Hough, Sylvester Miller, William R Merrill, Jacob Morse, Benjamin F King, Peter Munce, Michael O'Horo, Peter S Callahan, Joseph Radell, Truman Hulbert, Thomas Noon, Patrick Burk, Dr Monroe P Crosby, Cyrus Garvin, Lieut H P Chambers, James Forsythe, Henry Fraker, Herman Milks, George G Henry, Lieut Warren l Scott, Alexander Nichols, Lieut Louis Croissant, Capt John Beattie, Henry Haberer, William Voight, James Wood, Peter Callahan, Frank Locklin, Elisha Back, Edson Mellon, Michael Kelley, John Phillips, C D Scofield, Christopher Holzworth, F B Towsley, A P Harrington.

Old Cemetery

War of the Revolution – Capt. Jonathan Rogers

War of 1812 – Ira Stevens, Anchon Shon, Joseph Webb, Lemuel Wood.

War of the Rebellion – George Woodward, Charles Simons, Frank Porter, Hiram Porter, Milo Tuttle, Henry Diefendorf, Henry B Sabine, Luther woodruff, James Baker.

Friends Cemetery

War of the Revolution – Rufus Spencer War of 1812 – John Tuttle

West Lowville Cemetery

War of 1812 – Col Nathan Cook, Fedrus Carter, Isaac C??, ?? C??, John Allen, Pardon Laupher, Abel Laupher, John Starring, Israel Knight.

War of the Rebellion – Sylvester Day, John Bradt, William J Jones, Alfred Porter, Ira Holin, Carl Thomas, Wm. Bickfor

Frary Cemetery

(BPC; Ferry Road)

War of 1812 – Rev Ichabod D Murray, Juba Murray

East Road Cemetery

(BPC; Reed Fairwood Cemetery)

War of the Rebellion – Jeremiah Plopper, Josiah Phinney, Howard Arthur, Jones Cummins, James Plopper

On the Square

(BPC; Stowes Square Cemetery)

War of 1812 – Fenner Bosworth, Moses Waters, David Brigam, Capt. Jesse Wilcox, Rev Moses Dewitt.

War of the Rebellion – Lieut Thomas Marron

Greeley's Landing Cemetery

War of the Revolution – Col John Spafford

Ebblie Cemetery

Alfred Ebblie, Reuben Ralph

W.D. Parker, Post Adjutant

Black River Democrat, Lowville, NY, Thursday, May 20, 1915

Captain Bush's Grave is Honored by DAR

Revolutionary Soldier Has Marker Placed On Grave
Ritualistic Service Rendered
Miss Vera I Bush, Descendant Gives Historical Sketch
Flowers Strewn on Old soldier's Burial Mound

Got Out Timber To Build The Frigate Constitution

“Old Ironsides” Was Built 127 Years Ago and Still in Good Repair
Lies at Boston, Mass - Victorious In Every Engagement
Miss Helen Fowler Submits Records of Soldiers of Revolution

The ladies of Lowville Chapter, DAR, went by automobile to the East Road Cemetery, which lies between Turin and Collinsville, on Monday afternoon to place a marker on the grave of Captain Jonathan Bush, a soldier of the American Revolution. The members of the local chapter, together with representatives of Boonville Chapter, assembled at the grave at 3 o'clock. Mrs William J Milligan, regent, presided. The customary ritualistic ceremonies for events of the nature of the one observed, were rendered, being followed by prayer offered by Miss Nellie C House, acting as chaplain. Mrs C Fred Boshart, chairman of the committee on markers, spoke briefly of the work of the chapter, performed in placing markers on the graves of revolutionary soldiers in Lewis county, now numbered 22 all told, with data for several more to be placed, with data for several more to be placed later.

Miss Vera I Bush, a member f the Lowville Chapter, and a descendant of the dead soldier, presented the following interesting sketch of his life;

Captain Jonathan Bush was born in June, 1745, at Chatham, Conn. He died at Turin, NY, July 2, 1825. He married Ester Warner, who died at Martinsburg, July 28, 1825. They had six children; Moses, Jonathan, Ester, Mary, William and Sibyl Shaker. One son, Jonathan Bush, who died at Turin, May 29, 1863, was grandfather of the late Horace Bush. A daughter, Sibyl, married Joseph Arthur. Captain Jonathan Bush was commissioned a captain in May, 1778, by the general assembly of Connecticut, of the 8th Co, 19th Regiment of the train band of the state. He was also employed by the US government to cut and prepare the frame of the frigate Constitution which was built of live oak, grown at St. Simons, Ga. The Constitution, or “Old Ironsides”, was built 127 years ago and is still in existence and in good repair at Boston, Mass., and was at the time of it's launching a great addition to the American navy, and has always been victorious in every engagement.

Hagar Bush, who is buried in the Bush lot in this cemetery, was a slave born in Africa in 1757, and belonged to Captain Moses Bush, father of Captain Jonathan Bush. She was made free when slavery was abolished in Connecticut, and removed with Jonathan Bush to Turin, NY, and died there May 31, 1854, aged 97 years. She was brought to America with her mother when an infant. Her mother died only a few months after her arrival. Hagar lived in the family and knew five generations of the Bushes. She was totally blind for more than 20 years and was kindly cared for by the family. She remembered well and described the appearance of George Washington and other distinguished men of the revolution. Miss Bessie Arthur and Miss Maude Arthur, also members of Lowville chapter and bearing the same relationship to the Captain as Miss Bush, placed beautiful flowers on the mound covering his remains.

An article prepared by Miss Helen Fowler, relating to researches in the records of the soldiers, was submitted and much approved;

In marking the graves of the soldiers of the revolution, we find that many of the early settlers of the town of Leyden came from Connecticut or Massachusetts. Among whom was John Dewey, who was born in Westfield, Mass., January 20, 1754. He served in the war of the revolution in the 3rdRegiment of Massachusetts. In the spring of 1802 he moved to Leyden where he died Dec. 31, 1821, and was buried at Leyden Hill, which in those days was a place of some business but now only a farming section.

In this same cemetery was also marked the grave of Lewis Smith of Leyden, who served in the Albany Co. Militia, 1st Regiment. At Leyden he was called Deacon Smith, and in 1806 was chairman of the board of supervisors and in 1807 served as census taker. He died May 21, 1841, at the age of 89 years.

At Houseville cemetery was marked the grave of Edward Johnson, who served in the Line 3rd Regiment. He died March 19, 1851, aged 92 years.

John Sliter (Slaughter), a member of Ulster Co. Militia, 4th Regiment, under Colonel Hardenburg, is buried in Lyonsdale Cemetery. The census of 1846 shows he was a pensioner of Greig.

We stepped over the line between Jefferson and Lewis counties and placed a marker in the Tylerville Cemetery, Jefferson county, on the grave of William Barney, who enlisted in the revolutionary war, June 18, 1778, and served as a private in Captain James Cooper's company with Col. Bradford's Regiment of Massachusetts, and was discharged at West Point, NY, March 18, 1779. He died July 16, 1834.

It was almost impossible to find more than two or three things of interest concerning the soldiers whose graves we have just marked. Either these soldiers were very timid about having their records put down in black and white, or else they they didn't perform and deeds of importance. Thus, I will have to be pardoned for the brief accounts I was compelled to give.

The exercises were closed by singing “America” in which all present united.

Black River Democrat, Lowville, NY, Thursday, April 13, 1916

BPC; I found this on fultonhistory.com. The original document was tattered and in at least two places there seem to be patches taken from other articles or papers. One of these occurs in the following article. It extends from Pitcher, Ruben to Spencer, Rufus. The same list by Mrs C Fred Boshart was published in DAR Magazine, Vol 48, No 6, June 1916. This article was supplemented from there. DAR refers to the ancestor number on the Daughters of the American Revolution website. FAG is the memorial number on findagrave.com.

Makers Of Republic Buried In This County

Graves Located And Marked By Lowville D.A.R.

Names Of Heroic Sons

Lists Compiled by Mrs C Fred Boshart
Ancestors of Many Noted People Buried in Lewis County
Some Graves Still To Be Marked

In these days when Democracy is sweeping over the peoples of the earth, it will be well to recall the big deeds of daring done for and by the people in the early days of our republic. Our fathers came hither in pursuit of God and liberty – not gold and territory. If we are to make our century glorious we must realize the continuity of our institutions. No better way opens to us than to dig deep into the story of the humble sons of one of our most heroic epochs. Their names and graves are gateways leading to the bowers of constructive bravery. The force of the ship is in the trade wind that sweeps it on. Not otherwise the dignity and majesty of life are in the divine motives and heroic memories that the sublime destiny made possible by past achievement.

Here is a list of the names of Revolutionary soldiers buried in Lewis county, and whose graves have been located and marked by the Lowville Chapter, D.A.R. The enormous labor given to carefully compile this list reflects creditably upon the spirit which prompted and then completed it. Mrs C Fred Boshart will receive the grateful recognition of all patriots.

Marked by Lowville Chapter, D.A.R.

Adams, Levi b Simsbury, Conn, 1763, d June 1831, m (2) Ruth Stevens. Private in 2nd Reg St. Drags. Buried in Lowville. BPC; DAR: A000662, FAG: 7790230

Bush, Jonathan b Chatham, Comm., 1745, d July 2, 1825, m Esther Warner. Capt. 8th Co. 19th Regt. Of Train Band of the State. Buried Turin. BPC; DAR: A017456, FAG 95497451

Clinton, Issac (Rev.) b West Milford, Conn., Jan 21, 1759, d March 18, 1840, m Charity Wells, six children. Daughter Maria m Ela Collins. Was a soldier, minister and teacher. Buried Lowville. BPC; DAR: Not Found, FAG: 35730625

Davenport, Charles (Capt.) b April 15, 1751, d Dec 12, 1812, m Elizabeth Taylor in 1778. Children: Benjamin, Alexander, Sally, Chaarles, Ira, Betsy, Ashley, Roxanna, John R. Buried Lowville. BPC; DAR: A029976, FAG: 73208937

Dewey, John b Westfield, Jan 20, 1754, d Dec. 31, 1821. In 3d Mass. Regt. Buried Locust Grove. BPC; DAR: A032289, FAG: 62025432

Dewey, Josiah assigned to Captain Daniel Dewey's Company, Colonel Obadiah Johnson's Regiment, he did serve as soldier for ten months in 1778 during the Revolutionary War. He also served in the Wyoming Valley Company under Captain Durkee. Buried West Leyden Cemetery. BPC; DAR: A032308, FAG: 75776271

Dewitt, Moses b 1757, d 1850. Buried Stowe Square, Lowville. BPC; DAR: A032457, FAG: 67533671

Henry, Jonas b 1746, d 1821. Buried West Martinsburg. BPC; DAR: Not Found, FAG: 60772793

Johnson, Edward b 1759, d 1851. Rev. Pensioner. Buried Houseville. BPC; DAR: Not Found, FAG: 94865877

Martin, Adam (Capt.) b 1739, d 1818, m Abigail Cheney, children – Jeremiah, Walter, Sarah, Abigail, Elizabeth, Mary. Captain in Col. Ebenezer Learned’s Regt. Buried Martinsburg. BPC; DAR: A074065, FAG: 33562601

Pitcher, Reuben b 1763, d Feb 15, 1844, m Martha Barrett, children David, Daniel, Reuben, Moses, Philander, Almond, Martha, Roxanna, Dema. Buried Martinsburg. BPC; DAR: A089323, FAG: 81670763

Rogers, Jonathan b March 11, 1756, d April 16, 1841, m Mercy Rogers. BPC; DAR: Not Found, FAG: 73145041

Ryel, Peter b July 25, 1759, d Dec 29, 1843, m Mehitable Washburn. Children: Andrew, Isaac, Hannah, John B., Peter, Margaret, Mehitable, David D., Charles W., Hiram C. Buried Copenhagen. BPC; DAR: A094767, FAG: Not Found

Sholl, ( Shull) {Scholl} John, b Tillaburg, Germany, 1749, d 1827, m Merilanina Schmidt. Battle of Oriskany. Ensign and First Lieutenant. Buried Lowville. BPC; DAR: A100960, FAG: 116650231

Sliter, (or Slaughter) John b 1754. Member Ulster Co. Militia, Col. Johannes Hardenburg commanding. Census 1840 shows John Slaughter aged 84 yrs pensioner of Greig, N.Y. Buried Port Leyden. BPC; DAR: A105259, FAG: 116650484

Smith, Lewis d May 21, 1841, aged 89 years. Albany Co. Militia, 12th Regt. New York. Buried Leyden Hill. BPC; DAR : A106383, FAG: 77632006

Spafford, John (Col.) b in Conn., 1752, d 1823. At the taking of Ticonderoga in 1775, under Allen and Arnold he assisted with his Company, and was directed to join Col. Warner in his attempt upon Crown Point. Buried Lowville. BPC; Spofford, DAR: A107355, FAG: 41004689

Spencer, Rufus. Served in Dutchess Co. Militia. Buried Lowville. Stebbins, John. Battle of Saratoga. Buried Martinsburg. BPC; DAR: A107108, FAG: 54068522

Sturdevant, Caleb d Oct 17, 1837. Battles of Germantown and Monmouth. Buried West Martinsburg. BPC; DAR: A110648, FAG: 111816698

Williams, Bartholomew b 1762, d 1846. Pensioner in 1840. Buried in West Martinsburg. BPC; DAR: Not Found, FAG: 111574741

Graves Marked by Gen. William Floyd Chapter, D.A.R., of Boonville

Collins, Jonathan – Born Wallingford, Conn., May 3, 1755; died April 6, 1845; married Sarah Crouch 1775; children Keturah, Levi, Selden, Lament, Deuel, Homer, Sally, Anthony Wayne, Jonathan C; pensioner; buried at Constableville. BPC; DAR: A024510, FAG: 71828735

Douglas, Israel – Died March 28, 1818, aged 75 years; buried at Locust Grove. BPC; DAR: A033730, FAG: 22546136

Dewey, Medad – Born 1760; died 1849; buried in West Leyden. BPC; DAR: A032313, FAG: 75776558

Miller, David Brainard – Born Middlefield, Conn., Dec. 10, 1751; died Nov. 22, 1833; married Adah Coe; pensioner; buried at Talcottville. BPC: DAR: A078733, FAG: 23355962

Topping, Daniel – Born Northampton, NY, 1741; died Oct. 13, 1830; married Keturah Howell; sergt. In Capt. Benj. Walker's Co.; buried at Locust Grove. BPC; DAR: A114853, FAG: 22566628

Topping, William – Born in Conn., 1764; died 1840; married Lucy Hall in 1785; buried at Talcottville. BPC; DAR: Not Found, FAG: Not Found

Revolutionary Soldiers Buried in Lewis Co. New York. Graves Unmarked.

Alexander, Nathaniel (Capt) b Springfield. Mass., Nov 1744. Married Eunice Hitchcock 1772, d 1829. Buried West Martinsburg. Ensign, First Lieutenant and then Captain in Col. Edward Wiggleworths Mass. Infantry. BPC; DAR: A001226, FAG: 61123781

Bush, Zaccheus. Dutchess Co. Militia Second Regt. Had title of Major. Died Nov 21, 1811. Buried Houseville. BPC; DAR: A017491, FAG: 76309063

Morgan, Ithamar b 1762. Present at reunion of Revolutionary soldiers at Lowville July 4th, 1826. Buried Houseville. BPC; DAR: Not Found, FAG: 94873425

Nickelson, Nathaniel b dec 3, 1751, married Lydia Hillman, d April 13, 1825. Private, stationed at Marthas Vineyard. Buried Stowe Square Burying Ground, Lowville. BPC; Nicholson, DAR: A083699, FAG: 69578691

Noonin (Nooney) Zebulon. Dutchess Co. Militia, 6th Regt. Land Bounty Rights. Buried Lyonsdale.BPC; DAR: Not Found, FAG: Not Found

The Journal and Republican, Lowville, NY, Thursday, June 1, 1916

Old Collinsville Cemetery

Appeal for Funds to Reclaim Oldest Burying Ground in Lewis County
Many Pioneers Buried There, Including Revolutionary Soldiers
Also Jacob Hoadley, Born 1731

Mr Editor - There has been a feeling for some time in the minds of many that something ought to be done towards caring for, improving and beautifying on of the oldest cemeteries in Lewis county, known as the Collinsville cemetery, in view of the fact that it is the resting place of a large number of original pioneer settlers of Lewis county, including Revolutionary soldiers and their descendants, also many soldiers of the Civil war. There are also buried there quite a number of noble, self – sacrificing pioneer ministers, who spent their lives enduring many hardships and privations, in preaching the gospel; men who for their noble work were honored and revered by the settlers of this county. Shall Christian people these noble men and permit their last resting place to go to decay and ruin for the lack of a few paltry dollars? “God Forbid.” Not only the fathers and mothers of many now living lie in this old burying ground, but in many instances the great grandfather and grandmother, and even great great grandparents. In one instance, at least, if not more the great great grandfather lies buried there. Jacob Hoadley, the great great grandfather of Philmon L and Rev. James H Hoadley, who was born in 1731, the year before George Washington was born, lies there. It is doubtful if any other person, born before 1731, is buried in the soil of Lewis county.

Sons and daughters of Lewis county, do you not owe something to these noble men and women? The least any loyal son or daughter, is to contribute a small or large sum of money to reclaim and improve and beautify this oldest burying ground in the county. The trustees in charge are Jason R Edwards, Nelson Carter and David Hughes, who are making an effort and an earnest appeal to any and all who may be interested in this worthy movement. Quite a number have already subscribed generous sums but more money is needed at once, that the work may be done without delay. Send your subscriptions at once to David Hughes, Turin, Lewis county, NY, RFD Collinsville,

Lowville Journal and Republican, Lowville, NY, Thursday, June 22, 1916

Revolutionary Soldiers

Recent Published List Omitted Names of Lieut. Joseph Van Ingen and John Plank

Mr. Editor: - In a recent issue of the Journal and Republican is a list of Revolutionary soldiers that are buried in Lewis county. Perhaps Mrs. Boshart only intended to mention those graves marked by the Lowville Chapter, DAR; if not, I wish to mention that two of my ancestors who served in the Revolutionary War are buried in Lewis county. They were Lieut. Joseph Van Ingen, son of Dr. Dirck (Richard) Van Ingen, who was a surgeon in the same war. Joseph Van Ingen was born in 1762 at Fonda, NY, died in 1840-41; married Nellie Van Alstyne, 1786; had three children, Nancy, who married Malachi Van Duren; Margaret, who married Henry Plank; Richard.

John Plank, born 1748, died 1825; married Nellie Gordinier, 1775; had one child, Henry Plank, who married Margaret Van Ingen. He served under Col. William Johnstown. Both he and Joseph Van Ingen are buried on the old Plank Farm, one and one half mile east of Copenhagen, on the north side of Deer river. I marked their graves in the summer of 1912. These two soldiers were stonemasons and built the little stone church in 1791 that still stands in Johnstown, NY.

J. D. Farwell
Waterville, KS
June 19, 1916

Watertown Daily Times, Watertown, NY, Friday, June 20, 1975, Page 3

Lewis County Revolutionary Soldiers' Graves Listed

Lowville – Interest in the history of Lewis County, with special attention to the bicentennial year ahead, has spurred Judge George R Davis to compile a list of 34 graves in Lewis County of Revolutionary War Soldiers. “Some of these individuals died before the celebration of 1826,” Judge Davis explains, “so there are probably more graves yet to be discovered.”

The grave of Col John Spafford, died 1823, aged 70, is at Spafford Landing, Daniel Toppied (Topping), died 1830, age 89; Deacon Israel Douglas, died 1818, age 75; Levi Smith, died 1841, and John Dewey, died 1821, age 68, are buried at Old Leyden Hill.

Buried at West Road Cemetery, Constableville, Jonathan Collins who died in 1845, age 90. The graves of Rev. Isaac Clinton, died 1840, and Levi Adams, died 1831, aged 69, are at East State Street Cemetery, Lowville. At Old Quaker Cemetery, Water Street, Lowville, is Rufus Spencer, duly noted “Soldier of Revolutionary War” and, at West Martinsburg Cemetery. Nathaniel Alexander, Capt. Died 1829, age 86. At Martinsburg Cemetery are General Walter Martin, aged 68 years; Col Adam Martin, age 78 years; Ruben Pitcher, age 81 years; and Caleb Sturdevant, 78 years. Jacob Nash, died 1828, aged 90 years is buried at Denmark Cemetery, and the graves of Moses DeWitt, died 1830, age 93, and Nathaniel Nicholson, born 1751 aged 69 are at Stowes Square. Reed Cemetery, East Road is the location of John Reed's grave. Died 1837 age 74 and at Rea Cemetery, West Road between Turin and Constableville is Ezekiel Lyman, died 1844, age 81. The grave of Ebenezer Markham, died 1814, age 66, is at Constableville Cemetery.

At Jackson Street Cemetery, Lowville, are Capt. John Rogers, age 85, and Isaac ? Perry, died 1810, age 81. At Copenhagen Cemetery are Joseph Anderson, died 1839, age 84; Daniel Babcock, died 1850, age 102; Peter Ryel, died Dec. 1834, age 85; Isaac Williams, died 1833, age 91; Ichabod Murray, died 1831, age 76, was buried at Ferry Road Cemetery, Number Three Road, of Denmark, Jonathon Austin, died 1842, age 87, at Austin Cemetery, and Samuel Garnsey at Liberty Cemetery, Town of Montague. Collinsville Cemetery has the grave of Capt. Jonathon Bush, died 1825, age 80, and Houseville Cemetery has those of Edward Johnson, died 1851, age 92; Zechariah Bush, died 1811, age 69; and Ithamer Morgan, died 1838, age 76. John Sliter, died 1842, age 75, is buried at Port Leyden Cemetery.

“This compilation is not complete in all respects,” Judge Davis said, but should be reasonable accurate and is furnished with the hope that some interest on the part of the public could be engendered to the end that by research and inquiry a full and complete listing of Revolutionary as well as soldiers of the War of 1812 and Civil War could eventually be made. Many of the cemeteries noted, he said, are in “deplorable” condition through long years of neglect and inattention. He commented, “It is indeed a sad commentary on the quality of modern life that the public is apparently willing to let the last remains of these early patriots rest “unwept, unhonored and unsung.”

Some years ago the Misses S Maude and Elizabeth L Arthur were co chairmen of a committee which made a survey of inactive cemeteries cemeteries for Lowville Grange 71. The committee did a masterful job, Judge Davis stated, and a copy of their labors is on file in the office of the county clerk. This inventory, old newspaper accounts, material in the county historian's office together with other information coming from various sources is the basis of the current roster published here. In “History of Lewis County,” Franklin B Hough states that 55 Revolutionary War veterans from all parts of the county mat at Lowville July 4, 1826. According to Dr. Hough, the 1840 census returned the names of 38 Revolutionary War pensioners of whom 14 were widows.

Judge George R Davis List

Col John Spafford182370Spafford Landing
Daniel Topping183089Old Leyden Hill
Dea Israel Douglas181875Old Leyden Hill
Levi Smith1841 Old Leyden Hill
John Dewey182168Old Leyden Hill
Jonathan Collins184590West Road
Rev Isaac Clinton1840 East State St
Levi Adams183169East State St
Rufus Spencer  Old Quaker
Nathaniel Alexander182986West Martinsburg
Gen Walter Martin 68Martinsburg
Col Adam Martin 78Martinsburg
Ruben Pitcher 81Martinsburg
Jacob Nash182890Denmark
Moses DeWitt183093Stowes Square
Nathaniel Nicholson 69Stowes Square
John Reed183774Reed
Ezekiel Lyman184481Rea
Ebenezer Markham181466Constableville
Capt John Rogers 85Jackson St
Isaac Perry181081Jackson St
Joseph Anderson183984Copenhagen
Daniel Babcock1850102Copenhagen
Peter Ryel183485Copenhagen
Isaac Williams183391Copenhagen
Ichabod Murray183176Ferry Rd
Jonathon Austin184287Austin
Samuel Garnsey  Liberty
Capt Jonathan Bush182580Collinsville
Edward Johnson185192Houseville
Zechariah Bush181169Houseville
Ithamer Morgan183876Houseville
John Silter184275Port Leyden